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Tory Lanez Biography

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson, better known by his stage name Tory Lanez, was born in Canada on July 27, 1992. The mixtape Conflicts of My Soul: The 416 Story, which was released in August 2013, helped him gain his first notoriety. 2015 saw Tory Lanez join with Mad Love Records, a label run by music producer Benny Blanco.

The singles “Say It” and “Luv” from Lanez’s debut studio album, I Told You (2016), reached their highest points at number 23 and 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively. Memories Don’t Die and Love Me Now?, Lanez’s second and third studio albums, were both released in 2018. On the US Billboard 200, his fourth studio album Chixtape 5 (2019) peaked at number 2. In addition to four Juno Awards over the course of his career, Lanez received a Grammy Award nomination for his song “Luv” from 2016. Daystar, Lanez’s fifth studio album, debuted on the Billboard 200 at number 10 in 2020.

In the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Peterson was found guilty on three felony charges stemming from the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion in 2020 on December 23, 2022. He received a 10 year prison sentence on August 8, 2023.


Nickname Tory
Gender Male
Age 31 years old (in 2023)
Date of Birth July 27, 1992
Full Name Daystar Peterson
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer
Nationality Canadian
Birthplace Brampton, Canada
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Leo

Tory Lanez Background

A well-known rapper, songwriter, and music producer, Tory Lanez. His music is well-liked all around the world, and he is praised as a producer and a performer, respectively. He was born to his mother Luella and father Sonstar on July 27, 1992, in Brampton, Ontario. His mother is from Curacao, and his father is Bajan. They left Montreal, where they were based, and moved to Miami, Florida. Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson, began his career at a very young age. He constantly improved as a child his rapping skills. Unfortunately, his mother’s unidentified sickness caused her to perish away. They moved throughout the United States a lot after his father was ordained as a minister.

After his second marriage, they all relocated to Atlanta in Georgia. As a result of his thrill-seeking behavior, Hakeem, a janitor, gave Lanez the nickname Lanez when they first met.


Before finding himself living on the streets by himself, he lived with his cousin and grandmother. Between the ages of 15 and perhaps 18, he managed to live on his own. He freely acknowledges that his time of living on the streets helped him mold the person he is today. His initial name, Tory, was derived from a moniker he gave himself, Notorious, in honor of his hero, Notorious B.I.G. Tory Lanez was thus born.

At the age of 16, he started playing at outdoor concerts, and at the age of 17, he developed an interest in singing. The mixtape “Conflicts of My Soul: The 416 Story” helped him obtain notoriety. The mixtape was released in August 2013, and he signed with Mad Love Records in 2015. Interscope Records made it possible for this to happen. In 2016, he released his debut studio album, “I Told You,” which featured the hits “Say It” and “Luv,” which went on to be rated 23 and 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively.

In 2018, he simultaneously released “Memories Don’t Die” and “Love Me Now?” as his next two albums. 2019 saw the release of his fourth album, “Chixtape.” In 2020, he released his fifth album, “Daystar,” and it debuted at position 10 on the US Billboard 200. Lanez is also honored to have received numerous nominations and awards. He received a Grammy nomination for “Best R&B Song” and a Juno Award for “Rap Recording of the Year” in 2017. “Swavey” is how Lanez has characterized his genre.

This entails combining many things. As much as record labels strive to limit artists to a single genre, he claims that being able to perform in multiple musical genres is a sign of versatility and is not necessarily a bad thing. He refers to these creatives as “Swavey Artists”.

Tory Lanez Personal Life

Rapper Trina was Tory’s partner from 2014 until 2015.

Both on and off the theater, Tory has a reputation for acting peculiarly. He got into a fight with security at a Texas performance in March 2018. This infuriated him, so he told his followers to “fuck shit up.” Then, there was a disturbance started by his supporters. The result was that the organizers nearly sued Tory.

In an interview, Tory asserted that he has written songs anonymously for a number of rappers, including Akon, TI, and Travis Scott.

Drake, a fellow Canadian rapper, and Tory’s friendship has a very tangled history. He said in 2010 that he would pay Drake $10,000 if he didn’t like his music. It wasn’t until Drake poked fun at Tory in a song in 2016 that he responded, rapping, “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little.” A few additional songs from each side represented the ongoing conflict.

Tory Lanez Awards & Nominations

Juno Awards

  • 2017: Rap Recording of the Year, for “Luv” (won)
  • 2019: Rap Recording of the Year for “Diego” (nominated)
  • 2020: Artist of the Year (nominated)

BET Awards

  • 2016: Best New Hip Hop Artist (nominated)

Grammy Awards

  • 2017: Best R&B Song, for “Luv” (nominated)

Tory Lanez Social Media

  • Instagram: @torylanez
  • Twitter: @torylanez
  • Facebook: @torylanez
  • YouTube: Tory Lanez
  • TikTok: @torylanez

Tory Lanez Net Worth

In this industry, Tory Lanez has been working for over 7 years. This level of success is unheard of to be attained in seven years, let alone twenty. The well-known Canadian rapper “Tory Lanez” has a $5 million fortune. The most well-known Canadian rapper Tory Lanez is thought to have a net worth of roughly $5 million, according to a number of internet sites (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB).

