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Bea Miller Biography

Singer and actress Beatrice Annika Miller was born in the United States on February 7, 1999. When she was 13 years old, she finished as the fifth competitor to be eliminated from season two of The X Factor (US). Later, Hollywood Records signed her. Young Blood, her debut EP, was published in 2014; Not an Apology, her debut album, was released on July 24, 2015. She released the track “Yes Girl” in 2016. The EPs Chapter One: Blue, Chapter Two: Red, and Chapter Three: Yellow were released by her in 2017. Her second studio album, Aurora, was composed of the three EPs and five more tracks.

She sang lead vocals on NOTD’s single “I Wanna Know” from 2018, which peaked at number 20 in Australia, Belgium, and Norway. She released the singles “It’s Not U It’s Me” with 6LACK, “Feel Something”, “Feels Like Home” with Jessie Reyez, and “Never Gonna Like You” with Snakehips in 2019. In order to release the single “That Bitch” in November 2019, she signed with Olliebear Records and Create Music Group.

Miller would return to releasing under Hollywood Records in October 2020 with the single “Wisdom Teeth” following the surprise success of “Feel Something”. Miller’s EP, Elated!, which was released on October 23 of the same year, included the song as its lead single.


Bea Miller Early Life

Beatrice Annika Kipnis Miller, sometimes known as Bea Miller, was born in Maplewood, New Jersey, on February 7, 1999. She was raised in a musical household because both of her parents were aspiring musicians. Her mother was a former singer-songwriter, and her father was a former executive in the music business.

Miller started singing at an early age, and at the age of 13, a talent agent came across him. She placed ninth in the results of her audition for the second season of “The X Factor” in America.


Miller’s performances on the show attracted the interest of various record labels despite the fact that she did not win the competition.

Bea Miller Career

2012 The X Factor (US)

On The X Factor’s second season, Miller competed and came in ninth. She was eliminated after CeCe Frey prevailed in the championship match. Miller, however, garnered more votes than Frey, thus he would have prevailed in the event of a tie. On the program, she sang the following songs:

2013–2015 Record deal and Not an Apology

Her signing to Syco Music and Hollywood Records was formally announced on April 11, 2013, making it the first time these two labels had worked together. Miller changed her name to Bea Miller shortly after the conclusion of The X Factor’s second season. In 2014, she gave her voice to the “Open Your Eyes” promotional song and the audio book for Jennifer Donnelly’s new novel, Deep Blue: Songspell. She published her brand-new song “Rich Kids” on YouTube in 2014, and it appeared on her album Not an Apology in 2015. She unveiled the music video for the song “Enemy Fire.”

In April 2014, “Enemy Fire” made its debut on her personal Vevo channel. For her album, she collaborated with renowned producers like busbee, Jarrad Rogers, Mike Del Rio, and others. The lead single “Young Blood” from her debut EP Young Blood was released on April 22, 2014. On the list of top pop albums on iTunes, her EP reached at No. 2. Her EP debuted at No. 64 on the Billboard 200. Demi Lovato’s Demi World Tour featured Miller as her opening act in a few cities.

She was chosen as Elvis Duran’s Artist of the Month in December 2014 and appeared on NBC’s Today show, which was hosted by Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. She gave a live performance of her single “Young Blood.”

Miller was selected as the newest Next Big Thing singer by Radio Disney in 2015. She promoted her album with it and made numerous appearances on Disney Channel. The Radio Disney Music Awards’ category for “Best Song to Rock Out to With Your BFF” was won by her debut single “Young Blood” in 2015.

On July 24, 2015, Miller’s Not an Apology debut album was made available via Hollywood Records. The album’s position on the Billboard 200 peaked at No. 7. On April 24, 2015, it was revealed that Miller would open for Debby Ryan and Natalie La Rose on The Reflection Tour’s summer leg, which kicked off on July 15 in Louisville, Kentucky. Late in August, Miller called the tour a wrap. She was selected by the general audience to be the upcoming Vevo Lift artist in July 2015.

2016–2018 Aurora

On April 20, 2016, it was revealed that Miller and DNCE would open for Selena Gomez on her Revival Tour. In May through the summer, the tour was in operation. The host of “Tea With Bea” meet & greets, Miller also made this announcement.

