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Morray Biography

Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina on November 10, 1992, Morae Ebony Ruffin is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. With the release of his debut single “Quicksand” in 2020, he gained considerable popularity. In 2021, he released his debut mixtape, Street Sermons.

Morray Biography
Morray Biography

Morray Profile

  • Full Name: Morae Ebony Ruffin
  • Date of Birth: November 10, 1992
  • Age: 31 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Rapper, Singer-Songwriter

Morray Early life

Ruffin was brought up on gospel and R&B music in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and by the time he was four years old, he was singing in his local church. At the age of twelve, he relocated to Lebanon, Pennsylvania, where he remained for six years until returning to North Carolina. He was motivated to start making music after he encountered the SGS rap group while he was living in Pennsylvania. He spent time in juvenile incarceration as a 19-year-old and went to jail in his early 20s.

He worked construction and did side music recording while raising a child. He began taking music seriously in 2014 after releasing his debut song, which he had made for his wife’s birthday. After losing his contact center work in 2020, he decided to focus on his music career in order to provide for his three children.


Morray Net Worth
Morray Net Worth

Morray Net Worth

Undoubtedly, Morray’s quick ascent to fame and prosperity has increased his net worth.

Although precise numbers are rarely disclosed to the public, it is approximated that Morray has a net worth of $3 million.

His net worth is anticipated to soar as long as his work continues to prosper.


Morray Career

Following the release of his debut music video, “Quicksand,” in March 2020, media manager Moe Shalizi became aware of Morray. He started a record label named Pick Six Records and took on the role of manager for Morray. “In Da Trap” and “Snitch On Ya Man’s” were two more songs that Morray and Mo Chedda collaborated on in 2020. “Quicksand” was re-released by Morray and Shalizi as a single on October 30. It went on to rank on the Billboard Hot 100. Rappers J. Cole and DaBaby, who are also from North Carolina, co-signed him after the hit.

Millions of people listened to the song, and Billboard’s Emerging Artists Spotlight included him. “I want to be that light in the ghetto, I want to be the person that makes you smile and shows you the hood ain’t all bad,” he stated in a Billboard interview. I am grateful for my past and am aware that memories of the ghetto can be both good and bad.” 2020 saw the release of three additional songs from him: “Dreamland,” “Low Key,” and “Switched Up.”

Morray Career
Morray Career

Morray’s singles “Big Decisions” and “Kingdom” were released in 2021. Morray revealed on April 16 that, as part of a joint venture with Pick Six, he had signed to Interscope Records. In April, he released the track “Trenches” in advance of his first project. On April 28, 2021, his mixtape Street Sermons was made available. The mixtape made its debut at number 41 on the US Billboard 200.13] On May 14, Morray had a cameo on the song “My Life” alongside 21 Savage from J. Cole’s album The Off-Season.

The song became his best-performing and highest charting hit when it debuted at number two on the Hot 100. He was included in the 2021 XXL Freshman Class as well in 2021. It was revealed on June 22 that he would be opening for J. Cole and 21 Savage on their co-headlining The Off-Season Tour. Morray and Polo G released a remix of their song “Trenches” on July 30.

Morray Artistry
Morray Artistry

Morray Artistry

Drake’s fluency in both singing and rapping served as an influence to Morray, who grew up listening to music by singers such as Usher. His sound has been compared to that of CeeLo Green and characterized as fusing “the bounce of Outkast with the soulfulness of Big K.R.I.T.”

Morray Personal Life

Morray’s commitment to his family has characterized his private life. He worked as a construction worker and part-time musician while raising a child.

Morray has been outspoken about his affection for his children, whom he tries to support through his music, but he has kept his romantic relationship past private.

His ambition to excel in the industry is motivated by his love and devotion to his family.

Morray Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @morrayda1
  • Twitter handle: @morrayda1

Morray Discography

  • Street Sermons
  • Quicksand
  • Big Decisions
  • Kingdom

morray – kingdom (official music video)

Who Is Morray

Singer/rapper Morray had breakthrough popularity in 2020 with his catchy track “Quicksand,” showcasing his soulful vocals and captivating blend of trap, R&B, and Southern hip-hop. The North Carolina native’s lyrics about tenacity and inner strength are a reflection of his own story; at one of his lowest moments and on the verge of giving up, he was discovered by media mogul Moe Shalizi by happenstance, which swiftly brought him national attention and co-signs from J. Cole, Rick Ross, and DaBaby. By 2021, Morray had become a highly anticipated artist, and his debut mixtape, Street Sermons, was receiving a lot of attention.

Morae Ruffin grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, listening to gospel and R&B records until she eventually started to get into East Coast rap. He was influenced by Drake’s effortless transition from rapping to singing when he first heard his music, and he wanted to emulate this skill in his own work. Throughout his teenage years, Morray was in and out of trouble; later, his mishandled adolescence spent working as a hustler and going to jail served as inspiration for his songs in his twenties. While raising a family and working construction jobs, he recorded and rapped on the side, honing his distinct style but not having much success in the music business.

He lost his work at a Fayetteville contact center in the middle of 2020, when it seemed like his music career was going nowhere. He was at a terrible period in his life, struggling to maintain three kids and contemplating giving up music altogether, when Moe Shalizi, whose Shalizi Group managed a lot of EDM musicians, gave him a call out of the blue that completely turned his life around. After watching the music video for “Quicksand,” a gritty autobiographical song with a catchy melody, Morray signed him, and by the end of the year, he had helped make the song a viral smash.

The soulful “Quicksand” and other Morray hits, like “Switched Up” and “Big Decisions,” caught the attention of fans and peers. J. Cole, a hometown hero in Fayetteville, endorsed the artist, and the press positively compared him to performers like Rod Wave and Roddy Ricch. The rapper’s debut mixtape, Street Sermons, a featureless release that expanded on his street-level balladry, came before co-signs from Rick Ross and DaBaby. The solo track “Still Here,” which featured Morray and East Coast rapper Cordae, was released in 2022. Subsequent hits were “Broken Vows,” “Letter to Myself,” and “Da Rant.”

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