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Biography Of Aunty Ramota

Aunty Ramota Biography

Aunty Ramota’s full name is Ramota Adetu, and she was born in 1981 in Ikorodu, Lagos state, in Nigeria’s southwest.

She was born with a disease that causes her to remain short in stature even as an adult.

She was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Adetutu.


More information about her father and mother is unclear; nevertheless, she completed her elementary and secondary education at Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Aunty Ramota is a content producer, actor, and comedienne. She is noted for her petite stature and comedic performances, which she performs to make people smile.

Aunty Ramota Biography
Aunty Ramota Biography

Nigerians are stunned as Aunty Ramota reveals her true age

Despite being 42 years old, Ramota Adetu, often known as Aunty Ramota, continues to astound audiences with her youthful beauty.


Aunty Ramota, who was born in 1981 in Ikorodu, Lagos state, has a condition that has kept her short throughout her life.

Aunty Ramota, a content producer, actress, and comedian, is well-known for her humorous sketches that make people laugh.

Despite her small stature, she uses her abilities to spread joy and laughter.

Aunty Ramota has had a major impact on the Nigerian entertainment landscape since she launched her comedy shows years ago.

She creates exciting moments and leaves viewers delighted with her humorous performances in her comedic films.

While information regarding Aunty Ramota’s family is unknown, her age and young appearance have surprised many.

Aunty Ramota’s ability and humor continue to enchant audiences, demonstrating that age is only a number when it comes to spreading laughter.

She expressed in one of her interviews that she dislikes how people treat her unfairly because of her height.

Despite her tiny stature and unimpressive physique, she has maintained her comedy shows and continues to make people laugh in Nigeria and throughout the world.

Aunty Ramota Husband

Celebrate Aunty Ramota and Ijoba Lande’s blissful union as they begin their wedding journey. Join the laughter and happiness in this lovely video!

Aunty Ramota Instagram

Who Is Aunty Ramota?

Recently, viral footage on the internet revealed the health condition of famed actress Ramota Adetu, also known as Aunty Ramota.

According to social media users, she is going to have BBL surgery to enlarge the size of her bum.

Footage on the internet shows them carrying Aunty Ramota to the hospital room for treatment.

Pipo believes Aunty Ramota went to one hospital in Ikorodu to make her bum-bum bigger, which Pipo refers to as BBL.

This is not the first time that news about Aunty Ramota’s surgery has traveled on the internet.

Some people, particularly followers of the actress, do not believe the news; they see me as only performing for a movie role.

Similarly, many of Aunty Ramota’s colleagues assume that the films and stories about the BBL surgery that Aunty Ramota performed are from a movie.

Ganiyu Kehinde Morufu, well known as Ijoba Lande, told the BBC that he is not delighted with the news because it is only for a movie role.

Ijoba Lande is one of the pipo that usually follows Aunty Ramota in her various content and movies.

“I dey worry because I contact Aboki wey dey wit Ramota wide dis na for fun, e tok say na fun,” e tok said.

“I can’t sleep for the night because when I first saw the news, I didn’t believe it, and Pipo called me to find out what was going on.

“Me and Ramota live togada, and we go togada rather frequently.

“I tried to do research, but it was in vain. I messaged a Ramota buddy on Instagram and begged him to tell me if the story was real.

“Her mother called me this morning to explain what she had seen on social media.

“I’ve never seen this before. Everything you see is merely a movie.”

Who marries Aunty Ramota?

Celebrate Aunty Ramota and Ijoba Lande’s blissful union as they begin their wedding journey. Join the laughter and happiness in this lovely video!

Who is Aunty Ramota’s real husband in real life?

Witness Aunty Ramota’s fascinating first dance with her hubby, Ijoba Lande. Be inspired by their wonderful love story and fascinating dances.

What happens to Aunty Ramota?

Meanwhile, in April 2023, stated that Aunty Ramota became popular when videos of her at a hospital went viral.

An individual who captured the video showed out some body-enhancing medications that Aunty Ramota allegedly consumed to augment her curves before landing in the hospital.

What is the real name of Aunty Ramota?

Her real name is Ramota Adetu

Is Ijoba Lande married to Aunty Ramota?

Relive the successful lovers’ night with Aunty Ramota and Ijoba Lande. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped make this event a success. Thank you for your support!

What illness does Aunty Ramota have?

Aunty Ramota described how many people thought she was dying during her recent illness when she was suffering from typhoid fever.

She said, “I am five years old and do not have a husband. I used to like males, but their characteristics and behaviors don’t appeal to me.

Is Aunty Ramota in Anikulapo?

Aunty Ramota Live at the Anikulapo Series Premiere: Authentic and Exciting Entertainment. Attend the Anikulapo Series Premier to see Aunty Ramota’s energetic and realistic performance. Be fascinated by her ability and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

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