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Alexie Brooks Biography

Born in 2001 to a Filipino overseas worker (OFW), Brooks was raised under the supervision of her grandmother Lola Basing.

Brooks is well-known for her sporting accomplishments in her hometown of Leon, Iloilo.

She competes in the Southeast Asian Games in the heptathlon and is a member of the National University sports squad.

( A new queen has ascended in the province of Iloilo. On January 13, 22-year-old Filipina-American Alexie Mae Brooks was named Miss Iloilo 2024 at the West Visayas State University Cultural Center.

With her amazing beauty and remarkable tale, she has captivated the public’s attention and earned numerous headlines.

Brooks’ past is very different from the sparkle and glamor she experienced before her coronation.

Before the competition, she spent her days helping her grandma sell vegetables at the local market, rather than preparing for the catwalk.

“I am beyond grateful for the unwavering love of my friends, family, and the people of Leon, Iloilo, as well as the support of my incredible team, mentors, and sponsors.”

As the first black, androgynous Ilonggo woman to represent Iloilo, I make childhood dreams come true,” Brooks stated on Instagram.

The Miss Iloilo pageant was Brooks’ first excursion into pageantry. Did we mention she also won the Best Swimsuit, Best Designers’ Fashion Show, and Best Cultural Costume awards?

Alexie Brooks Biography
                Alexie Brooks Biography

Five things to know about the recently crowned Miss Iloilo

Alexie Mae Brooks, the freshly crowned Miss Iloilo, is making waves online, and for good reason.

She is a crowd favorite because of her beauty, intelligence, charisma, and outstanding pageant performance.

Here are five things you should know about the next beauty queen, athlete, and model.

Alexie Brooks Biography
             Alexie Brooks Biography

1. Alexie is a National athlete

Alexie is a track and field athlete from the Philippines who has competed both nationally and internationally.

In 2022, she was crowned the UAAP’s most valuable player while representing National University. That same year, she took part in the Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam.

“I was just a little kid back then, dreaming of everything I am and have now, and God knows where I would be if I didn’t believe in myself. So here I am as proof that hard work, dedication, perseverance, determination, focus, and a competitive mindset can bring you to your goals,” she remarked before of the SEA Games.

Alexie also promotes her exercise regimens on Instagram, as well as content regarding her track and jump skills. Furthermore, her toned athlete physique is everyone’s fitness ambition.

Alexie Brooks Biography
              Alexie Brooks Biography

2. Alexie was reared by her grandmother

One of the reasons Alexie has gone viral is because of the poignant images she took with her grandmother on coronation night.

Alexie was born to a Filipina mother who was an overseas Filipino worker in Lebanon; she had never known her father. Alexie was reared by her Lola Basing, whom she kissed on the forehead when she won the Miss Iloilo title.

“Grateful beyond words for the support of my incredible team, mentors, sponsors, and the unwavering love from friends, family, and the people of Leon, Iloilo,” Alexie said on Instagram.

3. Alexie possesses an androgynous beauty

Alexie stands out because she is an androgynous beauty, which means she possesses both masculine and feminine qualities.

A simple glance through her Instagram page reveals that the model can pull off both high-fashion outfits and casual streetwear.

Meanwhile, some netizens claim that the Ilongga beauty queen resembles Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019.

Alexie Brooks Biography
             Alexie Brooks Biography

4. Alexie is a self-love campaigner

Growing up as a black lady in Leon, Iloilo, Alexie said that she was frequently bullied. In an Instagram post, she stated that people would comment on her natural curly hair, saying that it resembled a bird’s nest. She stated that she lost confidence, which harmed her self-esteem.

Alexie, on the other hand, realized that her features are what make her special and that she should not be embarrassed by them. She also urges women to appreciate themselves.

“So what I want women to know is that they should be proud of what they have and who they are, regardless of their physical looks or life experiences. For me, it’s always about giving others the power to influence. “Making them feel beautiful, confident, and empowered,” she explained.

Alexie Brooks Biography
              Alexie Brooks Biography

5. Alexie’s victory as Miss Iloilo is historic

Alexie’s victory as Miss Iloilo is iconic.

Aside from winning multiple honors, including Best Swimsuit, Best Cultural Costume, and Sponsorship honors, the Leon native is the first black and androgynous woman to represent Iloilo.

Alexei remarked of her victory, “I turn childhood dreams into reality.”

She continued, “The future contains boundless excitement, and I begin on it with profound gratitude. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Alexei will represent Iloilo in the country’s largest local contest, Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

The reigning queen, Michelle Dee, is set to crown her successor.

Alexie Brooks Biography
               Alexie Brooks Biography

Who is Alexie Brooks, the recently crowned Miss Iloilo?

Brooks was born in 2001 to an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and was raised by her grandmother, Lola Basing.

Brooks is well-known in her homeland, Leon, Iloilo, for her athletic accomplishments.

She is a member of the National University athletics squad and a Southeast Asian Games heptathlon veteran.

Her intellectual accomplishments are no less remarkable: She received scholarships to the University of Southern California and the University of Texas after graduating from Iloilo National High School.

But even as a child, Brooks aspired to be a beauty queen.

For so long, that fantasy seemed so far away from her reality. Brooks told ABS-CBN News that she was regularly tormented for her appearance growing up: “My life was not simple back in Leon. I’m often bullied because I’m black. I didn’t always have lunch when I went to school. I remember we didn’t have enough money to buy rice.”

Every Friday after school, Brooks would go to the market with her grandma to help sell veggies. Lola Basing was willing to give up this habit so that her apo might pursue her bigger goals.

“My grandmother is my life; she’s the motivation,” Brooks remarked. “Without her, I don’t think I’d be the Alexie I am today. Without her, I don’t think I’d have this dream… “Everything I do now and have done is for her.”

Brooks will be Iloilo City’s representative in Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

Alexie Brooks Biography
                 Alexie Brooks Biography

Alexie Brooks Social Media




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