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Karl Jacobs Biography

American Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber Karl Thomas Jacobs (born July 19, 1998) was originally known as GamerBoyKarl. He became well-known as a cast member of Mr. Beast. Later on, he would create his own videos, mostly using content from Minecraft. Dark Horse Comics will publish an adaptation of Jacobs’ anthology series Tales from the SMP set in the Dream SMP as a comic book series. Together with other YouTubers Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound, he co-hosts the Banter podcast.

Name Karl Jacobs
Born July 19, 1998
Gender Male
Birth Sign Cancer
Profession Twitch streamer, YouTuber
Height 6’1″ (185 cm)
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Country United States
Nationality American
Years Active 2017–present (streaming), 2020–present (YouTube)
Famous for Being a member of MrBeast’s on-screen cast
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Discord
Other Platforms YouTube, Twitch
Net Worth $1 million (estimated)
Interests Minecraft, gaming
Residence United States (specific location not mentioned)

Karl Jacobs Early Life & Education

The American YouTuber and Twitch streamer Karl Jacobs is originally from North Carolina. He was born on July 19, 1998, and his ancestry is German and English.


For convenience, even if not much is known about his parents’ identity in the public domain, they can be called Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs.

The other members of Karl Jacobs’ family dynamic are his sister, Sean Jacobs, and brother, Corry Jacobs. Karl was a 2016 graduate of Fort Dorchester High School who worked hard to further his studies before starting his prosperous career in the digital industry. He then enrolled at Portland Community College, where he spent two years studying multimedia.

Karl Jacobs body measurements

The attractive man has a trim, well-kept physique, though it’s unclear how big his biceps or chest are. He stands 1.79 meters (5 feet 11 inches) tall, and his weight is unknown. She has light brown hair and stunning gray eyes.


Karl Jacobs Career

In 2017, Jacobs started playing Roblox on Twitch under the username GamerBoyKarl. He was brought on as a video editor for YouTuber MrBro in 2019. After then, Jacobs worked as a cameraman for YouTuber MrBeast, the brother of MrBro, before joining MrBeast’s cast. Jacobs met Minecraft YouTuber Dream while filming a video for MrBeast Gaming, and Dream subsequently offered Jacobs to join his server, the Dream SMP.

Jacobs produced the online anthology series Tales from the SMP . The series follows Jacobs’ time-traveling persona as it travels to different dates and locations around the server, exploring the tale of characters in the Dream SMP. Online celebrities like Dream, Corpse Husband, and Lil Nas X have appeared in the series. “The Maze,” the pilot for season two, debuted on February 11, 2022. Jacobs said in August 2022 that Tales from the SMP stories would be turned into a Time Traveler Tales comic book series for Dark Horse Comics. Dave Scheidt will pen the comic books, while Kelly and Nichole Matthews will draw the illustrations.

In September 2021, Jacobs and fellow Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap launched the Banter podcast. After the debut episode with MrBeast debuted, Banter momentarily surpassed The Joe Rogan Experience as the most popular podcast on Spotify. GeorgeNotFound made his official podcast debut as the third host on August 6, 2022.

Journeys, a shoe store, announced in March 2022 that Jacobs would serve as their creative ambassador. Jacobs provided the voices for multiple characters in the Steam game Once Upon a Jester, which was released on November 9. Beside Myself, Jacobs’s debut animated short, was published on November 14, 2022. Richie Woods composed the soundtrack for the short, Elenor Kopka directed and animated it, and Jacobs wrote and produced it.

Karl Jacobs personal life and girlfriend

In relation to his personal life, he appears to be too private to talk about it on the internet. Speaking about his romantic life, he may be single at the moment and is content with his solitude while he pursues new goals. Moreover, he has not disclosed any details regarding his previous romantic involvement or dating background. He has also previously acknowledged that he is asexual. Being well-known in the media, he may have previously been embroiled in some controversies or speculations. Luckily, though, very little information about them makes the rounds in the press.

Karl Jacobs Net Worth

He undoubtedly keeps a healthy profit from his work in social media and goods sales. But his work in video games and on YouTube provides the majority of his money. In addition, his projected net worth exceeds $1 million.

On Tik Tok, he has amassed almost 9 million followers and 96.4 million likes. He has a verified account on Instagram. Having 3.7 million followers, @karljacobs. Two of his Twitter accounts are verified. Both @honkkarl and @karljacobs_ have more than 2.3 million fans.

Karl Jacobs Awards & Nominations

  • 11th Streamy Awards (2021) for Breakout Creator
  • The Game Awards 2022 (2022) for Content Creator of the Year

Karl Jacobs Social Media

  • YouTube channel: Karl
  • Instagram handle: Karl Jacobs (@karljacobs)
  • Facebook: Karl Jacobs
  • Tiktok handle: Karl (@karljacobs)
  • Twitch handle: karljacobs

Does Karl Jacobs have a child?

With an enormous following base of 3.6 million YouTube subscribers on his primary channel, nearly four million Instagram followers, and more on other platforms, Jacobs has acquired enviable popularity. He discusses his life as a creative streamer with his friends and family. Jacobs does not have children and has never been married.

Does Karl have a gf?

Jacobs is single for the time being and appears to be totally committed to growing his Twitch and YouTube following.

Is Karl Jacobs married to Sapnap?

Karl has proposed to Sapnap. The two are still a happy couple pursuing marriage, despite the fact that Karl has occasionally questioned their relationship because to Sapnap’s behavior. Since then, Quackity has become a part of their relationship. Additionally, they are very protective of one another.

How is Karl Jacobs related to MrBeast?

The primary reason Karl Jacobs is well-known is his strong relationship with Jimmy Donaldson, the creator of the MrBeast YouTube channel. In addition to being a member of the MrBeast crew, Jacobs produces content on his own channels.

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