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Biography Of Njambi Koikai

Njambi Koikai Biography

Njambi Koikai, better known as Fyah Mummah Jahmby, was a popular Kenyan reggae MC, radio host, and campaigner.

Koikai was born on November 24, 1986, in Nairobi, Kenya, and passed away on June 3, 2024. Njambi Koikai was 38 years old in 2024.

Kenyans were shocked by Njambi Koikai’s death, given she had recently solicited blood donations.


The endometriosis warrior died on June 3, while seeking treatment at Nairobi Hospital.

Previously, the media celebrity was hospitalized for months in the US in 2019 and underwent more than 15 surgeries before returning to the country.

Nominated senator Glora Orwoba revealed Njambi’s death, leaving Kenyans devastated.



Njambi, an advocate for endometriosis, died on Monday at the age of 38.

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Njambi Koikai

My name is Mary Njambi Koikai. I was born and reared in Dagoretti, Nairobi, by my single mother, grandmother, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Like many others, my family made sacrifices to pay for my education.

I attended school in Nairobi from primary to university.

They wanted me to have a way out of poverty and a brighter future.

Growing up in Dagoretti, I witnessed the horrible living conditions that our community faced due to a lack of resources.

The attitude of community and service to others was instilled in me from a young age since we had to look after each other as family, neighbors, and friends.

We have encountered various obstacles as a community due to a lack of quality healthcare, security, and basic facilities.

People in Dagoretti South want a better life for themselves and their children.

Our passion, as well as the friendships we’ve formed since childhood and passed down from generation to generation, embody a sense of community and purpose.

Living in this neighborhood affected my ideals and life path.

This has inspired me to work for my community to enhance our people’s social and economic position through collaborative efforts.

We identified FIVE critical pillars for enhancing the lives of Dagoretti South constituents, which are as follows:

● Dagoretti South has a high unemployment rate. We know that our people, particularly the kids and vulnerable groups in our community, can grow and prosper if they are given the opportunity. I want to establish opportunities for our people to gain basic skills that will help them make a life.

● Pesa kwa biashara:

1. Youth and women require expert direction and support in planning, funding, starting, and running successful enterprises that employ themselves and others.

2. They require access to credit on patients and reasonable conditions to develop and run these successful firms.

3. Our town has a large number of older people, and I want to develop self-sustaining chances for entrepreneurship to empower them.

Watch the video below to learn more about Njambi Koikai’s biography and the cause/secrets of her death.

Who Is Jahmby Koikai?

Jahmby Koikai, popularly known as Fyah Mama, was a popular Kenyan reggae MC, radio host, and campaigner.

Koikai was born on November 24, 1986, in Nairobi, Kenya, and rose to prominence on the radio with her fascinating reggae mixes and bright personality.

Koikai entered the entertainment industry early and swiftly rose to prominence as a deejay in Kenya and beyond.

She rose to prominence as the host of reggae programming on Metro FM and Q FM radio stations. She was also a frequent guest and host on the famous NTV show The Trend before seeking therapy in the United States.

Jahmby Koikai’s life changed dramatically after she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a rare and painful ailment.

Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue comparable to the uterine lining develops outside the uterus.

This condition causes severe pain in the pelvis and makes it harder to get pregnant.

For Jahmby Koikai, the battle with endometriosis had been long and serious.

She had been open about her struggles with the condition, using her platform to raise awareness about endometriosis and advocate for better healthcare for women in Kenya and across Africa.

Despite facing numerous surgeries and treatments, Koikai remained resilient, inspiring others with her courage and determination.

Throughout her journey, Koikai continued to pursue her passion for music and broadcasting.

She has hosted radio shows and events, showing her ability and bringing positivity to her listeners.

Her love of reggae music had given her courage and solace throughout difficult times, allowing her to connect with others who shared her enthusiasm.

Despite the difficulties created by her medical condition, Koikai remained a source of hope and resilience for many.

Koikai died at the Nairobi hospital on Monday at about 9 p.m., hours after she had pleaded for blood donations.

“Hello family, I’m hospitalized at the Pioneer Ward in Nairobi, and I need to be Blood O positive. “Please donate blood for Mary Njambi Koikai,” she posted on Instagram Stories.

Her advocacy efforts have helped shed light on the predicament of women suffering from endometriosis, resulting in increased awareness and support for individuals impacted by the ailment.

Koikai’s story displays tenacity, resilience, and a strong desire to make a positive influence while also enjoying reggae music.

The last communication from Njambi Koikai

In her most recent writings, Njambi, who previously said she had been battling endometriosis since she was 19, frequently discussed the ailment that affects millions of women around the world, as well as God’s grace.

  • “Take that bold step and allow God to lead, guide, protect, and hold your hand.” Just go!! One of her most recent posts reads, “Step in Faith.”

