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Fanie Viljoen Biography

Fanie Viljoen attended school in Welkom, South Africa, where she was born on January 2, 1970. He would still be in grade one today if it were up to him. The idea of moving up a grade every year never appealed to him.

Fanie produced quality essays at school, but he never imagined that he would pursue a career as a writer. He now spends his days creating new stories, whether by writing, drawing, or both. The best job in the world must be this creative.

Fanie Viljoen Quick Facts

Full Name: Hendrik Stephanus Viljoen
Other Names: Fanie Viljoen
Born: January 2, 1970 (age 53 years)
Education: Social Sciences
Alma mater: University of South Africa
Occupation: Writer
Famous Work: Breinbliksem, Pynstiller, Onderwêreld
Nationality: South African
Award: Tienie Holloway Medal for Children’s Literature
Residence: Bloemfontein, Free State

Fanie Viljoen Early Life

On January 2nd, 1970, Fanie Viljoen was born. He went to school in South Africa’s Welkom. If it were up to him, he would have preferred to stay in first grade. In school, his artistic abilities began to show, and he produced quality essays.

Fanie Viljoen Education

Fanie Viljoen graduated from Welkom, South Africa’s Goudveld High School in 1987. From 1993 to 1995, he studied at the Technical College Welkom to study graphic design. He graduated from the University of South Africa with a BA in sociology.

Fanie Viljoen Career

Fanie began working as a training consultant at Sanlam in 1990 and continued until 2006. In 2006, he switched to writing and creating art full-time. He started off as a teller in a bank.

The first short tale by Viljoen was published in the female journal Sarie. He has produced numerous radio dramas. Numerous honors have been bestowed onto his novels.

Fanie Viljoen is an author of both English and Afrikaans-language short stories, nonfiction, rhymes, poems, plays for radio and television, and more.

Fanie Viljoen Personal Life

Fanie enjoys spending his free time creating new artworks. He likes to eat honey, dates, chocolates, and nougat. He reads, goes to the gym, or listens to music to unwind.

Fanie continues to reside in South Africa’s Free State’s capital city of Bloemfontein.

Here are some more things you might not know about Fanie:

His first position was as a bank teller.

At Sanlam Insurance, he served as a trainer.

The female magazine Sarie published his debut short tale.

He produced a lot of radio plays, one of which was about a grandfather who got a girlfriend.

His books have received numerous literary awards.

Fanie enjoys art and even continued her studies after school. You can find him at his easel in his free time working on a fresh oil painting. (He even drew some of his own books’ illustrations.)

Fanie enjoys sweets a much. His absolute likes are chocolate, honey, dates, and nougat.

While he was in elementary school, Fanie raised silk worms. When he put one on his tongue, it almost crawled down his throat!

Fanie enjoys reading, going to the gym, and listening to music to unwind. (But he actually dislikes growing weary!)

Fanie resides in South Africa’s Bloemfontein.

