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Subtronics Biography

Jesse Kardon is an American dubstep DJ and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, better known by his stage name Subtronics. His most well-known song is “Griztronics,” a joint effort with the Michigan-based electronic music group GRiZ, which peaked at No. 9 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs in late 2019. In September 2019, Kardon reached the top of Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart, ranking No. 10. Kardon is wed to Sonya Broner, a dubstep DJ and fellow producer who goes by the stage name Level Up.

Although Kardon has clarified that the mixes, despite their name, are not riddims, he is well-known for his mixtape series Now That’s What I Call Riddim. Since its February 2017 debut, the series has expanded to five volumes, the majority of which feature DJs and producers introducing themselves during interludes along with mashups, exclusive mixes, and previously unheard songs. Now That’s What I Call Riddim Vol. 4, the fourth version, features about 110 songs by numerous artists. In January 2020, the fifth installment was made available. It was the final mix in the series, according to Kardon, and it featured songs by Boogie T, Skrillex, Excision, and Doctor P.

Subtronics Early Life & Education

Subtronics Early Life & Education
Subtronics Early Life & Education

In 2023, Jesse Kardon, a.k.a. Subtronics, will turn 31 years old. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 23, 1992.

Kardon was exposed to a broad variety of musical styles while growing up in Philadelphia’s thriving music scene, which sparked an early love for electronic music.

His parents fostered his skill and supported him in all of his artistic activities, especially music.

Kardon experimented and explored his artistic side a lot in his early years. He became well-versed in a variety of instruments as a child and began studying the piano and guitar.

His career as a producer and composer was established by these early encounters.

Subtronics Net Worth

Subtronics Net Worth
Subtronics Net Worth

The estimated net value of Subtronics is $3 million. His financial wealth has been aided by his numerous collaborations, devoted fan following, and success in the music industry.

His net worth is predicted to rise in the upcoming years due to his steadily rising fame and success.

Subtronics Career

Subtronics Career
Subtronics Career

2017: “Revenge Of The Goldfish”

Kardon and Florida-based dubstep artist Midnight Tyrannosaurus released “Revenge Of The Goldfish” on April 28, 2017, on Never Say Die’s Black Label label. The song, which originally featured a speech by Klaus Heissler from an episode of the American cartoon sitcom American Dad, was made available for free as part of Never Say Die’s sixth Black Friday compilation extended play.

2018: Wook Laser and SoundCloud

Kardon’s sixth extended play, Wook Laser, was released on April 20, 2018, on the Never Say Die Black Label sub-label. A reviewer of EDM Sauce said that the 4-track extended play embodied “everything that is right in riddim at the current moment” and was favorably welcomed.

The remix album for their song “Lights Go Down” was released on July 6 by American DJ and electronic dance music producer Jauz, along with Canadian electronic music duo Zeds Dead. The CD included remixes of the song by Sikdope, Duke & Jones, Gentlemans Club, Jarvis, Lick, Sqwad, Awoltalk, and Spirix in addition to Kardon’s version.

A hacker gained access to Kardon’s SoundCloud account in mid-August, stealing and releasing a number of unpublished and private tracks. Prior to now, he had gotten a message from Megalodon, a dubstep producer based in Los Angeles, requesting that he repost a music that had been posted by an unknown account. Kardon was barred by Megalodon shortly after he informed him via private message that he had been hacked. Later, a song by Kardon that was previously only available through his hard drive and private SoundCloud account was published by the same account.

A remix album including American record producer Herobust’s previous single “WTF” was released on October 19. Kardon was a remix artist on the album WTF VIP + Remixes.

A number of producers filed false copyright claims in November, resulting in the removal of most or all of their songs from the music sharing website SoundCloud and online audio distribution network. Kardon was one of these producers; as a result of these allegations, he had lost 23 songs.

2019: Cyclops Army, “Griztronics”, and Wooked On Tronics

A collaboration with Kardon, “Demon Hunter” was released by Australian dubstep producer PhaseOne on April 17, 2019 via Disciple as a part of his album Transcendency. In his review of the album, Phil Sclippa of said of the song that it had “insane sound design and riddim elements, along with some entertaining samples” by Kardon.

Kardon’s tenth extended play, Cyclops Army, was released on July 7 through his record label, Cyclops Recordings. The songs “Cyclops Army,” “Glitch Fight,” “They Call Me,” and “Loopholes” were among the four tracks of the extended play; the most of them had been teased in the fourth installment of Kardon’s mixtape series, Now That’s What I Call Riddim.

A remix album based on DJ Excision’s fourth studio album Apex was published on July 23 by the Canadian producer. Kardon’s remix of the song “Vault” was included on the album. Kardon’s remix was mentioned in passing by Jayce Ullah-Blocks of EDM Identity during his album review. He noted that Kardon had kept some parts from the original while “fully capturing Subtronics’ diverse sound palate.”

