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BBNaija Neo Akpofure Biography

Neo Bbnaija comes from a polygamous family. His full name is Emuobonuvie Akpofure, but he goes by Neo.

As of the time of writing this piece, which is in 2022, he was 28 years old. He was born on May 17, 1994.

Neo Bbnaija was raised in a family, but details about them were kept a secret.


On the other hand, based on the facts provided, he was raised by his mother because his parents divorced when he was a small child.

In the Big Brother Naija episode, his father revealed in his speech that he had 20 children.

Now that you have a good understanding of him, let’s learn more about Neo Bbnaija’s personality, profession, relationships, and marital status, among many other things.


BBNaija Neo Akpofure Biography
BBNaija Neo Akpofure Biography

Neo Akpofure Basic Information

Stage Name: Neo Energy
Real Name: Emuobonuvie Emobor Neo Oliseh Akpofure
Occupation: Reality TV Star, Brand Influencer, and Entrepreneur.
Date Of Birth/Age: 17 May, 1994 (29 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Delta State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: University Of Calabar
Height: 6Ft 2In
Net Worth: $100,000

About Neo Akpofure 

Along with several other well-known housemates, he resides alongside Erica, Laycon, Vee, Tricky Tee, and Ozo.

Neo Bbnaija is seen to be a nice and appealing man. His sense of style and humor when it comes to dressing are excellent.

He is a humorous, gregarious man while he stays at his older brother Naija’s residence.

Many people adored him both during his time on the reality TV program and after he was kicked off.

Neo Bbnaija persevered and rose to prominence as a media personality, becoming a popular choice among female fans.

Because he always has fun with the other housemates who are there for that season, Neo Bbnaija is never bored in the house.

He gets along well with both girls and boys in the house.

Neo Bbnaija offered the audience what was expected of him and added a lot of wonderful energy to the Big Brother reality TV show.

Nevertheless, he eventually succeeded and placed among the top 5 finalists who continued to the show’s finale, although he was ultimately unable to win the competition that season.

Facts Of Neo Akpofure

On July 1, 1994, Neo Akpofure was born in Delta State.
He goes by Emuobonuvie’s full name. The Neo Akpofure
His age is 26.
He’s from Nigeria’s Delta State.
He attended Delta for his elementary education and Edo State for his secondary education.
His father is a Nigerian Senior Advocate (SAN).
He has an eye for fashion and wears durags.
He was seeing Vee, another resident of the residence.
He drives a bolt.

Neo Akpofure’s educational background

The reality TV personality attended elementary school in Delta State and high school in Edo State, both in Nigeria. Neo enrolled at the University of Calabar to study law and practice law.

He described how, amid the worldwide pandemic, he began to sketch. Numerous inquiries concerning a Neo Akpofure university education have been made.

Neo applied to be on Big Brother Naija while he was a 400-level student at the University of Calabar. He used the pandemic as an opportunity to get on the show.

Neo Akpofure Career

As previously mentioned, Neo Bbnaija has been working at various places before moving into the Big Brother Naija home.

Later on and at a particular moment in his life, he began to have a fascination for drawing, and he learned the craft during the 2019 coronavirus pandemic.

Neo Bbnaija is leaving his dream and doing extremely well for himself at this present minute.

Neo Akpofure worked as a ride-hailing driver for a cab-hailing business in Lagos before starting his career as a Nigerian app developer. He was a regular during the BBNaija Lockdown edition who caught the public’s eye and even advanced to the top 5 finalist spot. Using the site, he was able to introduce himself to the public and secure various sponsorship deals.

One of the current housemates in the well-known TV program Big Brother Naija All Stars, which premiered on July 23, 2023, is Neo Akpofure. He is competing for the N120 million prize with a few chosen roommates from the first season of the show.

Neo Akpofure Bbnaija Wins In The Big Brother Naija House

One of the happiest times in Neo’s life is arriving at the older brother’s residence.

For him, it is the realization of a dream. He didn’t think he would be selected for the show, but when he saw his name next to the names of other roommates who had been selected, he cheered and sobbed with excitement.

Neo Bbnaija has performed in multiple games on the show and earned a big sum of money. Outside of the show, he has amassed a sizable fan following on social media.

Neo Akpofure BBN’s girlfriend

As of right now, there are no reports of BBN Neo dating. A fellow season 5 roommate named Vee and Neo were romantically involved. Despite their frequent arguments, the two continued to date while living together at the house. After the performance, they ultimately parted ways. Additionally, it was said that his cousin Venita disapproved of the relationship between BBNaija Neo and Vee. Internet users responded to the picture of Neo and Mercy Eke, a former winner of BBNaija Season 4. Maybe there was a history between the two. Little information has been released thus far besides the image.