In another piece, the former NTV host discussed endometriosis and urged the government to declare it a national disaster.

  • Endometriosis is a silent killer that should be designated a national calamity. The leading cause of infertility. Period pain is not normal. Millions of young girls and women are quietly bleeding to death. Urgent action by the government is essential,” she stated.
Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Details on Njambi Koikai’s death

  • Kenyans on social media mourned Njambi, calling her as a courageous endometriosis warrior with a wonderful personality.
  • Njambi Koikai’s final plea to President William Ruto on his US state visit to invest in healthcare has surfaced.
  • Njambi ran for the Dagoretti South parliamentary seat as an independent in the August 2022 elections but was beaten by John Kiarie.
  • The media star recently lost a friend and resorted to social media to express her grief before passing away.
Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Njambi Koikai: Abel Mutua and Ciru Muriuki Lead Celebs in Mourning Media Personality in Moving Positions

  • Njambi Koikai died while receiving treatment at a Nairobi hospital, just days after requesting a blood donation online.
  • Kenyan luminaries, including filmmaker Abel Mutua, and media personalities Ciru Muriuki, and Carol Radull, expressed heartfelt tributes in her honor.
  • They underlined how Njambi fought endometriosis like a warrior, how she influenced their life, and the initiatives they undertook together.

Kenyan celebrities have taken to social media to mourn media star Njambi Koikai, who died while being treated in a Nairobi hospital.

The radio broadcaster has openly discussed her experience with endometriosis and the impact it had on her physical health.

While Kenyans have lamented the celebrity’s death, her political, media, and entertainment acquaintances have remembered Njambi as a strong warrior.

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

How Kenyan celebrities mourned Njambi Koikai

Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua mourned Njambi as a hard combatant, stating:

  • “Show me a fiercer combatant. You gave it all, empress. “Rest well.”

Sports media personality Carol Radull paid respect to Njambi by sharing a snapshot of herself and him. She captioned it:

  • “You were such a warrior. An angel. A force. The folks loved you as we walked through Kawangware’s roads. You adored them. And you enjoyed the wonderful game. I imagine you won’t get my last message asking if you still need blood. I love you, girl. May your struggle for Endo fighters be fruitful. Dance reggae with the angels!”

Filmmaker Phil Karanja was likewise shocked by Njambi’s death and remembered her as a brave warrior and ‘one of the best to ever do it’.

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Njambi was Sauti Sol’s initial manager

Fancy Fingers, a former Sauti Sol band member, claimed that Njambi was their first manager and the impact she had on the band as a whole. He said:

  • “This is a sad day. Forever in our hearts. @jahmbykoikai was our first-ever manager. Played an important role in our early days as a band. The industry has lost a jewel. The nation has lost a warrior. The heavens have welcomed an angel. Rest in power. “Your spirit lives forever!”

Ciru Muriuki, a media personality and endometriosis warrior, shared her sadness over Njambi’s passing. She said:

  • “We are all still trying to digest this. Thank you for our years of friendship. Thank you for the fire. You fought so hard, my Empress. It’s very hard. Rest now, @jahmbykoikai. “You are loved forever.”
Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Maina mourns Njambi’s death

Earlier, Maina wept bitterly for Njambi as he remembered the pleasant moments they had in Dubai while on business.

He described the late media star as a brave warrior who lived her life to the utmost while expressing sympathy to her family.

Maina also recalls how people chatted about their Dubai trip for days without realizing it was work-related.

What You Should Know About Njambi’s Health Journey

  • Njambi was honest about her experience with endometriosis, which she suffered for 20 years before entering politics.
  • A video emerged in which she stated that she had successfully endured 21 procedures while advocating for endo fighters’ access to treatment.
  • In her final message before being brought to the hospital, she begged President William Ruto to invest in healthcare during his visit to the United States.
Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Maina Kageni mourns Njambi Koikai’s death and recalls their good times in Dubai: “Hawakujua Tulikuwa Kazi Tu”

  • Njambi Koikai passed away while fighting endometriosis, and many celebrity friends have rushed to social media to mourn her.
  • One of her colleagues at Radio Africa group, Maina Kageni, wrote a moving greeting to the media star.
  • The king of the airwaves recounted a trip they made to Dubai together, noting that it was difficult to imagine that Njambi was no more.

Maina Kageni, a Classic FM presenter, has profoundly mourned Njambi Koikai.

Kageni used social media to mourn the media figure in his unique way.

He remembered the work trip they took together.

The Classic FM host remembered instances when rumors of a love relationship between him and the musician circulated on social media, claiming that they were only coworkers. He wrote:

“Maaan… I still remember vividly when we were in Dubai together and this was popular… My beloved, you lived your life to the fullest… a true measure of a woman’s strength!!! Thank you for everything, Njambi Koikai! “Rest well, Rasta Queen.”

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

What was Njambi’s cause of death?