The non-album single “Yes Girl” by Miller was made available on May 20, 2016. On the Revival Tour, she frequently performed the song as well as a song called “Song Like You” that had yet to be released. Her song “This Little Light of Mine” was used in a 2016 3 Musketeers marketing campaign. Chapter One: Blue, the first EP in a three-EP project, was made available on February 24, 2017. She sang “Song Like You” on The Late Late Show with James Corden on March 30, 2017. She has never before appeared on a late-night talk program. She released Chapter Two: Red, the second EP in her three-EP project, on June 2, 2017. On October 6, 2017, the last EP, Chapter Three: Yellow, was made available.

The Wonder trailer, which was released in August 2017 and starred Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, included the song “Brand New Eyes” by Miller.

Aurora, Miller’s second full-length album and his first album outside of the United States, was released on February 23, 2018. It contains five new tracks in addition to all the songs from the previous three extended plays (also known as “chapters”). All but one of the tracks on Aurora, which deal with “everything from existential boredom to slut shaming,” were written by Miller. On February 12, 2018, she gave a performance of the album’s lead track, “S.L.U.T.” on MTV’s TRL. In order to transform the word’s negative connotations into the positive acronym “sweet little unforgettable thing,” she came up with the song.

She contributed vocals to the March 2018 single “I Wanna Know” by NOTD. The song achieved Gold status in the US and Platinum status in a number of other nations, including Australia, Canada, the UK, and Sweden. In June 2018, she gave the song a live performance on Today. Additionally, she promoted the tune in numerous performances and acoustic sets.

2019–present Touring and Elated

The “Nice To Meet U Tour” was Miller’s first headline tour, which she announced in February 2019. The lead track off her upcoming third studio album, “It’s Not U It’s Me,” which she co-wrote with American R&B singer 6lack, was released on March 1. She then dropped the track “Feel Something” and made the “Sunsets in Outerspace Tour” announcement. Bea Miller and Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez’s single “Feels Like Home” was released in August 2019. In September 2019, the song “Never Gonna Like You” from a collaboration with the production team Snakehips was made public.

In November 2019, Miller independently released the single “That Bitch” without the assistance of her record company. She performed the role of Evelynn from League of Legends for the song “The Baddest” off of K/DA’s EP All Out. Quarantine on September 4, Sad Boy Hours on September 18, and Lust on September 24 would be among a series of compilation EPs that Bea Miller will release in September 2020.

Bea Miller said on October 7, 2020, that the track “Wisdom Teeth” will be published on October 9 and act as the lead single for Miller’s EP Elated!, which would be made available on October 23, 2020. The League of Legends animated series Arcane premiered its first act on November 6, 2021, and the same day, Miller’s single “Playground” was featured. The 2021 League of Legends World Championship’s opening ceremony featured the song’s music video.

Miller’s single “Lonely Bitch” was made available on her own record label, Gauche Records, on January 13, 2023. Miller founded the record label in collaboration with ADA, a Warner Music Group-owned music distribution business.

Bea Miller The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Bea Miller developed her storytelling abilities as a young child. Bea used to make up imaginary scenes for her toys to act out when she was a kid playing with them. She finally grasped the importance of music and how her songs could tell great tales. One of her classmates’ parents saw her talent right away and connected her to a well-known music director. Bea had to decline her first record deal offer because she didn’t feel that her voice was developed enough. She performed “America the Beautiful” for the first time in front of a sizable crowd at the 2008 U.S. Open following a Venus vs. Serena match.

She made appearances on television shows like “The Wonder Pets,” acted in movies like “Tell-Tale,” and provided the voice for films like “Toy Story 3” throughout the ensuing few years. Bea had a successful audition for “The X Factor” in 2012, and Britney Spears served as her coach. She released her debut EP, titled “Young Blood,” on April 22, 2014, to generally favorable reviews.

What Makes Bea Miller So Special

One of the most pertinent album titles in recent memory is undoubtedly Bea Miller’s debut release, “Not an Apology.” Bea, who frequently co-writes her songs, uses an extremely unapologetic tone to discuss topics like bullying, loneliness, and divorce. When she was younger, she frequently thought there wasn’t a female role model who bravely sang about everyday problems experienced by teens like her. As a result, after becoming well-known as a singer, she made the decision to address unfavorable truths in her songs to improve the spirits of listeners who were struggling.

Her songs frequently contain a harmonious balance of brightness and dark. She claims that she doesn’t want to be’super-positive’ but rather wants to let her supporters know that while there will be bad times, there will also be beautiful things. Her favorite of her own compositions is the unconventional love song “Force of Nature,” which is closely followed by the song about bullying, “Paper Doll.”

