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Alexus Danisha Biography

Alexus Danisha, a professional model, actress, and brand influencer residing in the United States, was born on December 9, 1998.

She is a well-known social media influencer who has brand collaborations with top fashion companies all over the world. Owner and creative force behind Alexus Danisha Merch is Alexus Danisha.


Early Life

On December 9, 1998, Alexus Danisha was welcomed into the world by the Danisha family in California. In a hospital run by the government, she was born in Los Angeles. Her early years were spent in San Diego, California, and she is of African American descent.

Alexus Danisha was supported throughout her childhood and adolescence by a sizable family that included her parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. The majority of the extended family members lived in San Diego, California.

Her relatives and close acquaintances referred to her as “Lexus” frequently. While still living under her parent’s roof, Alexus moved to a middle-class neighborhood with a predominately Black American population. When she turned 18, she left her parents’ home.


Alexus Danisha experienced bullying in high school as a result of her classmates’ body-shaming. She didn’t let the taunts, though, get to her because she was confident in her appearance. She frequently took on supporting roles in school plays and musicals and was an active member of the Drama Society at her school.


Alexus Danisha never participated in truancy and only occasionally skipped class when she was ill. In San Diego, she completed her elementary, junior high, and high school education at prestigious public institutions.

In 2016, she earned her high school diploma. Alexus Danisha regrettably was unable to obtain a scholarship for college. Because of her parents’ financial position, she was unable to pursue a university education.


Alexus Danisha held part-time jobs after school and on the weekends while she was a high school student. She had some money saved up throughout the years. She relocated to Los Angeles from the coastal city of San Diego after finishing high school in order to pursue a career in acting. She rented a Los Angeles condo with the money she had saved. One of her high school friends and she both lived in the same apartment.

She started going to movie part auditions and studied acting on YouTube. Alexus Danisha, however, was unlucky, and it took her a long time to finally land a cameo role in a low-budget short film. She was employed by a supermarket as a sales representative in the meantime.

In addition to being dissatisfied with her profession, Alexus Danisha’s compensation was insufficient to cover her expenses and live the kind of life she wanted. When Alexus attended one of her regular monthly acting auditions, her professional trajectory would shift. Despite not getting a part in the movie, she met with a management executive at a modeling agency who suggested that she go into a modeling career.

Alexus Danisha first rejected the proposal because she believed her size would prevent her from finding work in the modeling industry. But after doing some investigation, she learned that plus-size modeling did exist and that the market was expanding quickly. She so entered the modeling business and started her career as a Plus-Size Model.

She contacted a lot of modeling agencies in Los Angeles and quickly started to land modeling jobs all around California. Alexus Danisha also made the decision to use social media to advance her career. She started working with several creatives and began publishing content on her social media accounts, particularly Instagram. The images were extremely exposing, and Alexus’ Instagram following grew significantly as a result of her stunning appearance. She eventually developed into a prominent social media figure after receiving a ton of engagement on all of her posts on social media.

Alexus Danisha was able to get high-paying modeling jobs thanks to her impressive social media presence. She has grown into one of the top plus-size models in the country over the years. She has also signed brand cooperation agreements with some of the top names in the fashion business.

She represents the esteemed fashion brand Fashion Nova as a brand ambassador. She has posed for Fashionova Curve and Nova Men. In the past, Alexus Danisha has worked with artists like Laina Rauma, The King Kasie, and Raul Romo. She is represented by the prestigious modeling agency Bicoastal Management, which has locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

Additionally an entrepreneur, Alexus Danisha. She is the owner of Alexus Danisha Merch, an online retailer. She has released a few merchandise collections as the company’s creative director, and they have all been purchased by clients in the US.

Social Media

One of the well-known diva figures in the American social media scene is Alexus Danisha. On Twitter, she has accumulated more than 566k followers. On Instagram, she has more than 1.3 million followers.

Her YouTube account has almost 59.3k subscribers.

  • Instagram handle: @alexusdanisha
  • Twitter handle: @lexusdanisha
  • YouTube channel: @Alexus Danisha

Personal Life

Alexus Danisha is an alluringly beautiful woman. In Los Angeles, California, the 24-year-old plus-size model resides in a tastefully furnished serviced apartment. She frequently makes trips to San Diego to visit her family around the holidays.

She is the Brand Owner and Founder of Alexus Danisha LLC. She has used her social media prominence to speak out against racism, police brutality, and misogyny. She is a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Although Alexus Danisha’s relationship status at the moment cannot be confirmed, the majority of people think she is single.

Net Worth

Every day, Alexus Danisha pushes the boundaries of plus-size modeling. Her estimated US net worth ranges from $200,000 to $400,000.

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