Fanie Viljoen Books

  • Sneeman-swem
  • Aksieheld Austin: Doodskreet van die Dino’s
  • Wêreld van Wolwe: Tweede Asem
  • Vampierhokkie
  • Briewe van Mieliepit
  • Flippie word ‘n vlieg
  • Ouma Mollie en die Mensvreter
  • Coucou, Lulu
  • Wêreld van Wolwe: Eerste Bloed
  • Offers vir die Vlieë
  • Laaste Lewe
  • Donker Web
  • Doendinge
  • Môre as ons groot is
  • Olke bolke, Lulu
  • Iemand wat verdrink en ander verhale
  • Brand
  • Pieksel
  • Aksieheld Austin: Onheil op Skedelbaai
  • Nova omnibus 2
  • The day the dragon came
  • Die dag toe die draak kom (vir meisies)
  • Die dag toe die draak kom (vir seuns)
  • Hokaai, Lulu
  • Die groot boek van spoke en grille
  • Nova omnibus 1
  • Veldiep
  • Slym se Stories
  • Aksieheld Austin: Nag van Grille
  • La-di-da, Lulu
  • Krappie en die Kroon
  • Dromers
  • Aksieheld Austin: Operasie Sabotasie
  • Jou Romeo
  • Oepse Daisy, Lulu
  • Kaptein Verdwyn
  • Monsterrugby
  • Afkop
  • Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se Piesangbrood
  • Bravo, Lulu
  • Prooi
  • Plons
  • Uit
  • Pleisters vir die Dooies
  • Nova: Eindspel
  • Slym en die Towertapyt
  • Galop
  • Koue Rillings
  • Oe la la, Lulu
  • Spring
  • Nova: Sterreloper
  • Leeus met Letsels
  • Nova: Bloedbroers
  • Betower
  • Grilbrigade
  • Klou
  • Nova: Vuurdoop
  • Nova: Die Begin
  • Slym en die beker van geluk
  • Kaptein Hamerkophaai
  • Onderwêreld

Fanie Viljoen Radio Dramas

  • Die Losprys
  • Oupa Rooijan kry ’n girlfriend
  • Agter geslote deure
  • Die Handtekeningjagter
  • By verlies aan woorde
  • Breking
  • Ragel

Fanie Viljoen Awards

Year Publication Award/Competition Reseult
2000 Die Losprys RSG / Sanlam radio drama writing competition for beginners Second place
2015 Uit IBBY Honor Roll
2021 Die dag toe die draak kom Tienie Holloway Medal for Children’s Literature
2015 Plons ATKV Children’s Book Award
2015 Afkop Runner-up in LAPA Publishers’ youth novel competition
2014 Leeus met Letsels IBBY Honor Roll
2014 Spring ATKV Children’s Book Award
2012 Klou ATKV Children’s Book Award
2012 Grilbrigade ATKV Children’s Book Award
2011 Nova: Die Begin ATKV Children’s Book Award
2010 Poenk LAPA Publishers ‘ youth novel competition Runner-up
2010 Slym en die beker van geluk. ATKV Children’s Book Award
2009 Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se piesangbrood ATKV Children’s Book Award
2009 Onderwêreld ATKV Children’s Book Award
2008 Slym en die gogga-sirkus ATKV Children’s Book Award
2007 Onderwêreld Silver Sanlam Prize for Children’s Literature
2007 Geraamte in die klas ATKV Children’s book award
2007 Geraamte in die klas MER Prize for Illustrated Children’s Books
2006 BreinBliksem MER Prize for Children’s Literature
2005 BreinBliksem Golden Sanlam Prize for Children’s Literature
2002 Agter geslote deure RSG/Sanlam radio drama writing competition for experienced writers Second place

What is Fanie Viljoen famous for?

Author of children’s books from South Africa, Fanie Viljoen, resides in Bloemfontein, the town where J.R.R. Tolkien was born. He has published more than 35 novels, the most of them are in Afrikaans. Numerous literary awards, including the Sanlam Gold Prize for Young Adult Literature and the M.E.R.

How many awards does Fanie Viljoen have?

Fanie has taken part in various shows and is a well-known artist and children’s book illustrator. He received the M.E.R. Prize and the Sanlam Prize for Young Adult Literature twice. His young adult books Betower and Afkop finished second and third, respectively, in the LAPA competition for young adult literature.

What is the history of Viljoen?

The Afrikaans surname Viljoen is a translation of the French Villion. French Huguenots who later married into the local Dutch population introduced it to South Africa in 1671.

How many books has Fanie Viljoen written?

More than 35 books have been authored by Fanie Viljoen.

Where does Fanie Viljoen reside?

Currently residing in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa is Fanie Viljoen.

In which languages does Fanie Viljoen write?

Both English and Afrikaans are the languages in which Fanie Viljoen writes.

When was Fanie Viljoen born?

On January 2nd, 1970, Fanie Viljoen was born.


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