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Olu the Wave Biography

Oyefeso Oluwamayowa Olumide, also known as “Olu the Wave,” was born on January 5, 1998, and is from Remo, in the northern Nigerian state of Ogun. However, he was raised in Lagos State, where he attended school and spent the majority of his childhood. He also comes from a large family of six.

Olu the Wave is a filmmaker who has swiftly become a key pioneer in Nigeria’s expanding music video industry. He is in charge of making dazzling videos for many of the country’s top performers. He has collaborated with various artists, including as Vector, Falz, M.I., Iyanya, Peruzzi, Adekunle Gold, and Zlatan, among others.

Olu’s early exposure to video sets as a runner and production assistant helped to foster his passion in music and the visual arts. He has invested time honing his abilities as an errand boy, skater, artist, and dancer. Olu was a dancer and extra in various music videos, and these opportunities encouraged him to start making his own works of visual art.


Before directing Vector’s “No Peace,” which became his breakout music video, “Johnny,” “Falz,” and “One Life,” as well as Pheelz’s “One Life,” Olu formed “A Strange Picture” in 2020.

Olu The Wave began directing in 2018, and since then, he has developed his talent to the point where he is now regarded as one of Nigeria’s best music video directors. He is the creator of some of the most suspenseful and riveting music videos, which have seen extensive airplay on major TV networks and received a ton of views on DSPs such YouTube, Apple TV, and others.

The foundation of his success to this point, where he is a highly regarded and sought-after filmmaker with a clientele that extends beyond of his country, has been his commitment to his craft and his ability to develop and improve his creativity.

Like by Iyanya featuring Davido and Kizz Daniel, Love Don’t Cost a Dime by Magixx featuring Ayra Starr, Pretty Girl by Adeline Gold, Hypertension by Peruzzi, and Things I Need by Peruzzi are some of the most well-known music videos Olu the Wave has directed.

On numerous Digital Service Providers (DSPs), including YouTube and Apple TV, Olu has received millions of views. His seasoned creativity and the visual landscapes he crafts for each of his clients, which are tailored to their personalities and objectives, show his commitment to his craft. One of the most well-known music video directors in Nigeria, his expert storytelling abilities and exceptional cinematography skills combine to create visual environments where the music and messages come to life.

Olu the Wave Early Life & Education

Olu the Wave, a Nigerian artist who was born on January 5, 1998 in Remo North, Ogun State, discovered his artistic niche among the crowded streets of Lagos. The enduring love of music and the arts in his family sparked his desire to work as a director and cinematographer for music videos.

Olu the Wave studied business management at the University of Lagos, despite his parents’ initial encouragement to pursue a more traditional career. But his soul ached for the realm of movies and music videos. In the quiet intervals between lectures, he toiled away at honing his abilities despite being conscious that his genuine passion lay elsewhere.

Olu the Wave ignored his parents’ objections and pursued his artistic goals after graduating. He was motivated to pave his way to success since he was aware that the entertainment industry held the key to his future.

Olu the Wave Career

Olu The Wave is a budding music video director and cinematographer in Nigeria. He was born on January 5, 1998, in Remo North, Ogun State, but grew up largely in Lagos State. His path began with a deep respect of music and the arts in his family, which sparked his passion for visual storytelling.

Olu The Wave’s desire for the artistic world of music videos and cinematography couldn’t be quelled, despite parental urging to follow a traditional academic path. While earning a business administration degree at the University of Lagos, he painstakingly learned this trade.

Olu The Wave bravely followed his vocation after graduation, disregarding social norms. In the beginning of his career, he worked as a production assistant on low-budget films. But his perseverance paid off when he was hired to shoot a popular music video, which propelled him to fame.

Olu Music videos by artists including Pheelz, Zlatan, Magixx, Vector, Wande Coal, Majeeed, Dai Verse, BNXN, Peruzzi, DJ Yankee, Blaqbonez, Cheque, Iyanya, Ayra Starr, Seyi Vibez, D’Banj, Timaya, and many others can be found in The Wave’s outstanding portfolio.

Olu the Wave Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Atlantic Ocean (@oluthewave)
  • Twitter handle: Atlantic Ocean (@oluthewave)
  • Tiktok handle: olu the wave

Olu the Wave Filmography

  1. Pheelz – Yolo (Official Music Video): Olu The Wave’s touch brought Pheelz’s music to life, crafting visuals that resonated with audiences.
  2. Zlatan – That Guy (Official Video): With his keen eye, Olu The Wave contributed to the visual narrative of Zlatan’s hit, creating a memorable music video.
  3. Magixx – Love Don’t Cost A Dime [Re-up] featuring Ayra Starr: This collaboration resulted in a visual masterpiece that complemented the musical artistry of Magixx and Ayra Starr.
  4. Vector & Wande Coal – Mama Maradona: Olu The Wave’s cinematography added depth and dimension to this collaboration between Vector and Wande Coal.
  5. Majeeed – No Room For Love: Through his lens, Olu The Wave conveyed the emotive essence of Majeeed’s music, crafting a captivating visual narrative.
  6. Dai Verse & BNXN fka Buju – Sweet Daddy: The music video for this song was elevated by Olu The Wave’s directorial finesse, creating a memorable visual experience.
  7. Peruzzi – Hypertension: Olu The Wave’s work on this music video added a layer of visual intrigue to Peruzzi’s musical storytelling.
  8. DJ Yankee, Blaqbonez, and Cheque – 1000 Years$: This collaboration came to life under Olu The Wave’s creative guidance, resulting in a music video that resonated with viewers.
  9. Magixx – Shaye: Olu The Wave’s cinematography complemented the rhythms of Magixx’s music, creating a visual synergy.
  10. Iyanya – Call featuring Ayra Starr: The music video for this track was brought to life through Olu The Wave’s artistic vision, enhancing the song’s impact.
  11. Seyi Vibez – Billion Dollar: Olu The Wave’s work on this music video added depth and emotion to Seyi Vibez’s musical narrative.
  12. Pheelz – One Life: Olu The Wave’s creative direction contributed to the storytelling in this music video, enriching the viewer’s experience.
  13. D’Banj – Chop Life featuring Timaya: The visual storytelling in this music video was enriched by Olu The Wave’s cinematic touch.
  14. Khaid – With You: Olu The Wave’s artistry as a cinematographer shone through in this music video, enhancing the impact of Khaid’s music.

Olu the Wave Personal Life

Olu The Wave has never had a girlfriend and is not married. Spending time with his loved ones is something he appreciates in his own life. He loves being there for his family and is a committed husband and father.

He enjoys reading and playing basketball to relax when he isn’t working. Olu the Wave always finds time for the things that are important to him despite his hectic schedule because he knows that maintaining a healthy balance is essential to leading a happy life.

Olu the Wave Net Worth

Olu the Wave’s perseverance and hard work have paid off financially as well as in other ways. He has amassed a net worth of approximately $150,000 as a result of his lucrative job and numerous business endeavors.

Who is Olu the wave video director?

Olu the Wave is a filmmaker who has swiftly become a key pioneer in Nigeria’s expanding music video industry. He is in charge of making dazzling videos for many of the country’s top performers. He has collaborated with various artists, including as Vector, Falz, M.I., Iyanya, Peruzzi, Adekunle Gold, and Zlatan, among others.

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