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Chef Adeola Deo Adeyeye Biography

She rose to fame by making an effort to surpass Hilda Baci and Chef Dammy’s cook-off.

As part of the 150-hour Cook-a-Thon, she attempts to surpass Hilda Baci, a fellow Nigerian chef who just received the record for the longest period of time spent cooking.


Name: Adeola Adeyeye Blessing
Age: 30s Years
Nickname: Chef Deo
Date of Birth: 1990s
Hometown: Ile-Oluji, Okeigbo, Ondo State
Net Worth: $1,000 to $2,000

Chef Adeola Adeyeye Deo Early Life and Education

Chef Deo’s place of origin? In the middle of the 1990s, chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye was born in Ile-Oluji, Okeigbo, Ondo, Nigeria. She’s had a burning passion to cook her entire life. She was raised in Nigeria, where she was first introduced to the vibrant and varied flavors of Nigerian cuisine.

Growing up in a food-loving household, Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye’s parents recognized her talent and encouraged and supported her culinary interests. This gave Adeola the opportunity to carry on with her culinary exploration and learning adventure, which stoked her interest for cooking even more.

Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye is a highly accomplished person who graduated from the ESAE University in the Benin Republic with honors. Her educational background and accomplishments are proof of her commitment and diligence.

Chef Adeola Adeyeye Deo Career

Her culinary trip with Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye was an engrossing and illuminating voyage of investigation and discovery. She set out on a world tour to become fully immersed in the many culinary traditions of various nations since she had an insatiable desire to learn and a strong passion for eating.

Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye seized every chance to delight her taste buds and broaden her pallet, from exotic street food booths in bustling Asian markets to prominent Michelin-starred European restaurants. She developed a deeper passion for the complex flavors, unusual ingredients, and fascinating backstories of each dish with every new experience. She dove fully into the art of cooking, fusing methods and ingredients from numerous cultures to produce inventive dishes on the rich tapestry of international cuisines.

Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye is driven to excel in the culinary industry and hopes to surpass the extraordinary accomplishments of illustrious cooks Chef Dammy and Hilda Baci. Due to their exceptional culinary abilities, these two gifted people currently possess the coveted Guinness World Record. Adeola, who isn’t afraid of a challenge, has her sights set on surpassing their successes. She is driven to leave her mark and win the coveted title of Guinness World Record holder for herself with her enthusiasm, devotion, and culinary skills.

Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye is driven by an unrelenting enthusiasm and an unquenchable thirst for achievement, and he is determined to make an everlasting impression in the fiercely competitive culinary industry. She hopes to win the coveted title and get recognition for her outstanding talent around the world thanks to her superb culinary abilities and unrelenting quest of excellence.

Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye began her 150-hour cook-a-thon on June 30, 2023, with the goal of breaking Hilda Baci’s previous record and achieving an incredible new record for the longest cooking marathon ever completed by an individual. Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye’s enormous enthusiasm and dedication to her craft are evident in this amazing display of endurance and culinary tenacity.

Chef Adeola Adeyeye Deo Personal Life

Private person Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye upholds a strong policy of disclosing all parts of her private life while keeping information about her relationships absolutely private. She is able to manage the information she shares with others using this strategy, which also makes sure that all of her relationships firmly fall within her jurisdiction.

Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye is single and hasn’t publicly flaunted anything about her relationship.

Chef Adeola Adeyeye Deo Instagram

Chef Dammy Pas is @deocookathon on Twitter and Instagram.

Chef Adeola Adeyeye Deo Net Worth

Talented and driven Nigerian chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye is swiftly garnering fame on a global scale.

The estimated range of Chef Adeola “Deo” Adeyeye’s net worth is $1,000 to $2,000. This is due to her remarkable abilities and devotion to her profession.



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