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sven mišković Biography

On Tuesday, State Attorney-General Ivan Turudic appointed Sven Miskovic as the acting head of the Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime (USKOK).

Miskovic is best known to the public as the prosecutor in the case of former football mogul Zdravko Mamic.

Miskovic told the press that his nomination was a great honor and privilege, adding, “We will continue our cooperation in current and future cases.”


According to unofficial reports, Miskovic will continue to be in charge of the Mamic case. His current post will be taken over by Petra Parlov, who will become the prosecutor’s office’s head, with Kresimir Ostrogonac remaining as first deputy.

Turudic indicated plans to meet with the USKOK, district and city prosecutors, and the Minister of Justice shortly after taking office on Monday.

Even before taking office, he stated that one of his top goals would be to recruit a new director inside the State Attorney’s office for the USKOK, which has been led by Zeljka Mostecak since Vanja Marusic’s retirement in April 2023.


Speaking about the USKOK on Monday, Turudic stated that his goal was to bring the USKOK and the State Attorney’s Office closer together because it is critical to both organizations’ work.

He went on to say that USKOK should handle far fewer cases and that many might be handled by lesser prosecutor’s offices.

sven mišković Biography
sven mišković Biography

SVEN MIŠKOVIĆ / Who is the new man at the head of Uskok? Mamić is a thorn in the side, he also led the case against Bandić and associates

He was the head of the Uskok Prosecutor’s Department, and the most famous case he is currently handling is the one against the former leader of Dinamo and fugitive from the Croatian judiciary, Zdravko Mamić, and other defendants at the Osijek County Court.

He will remain on that subject even though he will lead Uskok

Just one day after he officially took over as head of the DORH, the new state attorney general Ivan Turudić appointed Sven Mišković as the new acting director of Uskok.

“This decision is a great honor and a show of trust, and as we expressed at the course, we will continue further cooperation in ongoing and future cases,” said Mišković in front of the DORH building in Zagreb, who will hold this position until a new tender is announced. for the director of Uskok.

sven mišković Biography
sven mišković Biography

Led the cases against Mamić and Bandić

Until today, Mišković was acting deputy. the director of Uskok Željka Mostečak, who came to that position after the resignation of Vanja Marušić. At the beginning of the year, he was appointed deputy county state attorney in Zagreb.

He was the head of the Prosecutor’s Department of Uskok, and the most famous case he is currently handling is against the former leader of Dinamo and a fugitive from the Croatian judiciary, Zdravko Mamić, and other defendants at the Osijek County Court.

Unofficially, it is known that Mišković will continue to lead the case, his current position will be taken over by Petra Parlov, who will become the head of the Prosecutor’s Department, and the first deputy will continue to be Krešimir Ostrogonac.

Mišković previously handled cases against the late Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić and associates.

Many people remembered his name three years ago when Mamić posted photos on Facebook of him drinking coffee in Osijek with two judges from Osijek, Miroslav Rošec and Miroslav Jukić.

In the post, he commented ironically that it was the image and opportunity of an “independent prosecutor and independent judges”, and accused Jukić of “having passed verdicts in bars before”.

“Croatians and Croats, is this possible? Are you aware of where you live? The setting of the above photos is not my nightmares, but the San Francisco coffee shop in Osijek, the time of the action was yesterday at 11:15 a.m.

In the photos, they are enjoying a cup of coffee there is an unauthorized prosecutor in my prosecution, Mr. Mišković, and at the table are in good company members of the court panels that were formed to convict me – Judge Miroslav Rožac and Miroslav Jukić. In 2021, as I witnessed several times with my own eyes during the trial, the INDEPENDENT prosecutor and the INDEPENDENT judges were guests together.

The image of the opposing sides of the “independent” judiciary honoring, agreeing, and socializing will surely be a part of the permanent lineup of the International Court of Justice! Judici’s judgments have been on the menu for a long time because Magis threatened the president of the council Krušlin that he must judge Zoran and me or he will be sent to prison! I sent the corrupt Krušlin to prison, but it was already clear to me that my trial was not led by the president of the council Krušlin, who, of course, gave a dissenting opinion in my case and was against my judgment.

The fact that at the request of the lawyer, the Supreme Court did not allow the envelope with the dissenting opinion to be opened and read aloud shows how much the entire ‘independent infrastructure’ stinks and stinks. In the 21st century, in an independent and fair court, they send me to the court of perjured judges who collude with the prosecution and still hide what decisions they made.

