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Danna Paola Biography

Danna Paola Rivera Mungua is a Mexican singer, model, and actress who was born on June 23, 1995. She rose to fame as a young singer and actress who appeared in a large number of television productions during her early youth and adolescence.

Nickname Danna, DP
Gender Female
Age 28 years old (in 2023)
Date of Birth June 23, 1995
Full Name Danna Paola Rivera Munguía
Profession Singer, Model, Actress, Fashion Designer
Nationality Mexican
Birthplace Mexico City, Mexico
Religion Catholic
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Danna Paola Early life

In Mexico City, Danna Paola was born and nurtured. She is the child of Juan José Rivera Arellano, a former singer with Grupo Ciclón and Los Caminantes, and Patricia Mungua. During her childhood, her parents got divorced. Vania Rivera Mungua, her elder sister, is also a woman.

Danna Paola Acting career

1999–2003: Early career

Danna Paola’s acting career began in 1999 when, at the age of 4, she and her sister went to a casting call for Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican adaptation of Sesame Street, held by Televisa in Mexico City. They were subsequently hired for the program and showed up in multiple episodes.

2004–2012: Breakout success

She was chosen as the star of the popular children’s series Amy, the Blue Mochila Girl, in 2004. Océano, her second studio album, came next. In Pablo y Andrea, the television adaptation of the classic book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which debuted a year later, she played the female lead. She obtained roles in numerous Televisa television series throughout the ensuing years.

She was chosen to play “Patito” in the 2009 Mexican adaptation of the well-known Argentine children’s telenovela Patito Feo, Atrévete a Soar. The show was produced for two seasons by Danna Paola, and it was finished in late 2009. Paola made the switch from teen telenovelas to children’s telenovelas with Atrévete a Soar. In order to promote the telenovela, Paola and the cast went on two soundtrack tours around Mexico. The telenovela’s music and overall economic success extended throughout Latin America and Mexico. Mexico awarded the soundtrack a double platinum certification.

She contributed to the music for the Disney movie Tangled’s Spanish-language Latin American dub in late 2010 and provided the voice of Rapunzel.

2013–2015: Wicked and other projects

Danna Paola attended an audition for the first Mexican staging of the Broadway musical Wicked in May 2013. She sang “Popular” and “Defying Gravity” during her Glinda and Elphaba auditions. Danna Paola was cast as Elphaba in the Mexican production’s final cast announcement made later in the same month. The performance debuted at Teatro Telcel in Mexico City on October 17, 2013, and it ended on January 18, 2015. She received accolades for her performance from Mexican critics and Stephen Schwartz, the play’s original composer.

The play was popular with audiences in Mexico City and was well reviewed by critics. One of the most popular theatrical productions in Mexican history, Wicked had over 100,000 ticket sales and more than 100 performances in its first 10 weeks, shattering a box office record. The youngest performer of Elphaba in a professional theater production was 18-year-old Danna Paola.

Danna Paola was cast in the 2014 adaptation of the 1992 film The Bodyguard, Saving Sara Cruz, in January. The movie was never put into production, and the plan was later shelved.

Danna made her debut as a fashion designer in March 2014, working with the well-known Mexican clothing company Sexy Jeans. Products from her “Danna Paola, by Sexy Jeans” label sold out all throughout Mexico, proving its commercial success.

Danna contributed a cover of “Take A Chance On Me” to the ABBA tribute album Dancing Queens in August 2014. On September 2, 2014, “Take A Chance On Me” was made available as a single and debuted at the top on iTunes Mexico.

She gave a sold-out performance of “No hay bien,” the Spanish translation of “No Good Deed,” on October 29, 2014, at the Auditorio Nacional for the Lunas del Auditorio awards ceremony. Wicked was given a prize that evening in the “Broadway Show” category.

From 2013 to the beginning of 2015, Danna Paola participated in more than 300 productions of Wicked. Producer Alex Gou encouraged her to join the cast of the musical Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar after the completion of Wicked, where she played the title role of Maria and went on tour in Mexico.

She and Mexican singer Lalo Brito collaborated on the duet “Mientras Me Enamoras” in August 2015. Additionally, a music video was produced, and it debuted in September 2015 on Brito’s YouTube account. Paola relocated to Miami in the middle of 2015 to begin filming the serial drama Who Is Who? Her first telenovela role outside of Televisa was for the project. The show’s filming was finished in September 2015. On February 9th, 2016, the American version of Quién is quién debuted on Telemundo weeknights.