Njambi ‘Jahmbi’ Koikai has battled endometriosis his entire life and will be recognized as a fighter.

The journalist died just days after asking her admirers and followers on social media to donate blood.

Senator Gloria Orwoba announced the death of the fearless Njambi, and Kenyans responded with heartfelt grief.

The performer had sought blood donation days before her death, and Orwoba had written:

  • “Njambi continues to live her best life; as a DJ and entertainer, she has used her skills to positively improve the lives of many young people in Kenya. Unfortunately, Njambi is back in the hospital, fighting for her life again. The endo-warrior is at Nairobi Hospital, and she requires blood group O+ because she has endometriosis. Let us assist Njambi get back on her feet… Find your way to Nairobi Hospital and donate blood at Njambi’s blood bank.
Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Njambi Koikai’s death and aftermath

  • In her most recent posts, Jahmby, who previously said she had been battling endometriosis since she was 19, frequently discussed the ailment that affects millions of women throughout the world, as well as God’s grace.
  • Kenyans paid heartfelt homage to the endometriosis fighter on social media.
  • analyzed the costs of treating endometriosis.
Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

A video of Njambi ‘Jahmby’ Koikai revealing that she has survived 21 surgeries has emerged following her death

  • Media personality Njambi Koikai’s death has left many in shock, as tributes continue to come on social media.
  • A video has emerged of the radio DJ talking about undergoing 21 surgeries and the misery of fighting endometriosis.
  • The video has left Kenyans admiring her as a tough warrior who fought for her health till the last minute when she died while seeking treatment.

A video has emerged of media star Njambi ‘Jahmby’ Koikai recounting her health issues shortly after her death.

According to close sources, she was admitted to the hospital a week ago but was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where she died.

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

What was the cause of Njambi Koikai’s illness?

In a TikTok video, the radio personality revealed that she had overcome 21 operations while describing her battle with endometriosis.

  • “I survived endometriosis. “I survived 21 surgeries and lived to tell my story,” she said.

Njambi also stated that the sickness she was fighting has afflicted over 200 million women worldwide, even as she sought to inspire others via her path.

  • “I hope that treatment can be made available to ladies suffering from this condition around the world. Endometriosis is not a myth; it exists. Period pain is not natural,” she explained.
Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

Kenyan celebrities mourn Njambi

Kenyan celebrities, including filmmaker Abel Mutua and media personality Carol Radull, were at the forefront of mourning Njambi.

They discussed how much she influenced them and the projects they worked on together, as well as how hard she fought endometriosis.

Some people commented that Njambi had strengthened their faith just by living her life despite the health challenges she was facing.

What You Should Know About Njambi’s Death

The media celebrity battled endometriosis for two decades before entering politics and activism.

One of the endometriosis warrior’s final social media posts was directed at President William Ruto during his state visit to the United States, urging him to invest in health.

Maina Kageni, a veteran radio personality, also lamented Njambi as he reminisced about their happy moments in Dubai.

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue comparable to the uterine lining develops outside the uterus. It can cause significant pelvic pain and make it difficult to become pregnant.

Endometriosis symptoms include period discomfort, urination or defecation pain, persistent pelvic pain, tiredness, and excessive menstrual bleeding.

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography

How did Njambi Koikai overcome endometriosis?

The television celebrity, who was hospitalized for months in the United States in 2019 and endured more than 15 procedures before returning home, was back on her feet and hustling.

The endo fighter had just hosted reggae events before being admitted to the hospital a week ago.

Njambi died on Monday, June 3, at the Nairobi hospital where she was admitted.

Njambi Koikai Biography
Njambi Koikai Biography


What illness does Njambi Koikai have?

Endometriosis tortured her every month, eventually killing her at the age of 38. Mary Njambi Koikai, also known as Jahmby Koikai, dedicated most of her short life to telling her fellow Kenyans about the terrible ailment of endometriosis, which led to her death last week at the age of only 38.

Who is Mary Njambi Koikai?

Njambi has been battling endometriosis since the age of 13 and has had 21 surgeries to treat the ailment. Despite her challenges, she remained a source of strength and hope. She became a global advocate for women living with endometriosis by organizing campaigns and providing support and assistance.

How old is Njambi?

Njambi, an advocate for endometriosis, died on Monday at the age of 38.

Where will Njambi Koikai be buried?

Koikai died on June 3, 2024, and will be laid to rest today at Langata Cemetery. Her remains left Lee Funeral Home in the morning, as scheduled. Those present included Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba, who paid glowing tribute to Koikai.

Where is Njambi Koikai?

Tributes flooded in, with many remembering her vivacious attitude, infectious enthusiasm, and determination to make a difference. On Thursday, a memorial ceremony will be place at the Nairobi Chapel on Ngong Road. She will be laid to rest on Friday, June 14, 2024, at the Lang’ata Cemetery in Nairobi.

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