Neo Akpofure Relationship Status.

One of Neo’s roommates, Vee, and Neo were romantically involved, however Vee declared their breakup.

Neo revealed in a recent update that he is still unmarried because the women he has met are either wanting his money or his body and never his heart. He hasn’t found someone who truly loves him.

Neo Akpofure Personal Life 

Neo Akpofure is single, although it’s likely that he’s dating someone. He did, however, once date BBNaija Vee; however, their relationship ended after the show. The internet is currently devoid of any information about Neo Akpofure’s private life.

Neo Akpofure Lifestyle

Neo Energy Akpofure rose to fame as a result of her participation in the highly appreciated season 5 Lockdown of the well-known Nigerian reality television program Big Brother Naija. On Big Brother Naija 2020, Neo Akpofure’s skills and captivating personality were on full display for a sizable audience. As a brand influencer, he has endorsed many businesses, particularly on his Instagram page. In the Nigerian entertainment sector, he is in high demand as an influencer due to his captivating material and captivating persona. Neo’s partnerships with different brands have increased his exposure and cemented his status as a major participant in the social media marketing space.

Since his debut on the show, his fan base and fame have increased dramatically, making him a sought-after figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Neo Akpofure is a well-known social media influencer who captivates viewers with his captivating content and commanding online presence.

Neo Akpofure Family


Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) is his father’s title. Neo’s mother, a prison warden, reared him essentially and helped him develop into the charming man who won over Nigerians on the show. Neo Akpofure’s parents, regrettably, divorced not long after he was born. Neo revealed to his housemates how much his mother’s incredible strength inspired him during the “get to know” session. By giving birth to him inside of a car as a single mother, she demonstrated her fortitude and commitment.


Neo Akpofure is a polygamous family member with up to 19 siblings. Neo’s relative is the well-known reality television star and actress Venita Akpofure. Additionally, he has a sister named Obatare Akpofure, who gained notoriety for warning Venita about her remarks and dislike of Neo and Vee’s relationship.

Neo Akpofure’s net worth

Neo, a wealthy man, uses the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to apply for the Big Brother Naija reality TV audition. His monthly salary is $100,000, and his estimated net worth is $10 million.

Neo Akpofure house and cars

Before becoming famous, the reality TV star was a ride-hailing driver. That ought to ex

plain his reliance on automobiles. Neo recently displayed his Mercedes-Benz, his brand-new vehicle. He stated that one of his followers gave him the car as a gift. Apparently, given the admission made by his cousin Venita Akpofure, that sparked a range of responses online. After Venita BBN liked a post alleging that Neo was lying about who gave him the automobile, they got into a confrontation. Neo has already posted online pictures of himself posing next to various fancy automobiles. It is simple to concur that he enjoys automobiles a lot. Naturally, we wouldn’t be shocked if he soon showed us a new whip. At the moment, Neo resides in Lagos.

Neo Akpofure BBNaija latest news

When Neo Akpofure, a former BBNaija housemate, announced on social media that his older sister had given birth to twins at the age of 50, he was unable to contain his happiness. He stated:

What Was He Doing Before The Show

Before joining the Big Brother reality TV show, Neo Bbnaija made a respectable living as a ride-hailing app driver, according to his bio.

He claimed to have a strong passion for performing and entertaining large crowds, which inspired him to apply for the show’s audition and be selected in the end. He had a significant victory.


Another Nigerian who achieved prominence thanks to the BBN reality TV program is BBNaija Neo. During his stay in the house, Neo Akpofure kept many fans captivated by their screens. Many “Vee and Neo ship” supporters are still holding out hope that the two can work out their problems and restart their romance. But for now, we’ve covered everything we know about Neo Akpofure’s life, career, net worth, vehicles, homes, and lifestyle on BBNaija.

Where is Neo Big Brother from?

Neo, also known as Emuobonuvie “Neo” Akpofure, is a ride-hailing app driver from Delta State. He is 26 years old.

What is the net worth of Neo BBNaija?

With a net worth of $100,000, BBNaija Neo Akpofure is a well-known reality television personality from Nigeria.

Is Neo related to Venita?

The fact that Venita Akpofure and Emuobonuvie “Neo” Akpofure were the first cousins to appear in the same season of the reality show made history on Sunday.

Are Neo And Vee Dating At the Moment?

They were so in love with one another when they were living together that many people predicted they would make a nice couple.

Is Neo Married Now?

Neo hasn’t been spotted with the new woman who is rumored to be his wife, so no, he is still very much single.



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