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Chevening Scholarship in Nigeria 2024: Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK

Chevening Scholarship in Nigeria 2024: Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK

The Chevening Scholarship is the UK government’s abroad scholarship program. They provide completely funded master’s degree scholarships for a year in the UK.

Scholarships are provided by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and associated organizations.

Although successful Chevening scholarship candidates come from a variety of nations and backgrounds, they are all driven, visionary, and equipped with the abilities necessary to create a better world.


Chevening Scholarship in Nigeria 2024
Chevening Scholarship in Nigeria 2024

1. Advantages Of Chevening Scholarship To Nigerians

Selected students enjoy a plethora of advantages, such as fully funded tuition fees, access to some of the world’s greatest educational programs, exclusive networking opportunities, and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultures of the UK.

You will become a part of our unique alumni group, which consists of over 55,000 alumni worldwide, once your scholarship program is through.

You’ll come home with the know-how and connections needed to realize your ideas and advance your profession.


2. Documents Required For Chevening Scholarship

To proceed with the application process if you are conditionally accepted for a Chevening Scholarship, you must provide and upload these documents.

All Chevening applicants need to send in one unconditional admission offer from a UK university, along with their educational records and references.

The timeline for the Chevening scholarship application including dates for these necessary documents is mentioned further in this post.

3. Timeliness & Selection Updates On The Chevening Scholarship

During the entire selection process, you will be notified via email of the progress of your application. On the online application system, you may also see your current status. Enter your registration information to log in.

Note: They are unable to give rejected candidates feedback or individual application status updates due to the volume of applications we receive each year. Please do not send application-related inquiries to your British high commission or embassy.

4. References Guidelines For Chevening Scholarship UK

A crucial component of the Chevening scholarship selection procedure is references. The names of two referees must be included with your application.

You will need to provide two reference letters to the online application system by the applicable date if your application is moved on to the next round of the process.

Note: Chevening will not get in touch with your references to ask them to fill out or upload references. On behalf of referees, the applicant is responsible for obtaining and uploading references.

The British High Commission or embassy may get in touch with your references later on for validation.

We recommend that all applicants submit two references using the online application system before the deadline.

References given in person during an interview with the embassy or high commission will only be accepted in exceptional cases.

It’s possible that the British high commission or embassy in your nation would ask you to present original, hard copies of your references to the interview. If you are selected for an interview, you will be given more instructions on this.

Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK
Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK

5. Who Qualifies To Be A Referee?

They have to be those who can offer insight into your overall eligibility for a Chevening Fellowship or Scholarship.

You ought to be acquainted with your referees, whether in a professional or academic setting. They shouldn’t be a close friend or family member.

To provide them enough time to finish their reference, it is also advised that you ask them to serve as a referee as soon as possible.

6. 5 Essential Questions On Reference

1. Can I submit my references in a different language?

English must be used while writing references. You won’t be eligible for a Chevening Scholarship Award if, at the time of the interview, you don’t have two reliable references.

You can upload a notarized translation of the original reference into English if your referee wrote their reference in a language other than English.

In these situations, a single file containing the original reference and the notarized translation of the reference is required.

2. How do I upload my references on the online application system?

Please log in to your application and select “Submitted/Under Review Applications” to upload your references.

Proceed to section 5: “Upload documents and submit” after clicking “Open.” To upload your two letters, navigate to the “References” area and scroll down.

3. Can I change my referee details on the online application system?

You can use the online system to update your referees if necessary before submitting your references by the deadline indicated on the application timeline.

Click “Submitted/Under Review Applications” after logging into your application. After selecting “Open,” proceed to “Application Information,” section 3.

Go to the “References” section by scrolling down. To amend a referee, click “Open” next to the referee you want to modify. Then, click “Edit Reference Details” to input the new referee’s information.

Select “Save draft” to make sure. Make sure your referees still have enough time to finish their references by the deadline if you wish to switch them.

4. How many references do I need to upload?

Uploading two distinct references is required.

5. If the embassy’s operations in my nation have been put on hold. To whom should I send my letters of recommendation?

If the embassy or high commission within your nation or region has temporarily ceased operations, kindly provide your letter of recommendation to ‘Chevening Officer [name of nation or territory].’

7. Guidelines For Referees

To assist the candidate, it’s critical to include as much pertinent information as you can. English must be used while writing references.

Please send your letter of recommendation to the British High Commission or embassy located in the applicant’s nation or region.

After completing your reference, kindly give it back to the applicant so they can upload it to the online application system.