Bea Miller Beyond Fame

Bea Miller once had a negative outlook on her own life, despite the fact that she now uses her music to discuss issues that others experience and to spread happiness. She ultimately understood, though, that life doesn’t just go from bad to good; it also includes both. She then made the decision to incorporate the knowledge that life is a balance of ups and downs into her music. She believes that by sharing this message, she may help a great deal of youngsters feel less alone, which is something she always desired as a teen going through difficult times.

Hilery Kipnis changed her Twitter name to “childless mother” when Bea Miller moved out of the house and moved in with her other mother and sisters in September 2015. This sparked a debate about Bea’s relationship with her mother, to which Bea responded on Twitter by alleging that Hilery had long-term emotional abuse issues against her.

Bea Miller Behind The Curtains

Bea Miller was raised by two mothers, Kim Miller and Hilery Kipnis, and is a resident of Maplewood, New Jersey. Before divorcing in 2012, her parents, a same-sex couple, had been married for nearly 20 years. Esther and Georgia, twins who were adopted from Vietnam, are her sisters. She is quite concerned about LGBT issues because she has family members who are LGBT. She believes that, in contrast to many girls her age, having grown up in a home with only female family members has made her “less catty.” Prior to their breakup in 2016, she dated singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides for almost a year.

Bea Miller Personal life

Miller has two younger adopted siblings and is the daughter of two mothers. She’s a Maplewood, New Jersey native. Miller spent his preteen years in Provincetown, Massachusetts, at the COLAGE family camp. Miller has synesthesia, which causes her to perceive various colors in response to specific sounds.

Miller started dating American singer Jacob Whitesides in 2015. After dating for a year, the pair parted ways in May 2016.

Miller represents the anti-bullying organization as an ambassador. Remove the Label

Bea Miller Social Media

  • Instagram: @beamiller
  • Twitter: @BeaMilleronline
  • TikTok: @beamiller

Bea Miller Trivia

was adopted from Vietnam and has two younger twin sisters named Esther and Georgia.

Off-Broadway performance in “Honey Brown Eyes.”

appearing in “Honey Brown Eyes” off-Broadway at Theater Row.

Bea Miller had ambitions to write and direct movies when she was younger, as well as create the costumes for them.

Bea Miller Net Worth

Bea Miller’s net worth was estimated by sources to be about $3 million as of 2023.

Please be aware, though, that her net worth might have changed since then as a result of a number of variables, including adjustments to her employment, investments, and other financial choices.

Bea Miller Discography

  • Not an Apology
  • Aurora
  • Elated!
  • Fire N Gold
  • Young Blood
  • Song Like You
  • Feel Something
  • I Can’t Breathe
  • Making Bad Decisions

When was Bea Miller born?

Beatrice Annika Miller, best known by her stage name Bea Miller, was born on February 7, 1999, in the United States. She is most recognized for competing on The X Factor’s second season and for her passionate, electronic-infused pop music.

Where is Bea Miller from?

private sphere. Miller has two younger adopted siblings and is the daughter of two mothers. She’s a Maplewood, New Jersey native. Miller spent his preteen years in Provincetown, Massachusetts, at the COLAGE family camp.

Does Bea Miller have 2 moms?

American actress and musician Bea Miller hails from Maplewood, New Jersey. Hilery Kipnis, a former producer for “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and Kim Miller, a former stage manager for CBS, are Beatrice’s two mothers. Georgia and Esther, her twin sisters, and she all resided in Maplewood before moving to Los Angeles.

How did Bea Miller became famous?

Bea Miller, a singer and actor, creates fervent pop music with emo and electronic influences. She first gained widespread recognition in 2012 when participating on the second season of the American X Factor, and in 2015, her song Not an Apology made its Top Ten Billboard debut.

Is Bea Miller adopted?

At the age of four, Kimberley Miller and Hilery Kipnis adopted her. Her parents had two more children through adoption, and when they were no longer able to afford their housing condition, they moved to Maplewood, New Jersey. Esther and Georgia Miller, Miller’s biological twin younger sisters, were adopted from Vietnam.

Does Bea Miller have synesthesia?

Miller has a high sensitivity to color. Bea Miller, like a lot of musicians throughout history, experiences synesthesia.

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