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Bauchi State Education Summit: Jatau Hails Governor Bala’s Commitment To Educational Development

Bauchi State Education Summit: Jatau Hails Governor Bala’s Commitment To Educational Development

Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed received congratulations from the deputy governor of Bauchi State, Rt. Hon. Mohammed Auwal Jatau, on the well-run Education Summit with the topic “Improving Access and Quality Education in Bauchi State.”

In his remarks at the recently finished education summit in Sultan Saad Abubakar Hajj Camp, Bauchi, Auwal Jatau recognized and acknowledged the governor’s extraordinary efforts and dedication to the advancement of education in the state.


The Deputy Governor noted that the summit’s ability to convene and allow participants to debate and map out a course for improved education in the future was made possible by Governor Bala Mohammed’s dedication and support.

He continued by saying that the summit aligns with the governor’s overall vision and top priority, which is to address the obstacles to high-quality education in the state by investigating creative solutions that will improve both access and quality. He also expressed satisfaction with the amount of vigor, dedication, and passion shown by all attendees over the two days of the summit.


“Your Excellency, our Governor, has shown an unwavering dedication to the advancement of education in Bauchi State by allocating the funds, resources, and support required to guarantee that our educational system meets international standards.

Additionally, the governor has demonstrated a thorough comprehension of the vital role that education plays in our state’s social and economic development. Our administration has demonstrated its steadfast dedication to the advancement of education in our state by investing in better infrastructure, offering high-quality learning materials, and improving teacher training programs.”

Auwal Jatau emphasized that education must be a life-changing experience that gives our kids the values, information, and skills they need to prosper in the twenty-first century. She also reassured stakeholders that the current administration will keep funding education, especially teacher professional development.

To improve education for everyone, His Excellency the Governor, as his deputy, has lately tasked me with heading a very capable team to determine the fundamental issues affecting basic education in our state.

We have carried out an evaluation process to provide the committee a special chance to not only pinpoint the main problems impeding efficient instruction in schools but also to create long-lasting remedies that will lead the state to become a leader in education. Therefore, I do not doubt that the state administration will transform the basic education system and enable countless youngsters in the state to realize their ambitions with the help of all stakeholders.”

The Deputy Governor praised the Governor for his steadfast support of programs designed to increase access to and the caliber of education in Bauchi State and emphasized the necessity of a group effort to advance education by constructing a better future for the youth.

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