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Jack Harries Biography

Jack Harries is a London-based documentary filmmaker, producer, campaigner, and ambassador. At the age of 18, Jack was able to grow his YouTube channel to over 3 million subscribers through the production of films on climate change-related topics. He was an actor who appeared in the E4 series School of Comedy, as well as another title.

Jack Harries Early Life & Education

On May 13, 1993, Jack Harries was born in the center of London. Together with his twin, Finn Harries, they make a dynamic duo and started their online journey in 2011 by establishing the JacksGap YouTube channel. To avoid being eclipsed, Jack also has a sister who is well-known in the acting community. Her name is Emmy Lou Harries.


Jack Harries’ early years were affected by the energy of London, and King’s College School served as the setting for his academic endeavors. The world of politics beckoned to him with A Levels in English, theater, and history under his belt, but a gap year’s siren song changed his course. During this break, Australia served as his canvas, where movies and pictures captured his experiences. This brief period ignited his interest in visual storytelling and laid the groundwork for his future.

Beyond YouTube, Jack Harries’ creative tapestry included advertisements, short films, and documentaries. His commitment to environmental advocacy resulted in collaborations with groups like Greenpeace, raising awareness of climate change. The recognition continued, culminating in the 2013 Radio 1 Teen Awards’ YouTube Star of the Year honor.

Beyond screens, the Harries duo traveled to Nepal and Uganda in collaboration with UNICEF to clarify educational options for the underprivileged. Their legacy reverberates, serving as a reminder of how digital spaces have the power to create positive change for coming generations.

Jack Harries Career

Along with his twin brother Finn Harries, British filmmaker, environmentalist, and social media influencer Jack Harries became well-known. Their YouTube channel JacksGap debuted in 2011 and featured popular travelogues, vlogs, and unique storylines.

The Harries brothers’ joint efforts at Jack’s Gap blossomed, creating captivating content with wide appeal. They had a wide range of topics, from international travel to societal issues to personal experiences, which helped them get millions of viewers and become a YouTube success.

Jack Harries ventured outside of the computer world to work in indie film. He co-directed and produced a number of short films and documentaries that dealt with social change, sustainability, and environmental issues. One outstanding initiative, The Rickshaw Run, tracked Jack Harries and companions as they traveled through India in rickshaws for charity.

Jack Harries was dedicated to raising awareness of climate change and being an environmental activist. He traveled the world in collaboration with groups like Greenpeace to document ecological problems and solutions. Through his movies and online persona, he seeks to promote good deeds and a sustainable future.

Jack Harries The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Harries had no idea that watching YouTube videos to relieve pre-exam tension would one day pave the route for his professional success. Without any high hopes, Jack, an inquisitive media student at the time, took to “YouTube” to share his travel tales and his thoughts on how to improve the world. Jack suddenly discovered himself surrounded by admiration and acceptance after videos that were supposed to be shared with his friends and family reached thousands of people worldwide.

Since 2011, 3.71 million people have subscribed to Jack’s “YouTube” channel, “JacksGap,” which has been teaching young people about various weather conditions and the lives of the underprivileged in many regions of the world. In addition to running a YouTube channel, Jack also maintains a blog where readers may engage in forums and debates while learning more about the causes they want to support.

Along with his travel companion, fellow humanitarian, and twin brother Finn, he is seen visiting numerous countries throughout the world, including India, Istanbul, and Tokyo. You’ll be in wonder after hearing about their travels, and that’s an understatement!

What Makes Jack Harries So Special

A few of this 23-year-old’s unique traits are his never-ending efforts to change the world and inspire young people beyond measure. His “Twitter” and “Instagram” are bursting with the images of the individuals he met while traveling, highlighting their misery and struggle. By doing this, he has inspired his expanding fan base to take some time out of their hectic schedules to help the less fortunate in some little but profound ways.

Jack Harries Beyond Fame

Jack, who is now well-known for his heroic excursions, was once chosen to play a 13-year-old in the television film “Perfect Parents.”

Jack Harries Behind The Curtains

Rebecca and Andy Harries welcomed Jack into the world on May 13, 1993 in London, England. He has a sister named Emily Lou and a twin brother named Finn. At the prestigious “University of Leeds,” where he studied graphic design, he is currently employed as the chief filmmaker for his travel blogs and YouTube channel.

In addition to supporting other causes, vegan Jack Harries also raises awareness for animal rescue. Without a doubt, Jack deserves appreciation for his dedication to these charitable initiatives!

Jack Harries Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Jack Harries (@jackharries)
  • Twitter handle: Jackson Harries (@JackHarries)
  • Tiktok handle: Jack Harries
  • Youtube handle: FinnHarriesGap

Jack Harries Personal Life

In 2014, Jack Harries had romantic connections with Ella Grace Denton and Periwinkle Blue. He is at the moment dating Alice Aedy. He does not have a spouse.

Jack Harries’ creative endeavors are built on collaboration, and he frequently teams up with his twin, Finn Harries, to build a sizable fan base. He passionately promotes environmental causes, speaking up on matters of sustainability and climate change.

Jack Harries’ collaborations with well-known groups like Greenpeace and WWF have produced articles highlighting environmental problems and potential solutions.

Jack Harries Net Worth

The total net worth of Jack Harries is thought to be over $1 million. The majority of this comes from his prolific career as a YouTube and Tiktok-famous video creator.

His earnings have increased as a result of his involvement on numerous commercial campaigns and sponsored material. Jack Harries is still grounded and committed to producing material that connects with his audience and has a positive impact on the world despite his success.

Jack Harries Trivia

He was raised in Chiswick, London, and studied A-Levels, media, photography, and art history at The Harrodian School from the age of eight to eighteen.

He is the son of Rebecca Frayn, a writer and filmmaker, and Andy Harries, a producer of television and motion pictures. Michael Frayn, a dramatist and author, is his maternal grandpa.

has a sister named Emma Lou and a brother named Finn who are identical twins.

Living and vlogging in London, England.

Where is Jack Harries from?

The directors and producers of cinema and television, Andy Harries, and Rebecca Frayn are the parents of Jackson and Finnegan Harries. The writer and novelist Michael Frayn, who is currently wed to the biographer Claire Tomalin, is their maternal grandpa. They studied at Barnes’ The Harrodian School in southwest London.

How did Jack Harries get famous?

The brothers, who were then 21 years old, became famous almost overnight thanks to YouTube after Jack, using the handle “JacksGap,” posted videos chronicling his gap year, which is the British term for taking a year out before college to travel.


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