Akinyanju Omobolarinde Biography, Age, Early Life, Background, Husband, Relationship with Portable,Date of Birth, Career, Personal Life, Net worth


Akinyanju Omobolarinde Biography

Ashabi, a stage name for Akinyanju Omobolarinde, is a Nigerian actress, continuity manager, screenwriter, producer, musician, and dancer. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on June 12, 1994. She is well-known for her work in the movies Itedara (2022), Love Trap (2022), and Marriage Trap (2020).

On June 12, 1994, Akinyanju Omobolarinde was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a Nigerian actress who also performs as a dancer, musician, continuity manager, and producer.

Akinyanju Omobolarinde Age

Omobolarinde will turn 29 in June 2023.

Akinyanju Omobolarinde Early Life and Background

Nigeria is where Akinyanju Omobolarinde was born and reared. However, detailed information regarding her early life, such as her birth date and location, is not yet available. Despite the scant information, she was driven to seek a career in the entertainment industry by her love of performing.

Akinyanju Omobolarinde Acting Career

With her talent and commitment, Omobolarinde began her journey into the world of acting. She has developed her abilities and demonstrated her adaptability as an actress throughout time. Omobolarinde has a sizable fan base and is in high demand as an actor in the Nigerian entertainment industry due to her ability to accurately play a variety of personalities.


Audiences have been enthralled by her on-screen performances, and she has won recognition for her talent at giving her roles nuance and realism. Omobolarinde’s success as an actor is a result of her skill, as well as her tenacity and diligence.

Akinyanju Omobolarinde Husband

Portable, a singer from Nigeria, is Omobolarinde’s husband. On June 6, 2023, the couple gave birth to their first child together.

Akinyanju Omobolarinde Net worth

The range of $1,000 to $5,000 is considered to represent Omobolarinde’s net worth.

Akinyanju Omobolarinde Relationship with Portable

Akinyanju Omobolarinde got notoriety as the newest wife of Portable, a well-known Nigerian singer, in addition to her flourishing acting career. Saheed Osupa, commonly known as Portable, is lauded for his contributions to Nigerian music, particularly in the Fuji style.

Omobolarinde and Portable’s relationship information, including their wedding date and how they met, is secret. Fans of Portable’s music have shown interest in and curiosity about their union, nevertheless.

Akinyanju Omobolarinde Personal Life

While Akinyanju Omobolarinde maintains a high level of privacy in her personal life, her commitment to acting is clear. She keeps pursuing her love of performing and enthralls audiences with her performances.


Akinyanju Omobolarinde has become more well-known in the Nigerian entertainment sector as a result of her success as an actress and her marriage to Portable. Her brilliance has advanced her career, along with her passion to her art and dedication. Audiences eagerly anticipate her upcoming performances as she makes her mark in the performing world.

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