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Bhadboi Oml Biography

Nigerian artist Bhadboi Oml is a rising star from Lagos. He sounds amazing, and the tune is really catchy. Some of his tunes are so beautiful to listen to that they instantly made you feel wonderful.

Bhadboi Oml Age

Bhadboi Oml Age
Bhadboi Oml Age

Although Bhadboi Oml’s birthdate is unknown, we are sincerely trying to research his nuances online. Additionally, we promise to update this post as soon as we discover his subtle online personas.

Bhadboi Oml on Wikipedia

Though Bhadboi Oml isn’t well-known enough to be included on Wikipedia just yet, his growing impact in the music business raises the possibility that this could change in the future.


Bhadboi Oml Net Worth

Bhadboi Oml Net Worth
Bhadboi Oml Net Worth

I calculated Bhadboi Oml’s net worth; the guy is a millionaire, and he made all of this money from music, but he might have other sources of income. Work hard, but music is the most important thing.

Bhadboi Oml Early Life and Education

Bhadboi Oml Early Life and Education
Bhadboi Oml Early Life and Education

The internet is devoid of information regarding Bhadboi Oml’s early life and education, but we will update this page if we come across any.

Bhadboi Oml On TikTok


SHKRAN LAK👿 @bhadboi_oml #bhadboi_oml #bhadboioml #bhadboioml🎧🖤 #bhadboiomlmemories #bhadboiomlgoodness #yanyangonehard #music #himselflyrics

♬ original sound – HimselfLyrics🎙️

Download Bhadboi Oml Songs

Bhadboi Oml’s music is available for download from a variety of music streaming sites for fans to enjoy. His soulful tunes and captivating rhythms will captivate listeners and compel them to hear more of his unique voice.


Nigerian singer-songwriter Bhadboi Oml is a rising artist from Lagos who keeps the music industry positive. While not much is currently known about his upbringing and schooling, his catchy songs have already started to gain popularity. It is obvious that as long as Bhadboi Oml shares his musical abilities with the world, his star will continue to rise. Await his upcoming releases and prepare to be enthralled with his captivating melodies and motivational aura.

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