Rusko, an English dubstep producer, and Kardon released “Bounce” on August 2 on Kardon’s record label, Cyclops Recordings. Earlier in the year, during Rusko’s performance at Camp Bisco and Kardon’s DJ set at Electric Forest Festival, the song made its debut.

Writing for Dancing Astronaut, Chris Stack observed that Kardon’s “stellar syncopation and sound design” and Rusko’s “signature elated wobbles and groove” were used in the song, which was influenced by past dubstep compositions.

The second extended play Bangers by American electronic producer and composer GRiZ was released on August 14.Zip through Deadbeats.2 A joint effort by GRiZ and Kardon, “Griztronics” is a combination of the names of the two artists and is one of the three tracks on the extended play During Kardon’s DJ set at Electric Forest Festival, the song made its debut. Chris Stack, writing for Dancing Astronaut, said that even “the most stubborn of dance fans” will find the music intriguing. The song gained popularity on the video-sharing app TikTok in October and reached the top trending position with over 259 million views overall. The pre-drop vocal of the song, “Ooh, this shit be hittin’ different,” was linked to the hashtag #tastesdifferent.

Snails, a vomitstep producer from Quebec, and Kardon collaborated on “Snailclops,” which was released on September 10 through Slugz Music. Kardon peaked at number 10 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart for the week of September 14, 2019.

Kardon’s record label Cyclops Recordings published his ninth extended play, Wooked On Tronics, on October 2. Five songs total from the extended play, one of which is a joint effort with English music producer Moody Good.

2022 & 2023: “Fractals” and “AntiFractals”

Subtronics’ successful album “Fractals” was published in 2022. Cyclops Recordings, his own record company, issued this album. Several EDM styles were included on the album, which made it an experimental jumble that almost any fan of the genre could enjoy.

He then published his album “AntiFractals” in 2023. Every song from the first “Fractals” album as well as several of his earlier hits were remixed for this even more avant-garde release. In addition to Subtronics, several well-known musicians like PEEKABOO, Sullivan King, Zeds Dead, and his spouse LEVEL UP also contributed to these remixes. This album has over 50 million streams and peaked at number four on the Dance Charts.

2023 & 2024: “Tesseract”

Kardon announced the “Tesseract Tour” and his upcoming album “Tesseract” at the end of 2023. There isn’t much information available about the album, but on Friday, November 10, 2023, a new, much anticipated single called “O M N I D I R E C T I O N A L” will be published.

Subtronics Personal Life

Subtronics Personal Life
Subtronics Personal Life

In his private life, Subtronics has been romantically involved with Sonya Broner, a dubstep DJ and fellow producer who goes by the stage name Level Up.

The couple, who have been together for a while, has influenced each other’s artistic endeavors.

Their mutual love of electronic music has strengthened their relationship and brought them closer together. Their regular project collaborations demonstrate their synergy as partners and artists.

Subtronics Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @subtronics
  • Twitter handle: @subtronics

Subtronics On TikTok


Where are my Subtronics fans at??? Link in bio to shop! Bucket hat made by me, spoon made by @magicsoul creations 💛✨ #raverok #ravefyp #festivalfyp #edmtok #fypシ #headbanger #subtronics #cyclopsarmy #lostlands #dancefestopia #waakan

♬ original sound – MARAUDA MEMES

Subtronics Discography

  • Griztronics
  • Now That’s What I Call Riddim
  • Cyclops Army
  • Wooked On Tronics
Subtronics Biography
Subtronics Biography

How did Subtronics get his start?

The publication of Subtronics’ first EP, “Organic Panic,” in 2017 marked the beginning of his career. The EP immediately became well-known and was highlighted in a number of publications and websites for dance music. This encouraged him to keep putting out new songs, which resulted in the release of his debut full-length album, “Return of the Fungi,” in 2018.

Who is Subtronics wife?

Kardon is wed to Sonya Broner, a dubstep DJ and fellow producer who goes by the stage name Level Up.

Is Subtronics a bass?

Subtronics aims to push the boundaries of sound engineering by combining his distinctive style of cutting-edge sound design with powerful bass. His intense live sets and sophisticated mixing techniques have earned him a devoted fan base.

Where is Subtronics based?

Jesse Kardon is an American dubstep DJ and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, better known by his stage name Subtronics.

How did Subtronics learn?

Even though Jesse had never heard the kind of music before, it motivated him to pursue creation. He rapidly started creating and defining what would eventually become his signature sound after learning the fundamentals through tutorial videos.

What is Subtronics girlfriends name?

DJs are officially entering the wedding season. Jesse Kardon and Sonya Broner, better known as the dubstep power couple Subtronics and LEVEL UP, have tied the knot. The two DJs posted touching pictures from the event on Instagram yesterday, featuring friends and family from both the music industry and beyond.

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