Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography, Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Modeling, Personal Life, Family, Parent, Net Worth, Social Media, Beauty Pageants and the Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo (born October 14, 1999) is a Filipino model and beauty pageant winner who was awarded Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

She is the first Black Filipino to represent the Philippines at the Miss Universe contest.

Manalo previously competed in Miss World Philippines 2017, finishing in the top fifteen.


Manalo, an advocate for indigenous people, passionately campaigned for youth empowerment.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
         Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo Early Life

Manalo was born in Meycauayan, Bulacan, to an American father and a Filipino mother, Contessa Manalo.

Her parents split up in 2000, and when her father died, Contessa remarried and raised Manalo with her stepfather. Manalo holds a tourism degree from college.


Bulacan, a location close to her heart. Chelsea had a strong interest in music and dancing since she was a child, and they formed an important part of her life.

Her early introduction to the world of modeling at the age of 14 marked the start of her brilliant career.

Chelsea’s roots are profoundly ingrained in her Filipino-American history, which has shaped her outlook and motivation.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
     Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo Education

Chelsea sought higher study in tourism, reflecting her passion for discovering new places and cultures.

Her educational experience supplied her with information and expanded her horizons, helping her comprehend the varying needs of other communities.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
        Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo Career

She began modeling at the age of 14 and competed in pageants while in high school. Manalo has credited English model Naomi Campbell as a major inspiration. She joined Bench, a Philippine clothing brand, as an endorser in 2021.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
      Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo modeling

Chelsea began her modeling career when she was 14 years old. She rapidly became a popular model, appearing in several magazines, commercials, and print advertisements. Her involvement in modeling provided her with other chances, including the world of beauty pageants.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
       Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo Beauty Pageants and the Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Chelsea’s involvement in beauty pageants began throughout her high school years.

Her charisma, intelligence, and advocacy work distinguished her from the other contestants.

Her work and dedication culminated in her victory at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant, which took place on May 23, 2024, at the Mall of Asia Arena.

This accomplishment not only marked a watershed moment in her career but also provided her with a platform to expand her advocacy efforts.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Advocate for Youth Empowerment

One of the most admirable aspects of Chelsea’s story is her unwavering dedication to youth empowerment.

She focuses mostly on children’s education, with a special emphasis on indigenous populations.

Chelsea believes in providing opportunities for indigenous youth to receive a great education, allowing them to reach their best potential.

Her advocacy work attempts to close educational inequities and foster a more inclusive society.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
       Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo Personal Life, Family, Instagram

Chelsea is quite discreet about her family. Details about her parents are not revealed, indicating her determination to keep certain areas of her life private.

Despite this, she frequently publishes details about her personal experience and advocacy work on her Instagram account, @chelseamanalo_ofc, where she continues to inspire her followers.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
        Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo Nationality

Chelsea retains her Filipino nationality, demonstrating her strong connection to her heritage.

Her dual heritage, as a Filipino-American, has broadened her cultural understanding and enabled her to connect with a varied audience.

Chelsea’s ability to transcend cultural gaps has been a valuable tool in her modeling and pageant career.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
       Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

Chelsea Anne Manalo Social Media




miss universe philippines 2024 #chelseamanalo

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Who Is Chelsea Anne Manalo?

Chelsea Anne Manalo, whose name evokes grace, beauty, and advocacy, was recently crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

Chelsea was raised in Meycauayan City, Bulacan, and her path exemplifies her determination, enthusiasm, and commitment to making a difference in the world.

What was the method that enabled Chelsea Manalo to begin her modeling career?

Chelsea began her modeling career at the age of 14. Her personality and natural beauty instantly drew the attention of major brands and magazines, resulting in a range of advertisements in magazines, commercials, and printed publications. The exposure improved not just her shooting skills, but also her confidence and public image.

How does Chelsea Manalo manage her personal and public image?

Despite her well-known public presence, Chelsea prefers to keep her personal life private. Chelsea chooses to keep this aspect of her life private, hence there is little information available about her family members. It’s the same with her parents, whose information is scant. This emphasizes her desire to maintain her professional achievements separate from her personal life.

How does Chelsea Manalo’s image seem on social media?

Chelsea is very active on Instagram with the account @chelseamanalo_ofc. Her account features an interesting mix of her modeling activities, images from numerous pageants, events related to her advocacy work, and insights into her personal life. This strategy not only helps her connect with her fans but also serves as an inspiration to many young people throughout the world.

What are Chelsea Manalo’s campaign and fundraising activities?

Chelsea is adamant about empowering young people and promoting children’s education, particularly in indigenous areas. She concentrates her efforts on ensuring that children receive a high-quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and contribute to a better future. Her humanitarian efforts are focused on giving vital resources and support to these areas.

Where can I keep up with Chelsea Manalo?

Chelsea Manalo’s official Instagram account is @chelseamanalo_ofc.

Who are the parents of Chelsea Manalo?

After her real father died, she was raised by her mother, Contessa Manalo, and her stepfather.

Chelsea Manalo is from where?

She is from the city of Meycauayan in the province of Bulacan, located in the middle Luzon region, and she proudly represented it during the tournament.

What is Chelsea Manalo’s cause?

Chelsea Manalo promotes youth empowerment, focused on delivering quality education to indigenous people.

Chelsea Manalo, what is her nationality?

Chelsea Manalo has Filipino nationality.

How old is Chelsea Manalo?

Chelsea Manalo is twenty-five years old.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
       Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography

In Conclusion

Chelsea Manalo’s path from a little kid in Bulacan to Miss Universe Philippines 2024 is quite remarkable.

Her dedication to her profession, activism, and ability to connect with people on a personal level make her a true role model.

Chelsea’s tale serves as a reminder of the power of endurance, passion, and purpose as she continues to shine on the global stage.

Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography
      Chelsea Anne Manalo Biography


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