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Kathryn Dennis Biography

American reality TV star Kathryn Dennis gained notoriety after appearing on the reality competition “Southern Charm.” The famous person from Charleston comes from a long line of powerful politicians who were the owners of “Lewisfield Plantation.” Kathryn’s appearance on “Southern Charm” had an effect on both her personal and professional lives. On the program, she made the acquaintance of and eventually started dating the politician and businessman Thomas Ravenel. Not only did the couple’s relationship end badly, but they also were entangled in a bitter custody dispute over their two children. Kathryn and her ex-boyfriend’s protracted argument usually makes news.

Thomas and Kathryn have both received sentences for various offenses, raising concerns about their parenting skills. Following their sentencing, there has been an additional delay in the custody decision. Following her success on reality television, Kathryn launched a number of businesses, one of which was a brand of children’s furniture.


Quick Facts

Age: 30 Years30 Year Old Females


Father: Luke Dennis


Mother: Allison Dennis

Children: Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel

U.S. State: South Carolina

City: Charleston, South Carolina

Childhood & Early Life

Luke Dennis and his wife Allison Dennis welcomed Kathryn Calhoun Dennis into the world on August 5, 1992. In Berkeley County, South Carolina, she was raised. She graduated from the ‘Berkeley High School’ in 2009 while enrolled there. At the “University of South Carolina,” she later studied journalism, fashion, and visual communication. Kathryn participated in a number of volunteer endeavors at the university, such as the “Andre Bauer For Governor Campaign” and the “Red Ribbon Week Campaign.”

She also contributed to the political campaigns of Joe Wilson. Kathryn also held positions as the University of South Carolina College Republicans’ creative director and chairwoman for recruitment. She participated in the 2011 fundraising effort for the ‘Race for the Cure’ foundation. She modeled for a charity event named “Couture for a Cure” a year later. She later went on to act as a model for a number of well-known companies and magazines, including “Azalea.”


When Kathryn Dennis was a senior in high school, she worked as a receptionist for the first time. She began her career as a front desk agent at the “Old Santee Canal Park” before moving on to the “Fitness World.” Before working as an intern in the Lieutenant Governor’s office, she later worked as a page in the South Carolina Senate. Kathryn joined the cast of “Southern Charm,” a Bravo reality series that follows the lives of seven socialites in South Carolina, in 2014. 2018 saw the end of her 70-episode tenure on the program. Kathryn appeared on the pop culture-focused late-night chat show “Watch What Happens: Live” in the interim. She also appeared as a guest on “Celebrity Page,” a syndicated program on entertainment news.

Kathryn has recently started a number of businesses, most of them are in the fashion and lifestyle industries. She also introduced the “Kensie + Saint” brand of children’s furniture. Kathryn represents the Gwynn’s department store brand in Charleston. The reality star is eager to join the “Gwynn’s Studio” as a partner in creativity. She also works on updating vintage items with contemporary design.

Family & Personal Life

Thomas Ravenel, a politician and former state treasurer, and Kathryn Dennis occasionally dated. They originally met while working together on the reality series “Southern Charm.” Despite the fact that Thomas is thirty years Kathryn’s senior, the two seemed to like one another and eventually fell in love. Together, they have two children: St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, who was born in 2016, and Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, who was born in 2014. Their marriage started to falter in 2014, but they were able to patch things up after Kensington was born.

In May 2016, the two’s issue erupted once more, and they have been engaged in a court dispute ever since. Due to her drug abuse, Kathryn lost custody of her kids and was prohibited from seeing them too frequently. She was discovered to be using cocaine, amphetamine, and marijuana. She was in rehab for a while. But soon after, she was accused of disorderly conduct and underage drinking, and she received a jail sentence in Berkeley. Thomas was given temporary custody of their children at that time for a period of around two years.

