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Seyi Vodi Biography

A businessman in Nigerian fashion is named Seyi Adekunle. He is the founder and chairman of the Vodi Group, a network of enterprises that is well-known. Seyi Vodi said that he was inspired to pursue fashion full-time after failing a bank exam. Seyi Vodi was one of the biggest fashion brands in Nigeria as of May 2017.

Real name Seyi Adekunle
known as Seyi Vodi
Date of birth 19th of July
Country of Origin Federal Republic of Nigeria
Source of Wealth Tailor, Entrepreneur
Net worth $500,000

Seyi Vodi Early life and career

Seyi Vodi is from Osun State but was born in Lagos. He graduated with a Geology degree from Maiduguri University. He made friends with some local tailors in Akwa Ibom while completing his required national youth service there, and he took sewing lessons from them. As his first customers, his coworkers, he began by making boxers and shirts for them. Seyi registered his business as Testimony Fabrics in 2001, but he later changed the name to Vodi in 2003 because he wanted it to sound more African and shorter.


Seyi Vodi’s application was turned down by the bank he applied to in 2002 after he failed a bank test. This failure, he claimed, served as inspiration for him to become more serious about his craft.

Seyi eventually obtained employment in a bank in 2003, but she quit to pursue a career in fashion design. He used to go with a go-bag to acquire supplies, sew from home, and deliver to clients since he didn’t have a business at the time. As his firm grew, he enlarged it to become the Vodi Group that it is today. Vodi Clean, Vodi Training Institute, Vodi Debo, and Vodi Textile are currently part of the Vodi Group, whose CEO is Seyi.

Seyi listed the His main inspiration was Konouke Matsushita.


Seyi Vodi Career

The Vodi Group of Companies’ chairman and chief designer is fashion entrepreneur Seyi Vodi. a business that creates personalized men’s clothing. The back story, which began in 2000 during his Nysc year, was where it all began.

Seyi developed a passion for tailoring during his NYSC year, and he later started making shirts and boxers for other Corp members. After completing NYSC, on July 8th, 2001, he had already launched his company legally by registering it as Testimony Fabrics. In 2003, he changed his name to Vodi, nevertheless.

following graduating from NYU, he managed his expanding business while also landing a banking position in 2003 following a failed interview in 2002. He eventually left the position, nevertheless, to devote himself totally to his expanding fashion company.

He has made significant progress in his skill since launching his company and had the chance to produce one-of-a-kind designs for numerous A-list Nigerian celebrities, including Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), Ayo Makun (AY Comedy), and many others.

Seyi Vodi has styled a number of Nollywood celebrities through his fashion business, giving them some of the most enduringly popular looks. His company, the Vodi Group of enterprises, distributes his brand of clothing. The Vodi Group of Companies, on the other hand, was established on an opulent philosophy that has allowed it to become one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary men’s clothing today.

His fashion company gives close attention to silhouettes and details when creating new pieces. According to Seyi Vodi, vertical structures and dimensional patterns serve as major sources of inspiration for the business sector. His company currently creates and tailors attire for the nation’s top politicians, including Kashim Shettima, the vice president of Nigeria at the moment.

A-list celebrities like Davido, Kizz Daniel, Ubi Franklin, and Tim Dakolo, among others, have collaborated with him on projects despite the fact that he started out in the fashion industry.

Seyi Vodi Cars

Seyi Vodi promotes his company on his social media page. Because of this, he doesn’t often post about his personal life with vehicles. The fashion designer and businessman, however, can afford to buy some of the top luxury vehicles, such as:

On his social media profile, Seyi Vodi advertises his business. He doesn’t frequently post about his personal life with autos as a result. However, the businessman and fashion designer can afford to purchase some of the best luxury cars, including:

An other luxury SUV that affluent Nigerians buy is the 2018 Range Rover Sport. One of the best off-roading luxury vehicles available now in Nigeria is the SUV made by the British Company.

A wealthy Nigerian who doesn’t possess a Hilux or other pickup truck is tough to find. The Hilux is their preferred vehicle for professional engagements, and Seyi Vodi can afford one, which explains why.

No matter how many SUVs or cars a wealthy man has in Nigeria, people are constantly drawn to the opulent Land Cruiser SUV. Seyi Vodi might own one of the vehicles utilized for events and keep it in his garage.

Seyi Vodi Personal Life

Seyi Alade-Adekunle married Bunmi Alade-Adekunle in 2011, and they later became husband and wife. Along with their two sons, they also have a daughter, and they reside in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

Seyi Vodi Controversy

A fashion influencer named Moesha is claimed to be Seyi Vodi’s mistress. She caught Seyi Vodi in the act with her. Seyi’s wife confronts Moesha in the businessman’s office, as seen in a video that is currently going viral online. Seyi’s wife was the one who recorded the video. The influencer was humiliated and stripped naked by Vodi’s wife, with a few other women’s assistance.

Vodi reportedly fled the scene as soon as his wife arrived, according to reports. Seyi Vodi has been having an affair with Moesha for a while, it has been revealed. When his wife learned about the relationship, she warned Moesha to stay away from her husband.

Seyi Vodi Awards & Nominations

  • 2022 African Fashion International Award for Best Fashion Designer
  • 2021 Nigeria Fashion Awards for Best Designer of the Year
  • 2020 City People Fashion Awards for Designer of the Year
  • 2019 YNaija Style Awards for Fashion Designer of the Year
  • 2018 African Fashion Foundation Awards for Emerging Designer of the Year

Seyi Vodi Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @seyi_vodi
  • Twitter handle: @seyi_vodi
  • LinkedIn: Seyi Vodi

Seyi Vodi Net Worth

Seyi Vodi’s apparel company serves a wide range of customers, but one of his key clientele is the nation’s top politicians, both domestically and abroad. As a result, he has amassed considerable riches by offering them clothes services. His current estimated net worth is $500,000.


Celebrity fashion designer and stylist Seyi Vodi has collaborated with A-list figures from a variety of Nigerian industries, and via his several business ventures, he has amassed a substantial amount of fortune.

Which state is Seyi Vodi from?

Seyi Vodi is from Osun State but was born in Lagos. He graduated with a Geology degree from Maiduguri University.

Where is Seyi Vodi located?

Seyi Vodi and Bunmi Alade-Adekunle wed in 2011, and since then, they have been blessed with a daughter and two boys. Seyi Vodi and his family currently reside in Abuja.

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