Reference Letter Must Include:

  1. Your contact information: address, email, and phone number.
  2. How long have you known the applicant?
  3. In what way do you know the applicant? (Professional, educational, supervisory, voluntary, religious, etc.)
  4. When was your last frequent communication with the applicant?
  5. A concise overall recommendation of the applicant, including their:
  6. Skills in leadership and networking.
  7. Personal, intellectual, and interpersonal characteristics.
  8. Ability to complete a challenging academic program in the United Kingdom.

8. Required Work Experience For The Chevening Scholarship

Before completing your Chevening scholarship application, make sure you meet the scholarship’s minimum work experience requirements.

Chevening Scholarships require applicants to have at least two years of work experience.

If you do not already have the necessary amount of work experience, you will be unable to submit your application.

Eligible work experience:

You can gain work experience before, during, or following your undergraduate degree; but, any work experience that was required for a course toward your undergraduate or graduate degree would not be accepted.

Chevening-eligible work experience may include:

  • Full-time employment.
  • Part-time employment.
  • Voluntary Work
  • Internships: paid or unpaid?
Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK
Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK

You don’t need to fulfill the work experience requirement in a single employment period. To satisfy the criteria, applicants may submit up to fifteen distinct job periods.

Please include the times that account for the most hours worked if you have held more than fifteen roles.

Chevening does not force you to quit your job if you are currently employed. It is advisable that you speak with your employer about your application, and it is your duty to make sure that they will release you if you are awarded a Chevening Scholarship.

9. Ways To Evaluate Your Work Experience

The number of weeks worked multiplied by the amount of hours worked every week will automatically determine your entries.

A working week is defined as 35–60 hours, and a working year is defined as 40–50 weeks for this computation. Anything that goes above the maximum amount allowed for a full-time job will be considered ineligible.

Before applying for a Chevening Scholarship, an applicant must have completed the following minimum amount of hours:

Chevening Scholarships: 2,800 hours over two years of work experience. The minimum need will have been accrued over a longer period if you have worked part-time.

10. Choosing Courses In The Chevening Scholarship

Three distinct master’s courses must be chosen. These could be three distinct courses offered by the same university or three courses that are comparable and offered by up to three separate universities.

This implies that in the unlikely event that you are not granted a spot on your initial course preference, you will have other options.

Additionally, it gives our assessors a better understanding of your professional objectives, and they can recommend that your second or third-course choice be considered instead for a Chevening Award.

Make thoughtful selections for your three courses. Once your application has been submitted, you won’t be able to amend it unless you are permitted to during the interview stage.

You must apply individually and directly to the university for the courses you have chosen. To guarantee a spot, submit your application as soon as you can.

Eligible courses:

The courses you select must be full-time for you to be eligible, and:

  • Commence in the fall semester (September or October, typically).
    Taught master’s degrees (i.e., MRes programs without a research focus) led to the attainment of a master’s degree based in the United Kingdom.

Courses are not allowed to be:

  • Part-time
  • Distance learning
  • Less than nine months in duration
  • More than 12 months in duration.
  • PhD or DPhil.
  • Taught after more than one month of study outside the UK.

11. Qualifications For The Chevening Scholarship

Applications that do not satisfy our eligibility requirements will be returned, so before you begin your application, make sure you are eligible.

To qualify for a Chevening Scholarship, you have to:

  1. Hold citizenship in a nation or territory that qualifies for Chevening.
  2. After your award has finished, you must return to your country of citizenship for a minimum of two years.
  3. By the time you submit your application, have finished all requirements for an undergraduate degree that will allow you to be admitted to a postgraduate program at a UK university.
  4. In the UK, this is normally similar to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree, though it may vary according to the course and university you choose.
  5. Possess a minimum of 2,800 hours, or two years, of job experience.
  6. Apply to three different UK universities that meet the requirements, and by the deadline shown on the application schedule, receive an unconditional offer from one of these options.

You are not eligible for a Chevening scholarship if you:

1. Have British or dual British citizenship (unless you are applying from Hong Kong and are a British Overseas Territory citizen or possess BN(O).

2. Have refugee status in a nation that is not eligible for CHEVING. Scholarship recipients include those who are nationals of nations that qualify for Chevening as well as those who are recognized as refugees in one of those nations.

3. Are employed by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and
Development Office, all British Embassies/High Commissions,
the Home Office, the Ministry of Defence,
the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy,
the Department for International Trade, and the UKVI;
the British Council; a sponsoring UK university;
or a staff member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities; or have been within the last two years since the opening of Chevening applications.