Kathryn, however, would not give up on getting custody of her kids, and she once more appealed to the judge. She charged Thomas with using drugs. She then received permission to share in the care of her kids. Sadly, the agreement did not make their relationship more peaceful. Kathryn talked to JD Madison and Elizabeth, the godparents of her children, on the reality show about her problems. Thomas, on the other hand, used his Instagram posts to express his dissatisfaction. In a July 2018 piece published on ‘The RadarOnline,’ it was stated that Thomas and Kathryn’s issues began when their child’s babysitter accused him of attacking her in a sexual manner in 2015.

According to reports, Thomas gave the babysitter money to drop the lawsuit. His child custody case is currently on hold, and the Charleston Police Department is looking into him. The allegations of sexual assault against Thomas, according to a few insiders close to Kathryn, may make the custody dispute more favorable to Kathryn even if she hasn’t spoken on the matter.


Rembert Coney, the grandfather of Kathryn Dennis Dennis held a prominent position in politics. The senator spent over 50 years in the South Carolina legislature.

John C. Calhoun, the seventh vice president of the United States, is one of Kathryn’s ancestors. He was very important to the “Great Triumvirate”

Who is Kathryn Dennis?

Kathryn Dennis was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on August 5, 1992. Her was born in the United States to Allison Calhoun and music composer Luke Dennis. She grew raised with her brother Luke Dennis Jr. and spent the majority of her youth with him. On August 7, 2019, her mother, who was 59, passed away after a protracted illness. She graduated from Berkeley High. She was regarded as brilliant and intelligent among her cohort (years 2005 to 2009). Kathryn attended the University of South Carolina after high school and graduated with a degree in journalism, visual communication, and fashion.

In order to gain experience, she participated in numerous internship programs both during and after her undergraduate study. Later, Kathryn offered her services as a volunteer for the Andre Baurer for Governor and Red Ribbon Week campaigns.

Somewhere in 2013, Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel exchanged vows. They had two kids together. Two children were born in 2014: St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, a son, and Kensington Calhoun, a daughter, both on March 24. Many years after Thomas and Kathryn’s divorce. In the middle of 2020, Kathryn began dating Chleb Ravenell.

The couple’s relationship, which appeared to be flawless at first, did not endure and ended in November 2021. Chleb asserted that Kathryn and him do not share any kind of relationship after they parted ways.

When Kathryn featured on the television show “Southern Charm” in 2013, she became well-known. She held the position of Front Desk Management at Old Santee Canal Park before joining the television show. American reality television program Southern Charm debuted on Bravo on March 3, 2014. The show follows six socialites who live in Charleston, South Carolina, as they navigate their personal and professional lives.

The program features local historical sites like Lewisfield Plantation and Mikell House and concentrates on Southern culture and local political history. The program offers viewers a behind-the-scenes peek into Charleston, South Carolina’s contemporary aristocracy. She is thought to be worth $800,000 in the US.

What is Kathryn Dennis’s age, height and weight?

Kathryn Dennis is 31 years old as of August 2022. She is 65 kg tall and 5 feet 10 inches wide.

What is Kathryn Dennis’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

American Kathryn Dennis is of British and French ancestry.

What is Kathryn Dennis’s profession?

She is a TV personality, writer, and model.

Are Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell together?

Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis are no longer dating. Chleb has declared that he and Kathryn have no romantic connection at all.

Did Kathryn Dennis get full custody?

Kathryn Dennis completely lost custody of her two children as a result of the judge’s decision. After being claimed to have drug problems, she has since returned to looking like herself.

Who is the wealthiest person on Southern Charm?

Patricia Altschul is thought to be worth $100 million in the United States. She consequently becomes the wealthiest person on Southern Charm.

How rich is the Ravenel family?

Six hundred million dollars worth of assets belong to the Ravenel family. A bridge in Charleston, South Carolina, is one of their possessions.

Does Kathryn Dennis have children?

Two children are shared by Kathryn Dennis and her ex-boyfriend. The first child is a son named St. Julien Rembert Ravenel and a daughter named Kensington Calhoun.

Who is Kathryn Dennis married too?

Kathryn Dennis has never been wed. She has stated publicly that she wanted to wed Chleb Ravenell, but with their recent breakup, that did not happen.

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