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AdaKirikiri Biography

Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo, often known as Adakirikiri, was born into a family of talented folks.

She did not disappoint; as early as the age of eight, she had her own Facebook and Instagram pages.

At the time, she was dubbed ‘Adult Baby’ because she was intelligent enough to participate in talks that other adults avoided. She was smart in all aspects of her life.

With so many episodes of ‘Adult Baby’ completed, her family believed she was meant for something more, and the next step was to pursue a career in film.

She worked on several projects before starring in a series with Nollywood comedian Anokwute Longinus, also known as Chief Imo, as his daughter ‘Adakirikiri’.

‘Adakirikiri’ became her breakthrough name, and she was now recognized as such, along with several other Nollywood stars.

Moving away from the hilarity of ‘Adakirikiri’, she went on to make films such as The Good Doctor, Ziora, Identical Difference, A Piece of Me, Tales of Nmasi, and over a hundred others.

That moniker gave rise to Adakirikiri TV/Studios, a company and platform where her work can be viewed. She is also among the talents managed by Boldline Entertainment.

Aside from being a student and an actress, Uchechi is also a gospel singer with songs like ‘One With God’; ‘Obiliwo’, ‘Okeosisi’; and ‘Chukwu Onye Obioma’, among others to her name.

Uchechi is one of the biggest teen stars in Nigeria at the moment with lots of inquiries on her featuring in movies in other African countries and beyond.

She has been a huge inspiration to other children and teenagers as a number of them want to join the industry to replicate the success she has seen.

AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

Ada Kirikiri: Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name: Uche Okonkwo
Date of Birth: October 12, 2008
State of Origin: Imo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Actress, Gospel singer, Singer, Teen model
Parents: Mr Okonkwo (Father), Mrs blessing Okonkwo (Mother)
Siblings: N/A
Partner: N/A
Height: N/A
Net Worth: $70,000
AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

AdaKirikiri Net Worth

Ada Kirikiri is an excellent actress, dancer, young model, and musician. She has a net worth of about $70,000.

AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

AdaKirikiri Early Life

Ada Kirikiri was born October 12, 2008, in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. She is originally from Imo. She had a wonderful childhood after being born to Mr. Okonkwo and Mrs. Blessing Okonkwo.

Ada Kirikiri is currently enrolled in a private secondary school that has been disclosed.

AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

AdaKirikiri Career

Ada Kirikiri began her acting career at an early age and has appeared in several comedy and Nollywood films. She has worked on several productions, including Chief, Lolo Imo, Twins Killing, No Leave, No Transfer, and The Couple.

Uchechi is a well-known gospel musician who has published several inspirational songs, including Jesus and Okeosisi.

Her performances in a variety of films, including Chief and Lolo Imo, Twins Killing Forest, The Good Doctor (2021), Saving Rose (2021), Lingering Pain (2022), Ziora, April, Nnajulu, Couple Rivalry, Poverty Stench, and many others, have demonstrated her talent and flexibility.

She is well-known as a brilliant gospel performer, with a CD that includes a variety of appealing and dramatic songs that showcase her vocal abilities.

Some of the songs are Obiliwo, One with God, Beyond Me, Jesus, Shame Unto You, Omeyo Ya, Tasted of Your Power, Powerful Name, Ekele Juru Onum, and Oke Osisi.


AdaKirikiri Personal Life

Adakirikiri, a fifteen-year-old Nigerian artist, has captured the attention of audiences with her extraordinary skills. She may not be in a committed relationship, although information about her dating history is still unknown.

In addition, Adakirikiri is still single and doesn’t currently have a lover or kids. She puts a lot of time and effort into developing her acting and singing careers and wants to be the best at both.

AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

AdaKirikiri Parents and Siblings

Ada Kirikiri’s parents are Mr Okonkwo and Mrs Blessing Okonkwo, both of Igbo heritage. Her father is an Igbo businessman, and she has an aunt, Joyce Okonkwo. Her parents are her strongest supporters in achieving her dream.

AdaKirikiri has siblings, but no information is available about them at this time.

AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

AdaKirikiri Husband

AdaKiriri is a talented Nollywood kid actress and gospel musician. She is a lovely teenager who is not expected to have romantic relationships. She focuses on her studies, acting, and music careers.

AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

AdaKirikiri Movies

Over the years, the teen actress has been in a good variety of films, including the following ones:

  • Chief and Lolo Imo
  • The couple
  • Twins Killing Forest
  • The Good Doctor (2021)
  • Saving Rose (2021)
  • Lingering Pain (2022)
  • Ziora (2022)
  • April (2022)
  • Nnajulu (2022)
  • Couple Rivalry
  • Stench of Poverty, among others
AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

AdaKirikiri Musical Career

Even at her young age, Uchechi possesses a wealth of talent. In addition to her incredible acting abilities, she is a talented vocalist. Her ability to sing has amazed many. She performs gospel music, and some of the songs she has recorded are

  • Obiliwo
  • One with God
  • Beyond me
  • Jesus
  • Shame unto you
  • Omeyo ya
  • Tasted of your Power
  • Powerful Name
  • Ekele Juru Onum
  • Oke Osisi

AdaKirikiri Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Uchechi Treasure (Adakirikiri) (@uchetreasure_)
  • Facebook: Ada kirikiri
  • Tiktok handle: AdaKirikiri Tv (@adakirikiriofficial)
  • YouTube: AdaKirikiriTv

AdaKirikiri Instagram

AdaKirikiri TikTok


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♬ original sound – AdaKirikiri Tv

What is Adakirikiri’s real name?

Uchechi Treasure Okonkwo, often known as Adakirikiri, was born into a family of talented folks.

Who is Uche Okonkwo?

Actress and gospel singer Uche Okonkwo is from Nigeria.

Where is Uche Okonkwo from?

She hails from Imo State’s Owerri.

What is Uche Okonkwo’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Uche Okonkwo is $70,000.

Who is Adakirikiri’s manager?

He highlights Joyce Chidinma Okonkwo, the brand’s artist manager, noting that she has been behind Uchechi’s daily schedules and ensuring she is at the right spot at the right time.

AdaKirikiri Biography
AdaKirikiri Biography

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