Relatives of those hired to work on any British Council initiative or program are not eligible.

4. Applying is open to current and past employees of Chevening Partner organizations as well as their relatives*.

However, if employment occurred within the last two years, you are not eligible to receive a Chevening Partner Award from the company you currently work for, were previously employed by, or are related to through.

5. Have previously received financial support from a UK government scholarship to study in the UK.

12. Application schedule For The Chevening Scholarship

It takes at least eight months from the application deadline to the conditional selection of recipients for the Chevening Scholars program. For your convenience, below is a summary of the application and selection procedure.

1. 12 SEPTEMBER 2023

Application Opens At 12:00 BST

2. 7 NOVEMBER 2023

The Deadline To Apply Is 12:00 GMT. The application deadline is November 7, 2023, at 12:00 GMT (midday UK time).


Applications are evaluated based on eligibility criteria.


Reading Committee Assessment:

All qualified applications are assessed by independent reading committees. Their results and rankings are subsequently communicated to local British embassies/high commissions.


Applicants Shortlisted for Interviews:

After reviewing the applications that were sent to them, the embassy/high commission creates a shortlist of those who will be invited to interviews. Notifications will then arrive. Congratulations if you’ve made it this far.

6. 20 FEBRUARY 2024  

References & EDUCATIONAL Documents Deadline:

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to provide two references as well as their educational papers before their interview date.

7. 26 FEBRUARY TO 26 APRIL 2024

Interviews Are Held:

High commissions and British embassies around the world have panels of interviewers who interview candidates.

8. FROM JUNE 2024


Successful candidates will be ecstatic to hear the interview results, starting in June, after months of anxiety and preparation.

9. 11 JULY 2024

Offer Deadline:

The deadline for receiving and submitting at least one unconditional offer from a UK university is July 11, 2024, at 17:00 BST (UK time).


Studies Begin: 2024–2025 Chevening Scholars begin their education in the United Kingdom and join a global network that they will remain a part of throughout their lifetimes!

13. The Chevening Scholarship Interview

You will be invited to an interview in your home country, in the town or city where the British embassy or high commission has a presence, if you are chosen for a Chevening Scholarship.

An email containing booking details for your interview will be sent to you. Since interview times are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis, we advise you to reserve your time as soon as possible.

Your slot cannot be modified after your interview has been arranged; you will receive an email confirming your appointment.

You will need to upload the following files to the online application system before your interview:

  • Documents about your education (copy of your original transcripts and/or certificates in their original language).
  • Two letters of recommendation(Referees).
  • An overview of your life in brief that provides further details.
Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK
Get The Best Fully-Funded Masters Scholarship To Study In The UK

The following paperwork is required for your interview:

  • Passport or official national identification.
  • In certain nations or regions, further documentation can be required. The email inviting you to the interview will include information about this.

Note: It is important to emphasize that recordings of interviews online or in person are not allowed.

14. The Chevening Scholarship Interview Review

The interview will take place in English and be a competency-based panel evaluation.

The interview panel will include members from the British High Commission or embassy, who will evaluate your responses based on the worldwide Chevening scholarship standards.

A series of questions addressing some of the data you submitted on the application form will be posed to you.

The panel will pose questions that will allow you to describe your career and personal goals, as well as how Chevening can help you get there.

It will also address whatever courses you have chosen, and you will be requested to give an update on your application status.



Is the Chevening Scholarship still open?

Applications are now closed: The Chevening Scholarship application period is now closed for one-year master’s programs at UK universities.

The scholarship is fully supported. To be the first to know when applications reopen in 2024, subscribe to the Alphagram.

Is there a fully funded scholarship for Nigerian students in the UK?

The UK government offers overseas scholarships through the Chevening program. With funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office as well as affiliated institutions, we provide grants for a year of fully paid master’s degree study in the UK.

What is the UK scholarship for 2024?

With the GREAT Scholarships, students from fifteen different countries can receive £10,000 to help with the cost of tuition for a variety of one-year taught postgraduate courses.

In England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, 71 universities are offering 210 scholarships for the 2024–25 academic year.

Are Nigerians eligible for the Chevening Scholarship?

Since the start of Chevening in 1983 and 1984, respectively, the UK government has funded more than 55,000 students worldwide and 1,500 students from Nigeria to enroll in one-year master’s programs in the UK.

Can I stay in the UK after my Chevening Scholarship?

No! All scholars must, as per our terms and conditions, return to their home country or territory for two years after their award has ended.

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