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Ashly Schwan Biography

Ashley Schwan is a model, YouTuber, and Instagram star who has amassed a sizable fan base through her photo shoots, selfies, and other activities relating to her personal life. On the social media page of their over 450 000-follower YouTube channel with the same name, social media celebrities discuss their way of life.

On Wednesday, April 16, 1997, in the United States, Ashly Schwan was born. Ashly Schwan is the nickname she goes by among her friends. She is currently 25 years old, and 340 days from now will be her 26th birthday.

Ashly is a member of the Millennial generation, and a hawk is both her spirit and zodiacal animal.

Aries is the sign of the ram for people born on April 16. description of the horoscope.

Over 60,000 people follow the social media influencer on her AshlySchwan Instagram account. She has become well-known there for her candid lifestyle photography, modeling, and selfies. Jayden, her younger brother, is her only sibling.

Ashley Schwan Profile summary

Real Name Ashly Schwan
Birthday April 16, 1997
Birthplace California
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Web Star
Dating/Boyfriend Michael Trewartha
Married/Husband No
Net Worth $1 Million

Ashly Schwan Early Life & Education

American city of Orange is where Ashly Schwan was born. The social media influencer was raised by her parents in California until the family relocated to Las Vegas when she was in her mid-teens. Her younger brother Jayden grew up with her.

Ashly Schwan has regularly gotten good grades for her work in school. Ashly Schwan enrolled in high school at the age of 16. Ashly Schwan graduated from a public US state institution with a Bachelor’s degree after completing high school.

Ashley Schwan: Height and weight

A health freak, Ashley Schwann. She likes to work out at the gym and stays away from fast food. Her amazing figure is the result of this. Her body is 32-24-35 inches in size. Her weight has stayed consistent at 58 kg or so. She also has stunning blue eyes. Her blonde hair matches her fair skin tone perfectly.

Ashly Schwan Education

Ashly Schwan has consistently received the greatest treatment and high marks since she was a young child. Ashly Schwan began high school at the age of 16. After finishing her high school studies, Ashly Schwan earned a bachelor’s degree from a state institution in the United States.

Ashly Schwan Career

She had been an avid YouTube user for years before she developed an interest in content creation. Ashly was interested in trying vlogging because several of her friends were well-known for engaging with followers on social media.

On April 11, 2013, she launched a YouTube channel with the same name, and on October 20, 2017, she published her first video, How I did my makeup in high school. By posting modeling, modeling tutorials, cosmetic advice, trip vlogs, challenges, and prank videos, she has continually kept her audience interested. Her best-known talent is her capacity to change her voice into a baby’s.

She has mostly grown her passion in makeup through her YouTube channel. Ashly has a big following on many social media sites. Particularly, her YouTube account has 393 thousand subscribers.

She has over 464k followers on Instagram, where she is highly known outside of YouTube.

Additionally, her TikTok account has 1.3 million likes and 233 thousand followers. Additionally, she has close to 4,000 Facebook fans.

Ashly Schwan Social Media Fame

Ashly was a devoted YouTube viewer before she rose to fame on social media. She also wanted to give vlogging a try because so many people do it. The prospect of communicating with others via the webcam appealed to her greatly. Her own YouTube channel, of the same name, which features lifestyle, beauty, fitness, story time, travel, challenge, and prank videos, was subsequently created.

The most popular of her videos is the story time clip where she talks about getting a lip job. Ashly was born with a lovely face and appealing features. Ashly was primarily concerned about her little mouth. She then considered having lip filling so that her lips would be larger and plumper. She was horrified to see the outcome! Ashly had finally achieved the intended result after many agonizing days and correction actions.

While Ashly’s workout vlogs are educational, her beauty lessons are incredibly simple to follow. Her joint projects with well-known YouTuber Tana Mongeau are a smash on the platform. Ashly’s videos stand out for their distinctive baby voice. It’s incredibly lovely and adorable when Ashly utilizes her ability to alter her vocal tone to sound like a baby. Over 200 thousand subscribers have already joined all of these fun videos.

Ashly started the “Ashly & Maia” channel with fellow beauty vlogger Maia Rita. This channel has also now amassed a small subscriber base.

Ashley Schwann Parents, siblings, and family

Ashley Schwan’s family relocated to Las Vegas from California along with her parents. She was a teenager at the time.

She keeps her life hidden, so nobody knows where her parents are. She hasn’t talked anything about her siblings outside that.

Ashley Schwan Boyfriend

The 23-year-old web personality is in love with social media icon Michael Trewartha. The couple has been wed since April 2018. Fans of Ashly may follow her romantic life on social media, where she frequently publishes images of her lover. Michael was nominated, so the two went to the Grammys together as well.

Ashly Schwan Personal Life

On April 16, 1997, in Orange County, California, Ashly Schwan was born. Jayden, her younger brother, was a part of her upbringing. In her mid-teens, she relocated to Las Vegas with her family.

Ashly and her partner moved out as soon as she had her high school diploma. In California, they rented a studio apartment with a view of the ocean that was far too pricey for them to afford. But Ashly and her partner put in a lot of effort to save for the rent. Following a few months of being in the flat, Ashly became ill as a result of her hectic schedule. It was a sensible choice for them both to return to Las Vegas. Ashly started her social media profession once she got back to Vegas.

Ashly is a girl who values her health. She abstains from carbonated drinks and detests fast food. She eats coconut as a health food. Ashly adores each and every aspect of this fruit. She takes a drink of unsweetened iced tea to calm her anxieties. Ashly is a fantastic chocoholic on cheat days.

Ashly wasn’t always an exercise enthusiast. When she was younger, she was overweight. Because of this, she occasionally experienced bullying at school, which caused her to stress eat. She was thus caught in a vicious cycle that led to her gaining too much weight.

Ashly is a cleanliness nut. She sometimes takes 10 baths a day since she is so meticulous about her personal hygiene. She examines her dental hygiene practice on a regular basis. Her flawless teeth are something she will never compromise.

She takes an eternity to get ready and accepts it without complaint. She can continue applying cosmetics until she is happy with the result.

Shane Dawson is one of her favorite YouTubers. Rap, Hip-Hop, and RnB are her three favorite musical genres. Ashly is totally fixated on her assortment of heels.

Ashly Schwan Social Media

  • Instagram: @ashlyschwan
  • TikTok: AshlySchwan
  • YouTube: Ashly Schwan

Ashley Schwan: Net Worth

What is Ashly Schwan’s estimated net worth? His main source of income is what? Ashly Schwan is estimated to be worth $1.1 million. His primary sources of income are acting and modeling.

Ashley Schwan Facts/Trivia

She has 478K Instagram followers thanks to her lovely pictures and quick videos.

On Instagram, she has 685 people as followers.

Ashly Schwan is an extremely active Instagram user that frequently uploads fashionable photos.

She enjoys exploring new places and does it frequently.

She adores animals.


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