As we’ve already mentioned, Tory Lanez has a $5 million net worth. Before he even began singing, Tory Lanez made over $ 2 million from his songwriting. With his singing, Tory Lanez Hazzard has made an additional $ 2 million. Tory Lanez is currently making a number of ventures. He has already achieved success as a musician.

His clothesline is already in use. He’s developed into a fashion designer. He receives significant rewards from each of these sources of income. The majority of his funds are being used to construct his Miami, Florida, studio.

Name Tory Lanez
Net Worth (2023) $5 Million
Profession Canadian rapper
Monthly Income And Salary $20,000 +
Yearly Income And Salary $0.3 Million +
Last Updated 2023

Did Tory Lanez shoot Megan Thee Stallion?

Megan Thee Stallion sustained bullet wounds to her feet as a result of a shooting on July 12, 2020. Megan then publicly named Lanez as the person who shot her. She and Lanez had been out earlier that night with Kylie Jenner. On his self-titled album, “Daystar,” Lanez refuted the allegations. He hasn’t been prosecuted for the event. Source: Getty

Is Tory Lanez his real name?

No, he was born Daystar Peterson. Because of the rapper’s tendency to cause trouble—he used to go onto highways and play in the lanes without paying attention to the oncoming traffic—his friend Hakeem gave him the nickname “Lanez.” Image: Getty

What happened between him and Drake?

Tory sent Drake his “Play For Keeps” mixtape when he was 17 years old, wagering Drake $10,000 if he wasn’t impressed. Drake, however, never responded to him, which led to their six-year enmity. In “Summer Sixteen,” Drake made fun of Tory, but Tory fired back, saying it wasn’t cool to refer to Toronto as “The Six.” Image: PA

His remix of Drake’s ‘Controlla’ has over 8.3 million plays on Soundcloud

One of Tory’s most well-known songs to date is his remix, which went viral. Ironically, one of his steadfast adversaries, Drake, is the owner of the original song. Instagram image

Where is Tory Lanez from?

Drake’s rival rapper Tory hails from the same Canadian province of Ontario as Tory. Image: Getty

Is Tory Lanez related to Drake?

He’s not at anyway related to Drake, no. People began comparing Tory to fellow Toronto rapper Drizzy when he first started making strides in the industry, giving him the nickname “Drake’s little brother.” Instagram image

His mother Luella died of a rare disease when he was just 11 years-old.

He admitted to the Guardian that he was acting badly at the time because he didn’t know how to express himself. I was able to express myself and channel my rage via music. Instagram image

His smash hit ‘LUV’ was produced by Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco.

‘Luv’ was the rapper’s second single to be released, and it was taken from his debut album, ‘I Told You’. Dancehall musician Sean Paul is included in the official remix. Instagram image

He was once booed off stage mid-performance.

In the song “Loners Blvd,” Tory makes reference to the event: “I lay down Houston around nine, warehouse live. It was my worst performance ever, and N***** almost left the stage in protest. Instagram image

Ed Sheeran released a cover of ‘Say It’ on Soundcloud.

In his mellow, slow-tempo cover, the British singer-songwriter went straight to the R&B source. Over 3 million people have listened to Ed’s rendition. Image: Getty

What is Tory Lanez’s ethnicity?

While Tory’s mother was from the Caribbean island of Curacao, his father is from Barbados. Instagram image

Who is Tory Lanez signed to?

Lanez secured a record deal with Sean Kingston’s Time is Money Entertainment in 2011, although he later broke away to pursue his career as an independent musician. Prior to the release of “I Told You,” he signed to Mad Love Records and Interscope Records in 2015. Instagram image

‘Luv’ samples ‘Everyone Falls In Love’ by Jamaican dancehall duo Tanto Metro and Devonte.

The Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list of Billboard in the US ranked Tory’s song at number 4. Instagram image

He is good friends with Meek Mill.

Even the song ‘Litty‘, which appears on Meek’s latest album ‘DC4’, was produced by the two of them. Given that they have a long-running dispute with Drake, it goes without saying that the two get along. Instagram image

His debut album ‘I Told You’ has no features

“You know, I don’t really need any features on it,” he said to HotNewHipHop. However, it’s noteworthy that the project includes 14 skits. Image: Getty

What is Tory Lanez’s net worth?

Forbes estimates the teenage singer-rapper’s net worth at $2.5 million. Instagram image

He is bringing out a film entitled the ‘I Told You Movie’

The movie, which will concentrate on its narrative and tale, will reportedly be based on Lanez’s debut album of the same name, according to the Fader. According to Hypebeast, Lanez and Zac Factz co-wrote and directed the 45-minute film, which also has material from other of Lanez’s close associates. Image: Getty

When did Tory Lanez and Eric Bellinger’s feud start?

The conflict between Tory Lanez and Eric Bellinger seems to have started over Tory’s song “Hate To Say.” R&B nigg*s with Sisqó haircuts, wild and stylish, they dissin’, think they just trying to get viral, the Canadian rapper remarked. ‘Yikes’, a song Eric Bellinger wrote in response to a diss track, was released.

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