Paola filmed for the Mexican film “Como va!” in the beginning of 2016. On location in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Querétaro, the film Lo más sencillo es complicarlo todo (later titled Lo más sencillo es complicarlo todo) was shot. The film premiered on January 26, 2018, in Mexican theaters. She was officially announced as a cast member of Telemundo’s soap drama La Doa in the middle of April 2016. In Mexico, the telenovela was produced, and it debuted in November 2016. On May 1, 2017, Telemundo in the United States broadcast the finals.

Paola was chosen to star in José José: El Prncipe de la Canción, a Telemundo bio-series based on the life of Mexican musician José José. Paola appeared in four episodes of the show as the well-known Mexican singer-songwriter Lucero. Telemundo broadcast the miniseries’ debut on January 15, 2018. Paola has a role in the bio series based on the life of Mexican actress Silva Pinal that was set to start filming in late January 2018. In the end, she withdrew before the show could start filming and disclosed that she had been chosen for the Netflix original Spanish teen thriller television series Élite. Paola was compelled to relocate to Madrid for six months beginning in January 2018 due to the television show’s production.

In 2017, she was selected for the show after a protracted audition procedure. The 4K-filmed series had its international Netflix debut in October 2018; Paola went on to play the lead in all three of the series’ seasons. Paola was chosen to serve as a judge on the TV Azteca singing competition La Academia in 2019. She was hired in 2021 to serve as a mentor on the Spanish singing competition show Top Star. How much is your voice worth to Telecinco?

Paola made the decision to give up acting and concentrate on music after the conclusion of Élite’s third season.

Danna Paola Endorsements

Paola was announced as the new spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris’ “Casting Crème Gloss” hair color brand for the Latin American market in mid-January 2016. The Excellence and Preference lines of L’Oreal joined forces to create this collection. Paola colored her hair for the promotion and appeared in print and television commercials for the company.

Danna Paola Music career

Debut studio album as solo singer (2011–2013)

Her fourth solo studio album, which also served as her first as a “grown-up” solo recording artist, went into production in 2011. Her earlier albums included soundtracks for movies, children’s music, and telenovela songs. She acknowledged that she wanted to shed her reputation as a child actress and have her new record reflect her development as an artist. Paty Cant, a Mexican pop singer, wrote the song “Ruleta,” which was chosen as the album’s lead single. On March 14, 2012, Paola’s official VEVO channel hosted the debut of the music video. In July 2012, the song climbed to position 32 on the Top Mexican Airplay charts.

Upcoming second studio album (2016–present)

She disclosed in mid-February 2016 that “Baila hasta caer,” her forthcoming single, will be made available for radio play and digital download in March. When she was filming her soap “Quién es quién?”, the song was recorded in Miami.

She released the track “Dónde estabas t?” in November 2017 to coincide with the 2018 release of the movie Lo más sencillo es complicarlo todo. “Oye Pablo,” her most recent song, was released on August 29, 2019.

Danna Paola Family & Personal Life

When Danna Paola was very little, her parents split. Her mother was the one who first introduced her to the movie industry. For her careers in singing and acting, she received advice from her father and a distant maternal relative who worked in film, respectively.

Despite their claims that they are merely friends, she has been associated with bassist Alex Strecci. Eleazar Gómez (2009) and Eugenio Siller (2015), two of her on-screen co-stars, were the subject of her relationships.

There was a rumor that she was dating the actor Miguel Bernardeau in 2018. Alex Hoyer, a pop singer, is said to be her rumored boyfriend.

Vania Paola, her older sister, has amassed more than 50,000 followers on Instagram. She advertises companies like Pandora and Nochiola via her account.

Danna Paola Trivia

At the Chinese Theater at Six Flags Mexico, Danna Paola and Brian Amadeus co-hosted the 2011 Nickelodean Mexico Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony.

In her early years, she picked up the piano and the guitar.

How many houses and cars does Danna Paola have?

Although Danna is currently doing well for herself, it is unknown how many homes and vehicles she currently owns.

How much does Danna Paola make per year?

Every year, Paola earns $1.8 million.

What investments does Danna Paola have?

Since she decided to keep her investments from the media, she hasn’t mentioned anything about them as of yet.

How many Endorsement deals does Danna Paola have?

Although Danna is now doing well, little is known about the endorsement contracts she has signed.

How many Philanthropy works has Danna Paola supported?

It is unknown how many charitable endeavors she has funded as of yet.

How many businesses does Danna Paola own?

Although the number of enterprises Danna currently owns is unknown, she is currently doing well.

Why is Danna Paola so famous?

Danna Paola is a Mexican actress, singer, and model who was born on June 23, 1995. She is best known for playing the character Lu in the Netflix original series Elite.


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