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Suté Iwar Biography

Rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer Suté Iwar is from Nigeria. His passion for music and performing started at the age of seven when his father enrolled him in piano lessons at Muson Centre in Lagos. He was born on November 14th, 1992. His parents loved Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Reggae music, and his older brother got him into Hip Hop. He grew up surrounded by these genres of music.

He began saxophone lessons at the age of twelve and participated in the band and orchestra in high school. In order to create music and record himself, he started experimenting with digital audio workspaces like Fruity Loops and audio recording programs like Audacity. Because of this, he recorded his first amateur mixtape in his senior year of high school at the age of 15. He went on to study multimedia at Maynooth University in Ireland and completed his studies at the School of Audio Engineering in New York (SAE) to earn a diploma in audio production.

Since releasing his debut mixtape, Jelí, in 2014, he has had a significant impact on Nigerian music. 2015 saw the release of his second mixtape, Visions, which featured the sleeper hit “Mainland Cruise,” which helped him gain some popular recognition in Nigeria.

In August 2019, he released Paradise, his debut album. The COLORS EP, which was released in September 2020, came after this.

Suté Iwar Biography
Suté Iwar Biography
Name Msughter Iwar
Born November 14, 1992 (age 31)
Nigerian FlagNigerian
Zodiac sign Scorpio

Suté Iwar Discography

Suté Iwar Discography
Suté Iwar Discography

Studio Albums

  • Paradise (2019)


  • Jelí (2014)
  • Visions (2015)


  • Leopards (2018)

Suté Iwar Social Media

Suté Iwar Social Media
Suté Iwar Social Media

FACEBOOK: Suté Iwar        TWITTER: @SuteIwar        INSTAGRAM: @suteiwar


Who Is Suté Iwar?

Suté Iwar is regarded as a genre-defying musician who started out as a skillful rapper with pop and soul elements before evolving into a multifaceted rap singer/producer with catchy melodies, inventive compositions, and funky flows.

Suté Iwar is well-positioned to take his place in the rapidly developing alternative scene in Nigeria. His unwavering desire to reinvent himself has propelled him to success both domestically and internationally.

Unlike some artists who frequently put up a front to hide their flaws, Suté doesn’t have big fantasies. This genre-blending technique has been employed by Sute Iwar for almost his entire career, and it is the result of the influence of various important musical icons.

What is Suté Iwar’s real name?

Born on November 14, 1992, Msughter Iwar, sometimes referred to as Suté Iwar, is a Nigerian singer and record producer.

Are Suté Iwar and Tay Iwar related?

Profession. Alongside his brother Suté Iwar, Tay Iwar (previously Tay) entered the music scene in 2014. In the same year, they established Bantu Collective, an entertainment firm based in Abuja that distributed music and recorded music. Terna Iwar was in charge of the photo studio.

Where is Tay Iwar based?

Tay was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on Victoria Island. Austin Iwar and Vivian are his parents. When he was twelve years old, his family moved to Abuja, Nigeria, from Lagos, where he was raised with two brothers, Sute and Terna. Terna, Tay’s elder brother, is a musician as well.


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