Well, that didn’t exist in the Middle Ages either. Even then, the executioners had the nerve to stand behind their decisions and read them out in the square.

Even then it was clear to me that judges Rožac and Jukić, apart from having the important role of paying the bill for the prosecutor’s coffee and pickles in Bircevi, are there to execute orders,” among other things, Mamić said at the time.

Uskok then called Mamić’s allegations inaccurate and malicious. They confirmed that Mišković, who was in Osijek that day at a hearing held before the County Court there, went to a cafe to drink coffee during the break, but they claim that after that two judges of that court came by accident and without any agreement, who did not they do not act in any case that Mišković represented before that court.

Clash with Mamić in court

“We emphasize that at no time did the deputy director talk to the judges about any case, nor was there any discussion of topics related to their jobs,” Uskok said in a statement, evaluating Mamić’s claim about “opposing parties who honor each other and agree” incorrect.

He had an unpleasant close encounter with Mamić in the corridor of the Osijek County Court a few years ago while waiting for the hearing to begin in the case in which he, along with his brother Zoran, Damir Vrbanović, and Milan Pernar, are on trial for extracting HRK 117 million from Dinamo and tax evasion of HRK 12 million.

While he was talking informally with Mamić’s lawyer at the time, Jadranka Sloković, and the president of the court council, Darko Krušlin, Mamić shouted at him, “What the hell are you smiling all the time, man of God?!”, after which Mišković and his colleague Tonći Petković had a police chase for a while. court escort.

In March 2013, Mišković was appointed deputy of the Municipal State Attorney’s Office in Zagreb, and before that, he worked as a senior attorney advisor at the County State Attorney’s Office in Zagreb.

Given that eight years are required to work in Uskok, which Mišković did not have at the time, according to Nacional, many lawyers and lawyers warned about this fact, and some pointed out that the investigations and indictments in Uskok have illegal representatives.

sven mišković Biography
sven mišković Biography

Mamić, Bandić…

He was convicted in the first case, while the second one is still pending before the Osijek County Court, where the case ended due to Mamić’s friendship with Zagreb judges. Among them was the current state attorney general, Ivan Turudić, who appointed Mišković to a new position.

The trial against Mamić resulted in the trial in the SMS affair, in which the former police computer scientist Franjo Varga was convicted for fabricating text messages that should have been used as evidence for Mamić and the former owner of Agrokor, Ivica Todorić, that they were victims of a rigged process.

The new interim leader of Uskok also represented the accusation against the Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić, who was accused in the so-called affair, Agram was in pre-trial detention, but he died before the verdict was pronounced

sven mišković Biography
sven mišković Biography

Slučaj Tebra

Mišković also indicted a group of 20 defendants led by Viktor Milaković, whom the prosecution claims earned at least 1.1 million euros from the sale of various types of drugs, and he also brought an indictment for drug smuggling, burning cars, and collecting debts against those arrested in the Tebra case.

He also accused the criminal group that set fire to the house of former state attorney Radovan Ortynski and signed the indictment against former Šibenik judge Maja Šupa, whom Uskok accuses of accepting a 15,000 euro bribe to acquit entrepreneur Blaž Petrović.

After being appointed as acting officer, Mišković said that he had been shown great honor and trust. “We are continuing further cooperation in ongoing cases and the future,” said Mišković, who will head Uskok until the end of the new competition for the director of Uskok. Mišković took over from Željka Mostečak, who was temporarily appointed to that position after the resignation of former director Vanja Marušić in April last year.

sven mišković Biography
sven mišković Biography

Who Is Sven Mišković?

New acting Director of Uskok, Sven Mišković, during his ten-year career, represented the prosecution in many well-known cases that characterized the work of that specialized prosecutor’s department for combating corruption and organized crime.

Mišković was born in 1983 and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. In April 2013, he was appointed deputy municipal state attorney in Zagreb, and he came to Uskok in September 2014, over the years he handled some of the most media-exposed cases.

For example, he initiated two proceedings against the former head of Dinamo Zdravko Mamić and his co-accused for extracting money from the Zagreb soccer club, and Mamić fled the charges to neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

sven mišković Biography
sven mišković Biography

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