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Salle musician Biography

Career. Nigerian singer Salle became interested in music since she was a young child. She became well-known in September 2021 after a social media video of her singing while peddling goods in the streets of Owerri went viral. After being uploaded by renowned Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut, the video received a lot of views.

Nigeria’s newest rising star, Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters, better known by the stage name Salle, was born in 2004. She is a gifted singer and composer from Nigeria.

The stunning adolescent from a lowly family shot to fame after a video of her singing while holding a hawking tray went viral online.

The hawker girl Salle Music’s life was completely changed by the video, which has received over 500,000 views on Instagram and brought her to the attention of music industry professionals worldwide.

She will shortly release her EP, Call Me Salle, and Rihanna and Don Jazzy have already invited her to work with them.

Salle Profile summary

Full Name: Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters
Stage Name: Call Me Salle
Born: 2004 (age 17 years old)
Place of Birth: Owerri, Imo, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Imo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Parents: N/A
Children: N/A
Height: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Boyfriend • Husband: Not Married
Occupation: Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth: $5,000 – $10,000

Salle Early Life

South Eastern parents gave birth to Salle in 2004.

Igbo girl Salle was raised in the historic city of Owerri.

She was raised by Christian parents who instilled a deep love for God in her.

From a young age, she would accompany her Catholic parents to church to attend services.

As she became older, Salle discovered a new passion in the church: the choir.

Salle’s love of music was sparked by hearing the choristers’ gorgeous, sonorous singing during services.

Later, she would learn that the gift had always been inside of her, just waiting to be discovered.

She was accepted into the choir after undergoing the necessary screening, where she began to learn the fundamentals of singing. She quickly rose to the position of one of the choir’s main singers.

She would spend her free time writing new songs in her diary because she wasn’t content with merely singing hymns in church.

She made the decision to experiment with various musical genres (other than gospel) since she enjoys learning new things. Her career’s turning point occurred at this time.

After becoming more aware of Pop and Afrobeats music, Salle was motivated to start writing her own songs.

She could only record the songs in her diary and perform them for her parents or while she was walking to school.

Salle Education

When Salle was two years old, her educational adventure began when she enrolled in a creche.

She entered an elementary school when she was five years old, and after six years of study, she earned her First School Leaving Certificate.

She graduated from an Owerri high school with honors.

Salle Career

She was far from Lagos, the country’s center of entertainment, as she lived in Owerri. And because of this, it was challenging for A&R professionals and music industry executives to find her.

Salle, however, refused to let this discourage her and persisted in her faith that God would give her the chance to shine. She continued to participate in the choir and go to local pop concerts to experience performing on stage while clinging to her conviction.

While Salle was working – peddling goods – on the streets of Owerri, fortune at last turned out to be on her side. Some people had heard her singing while admiring her lovely voice. They stopped her and asked if they may record her singing; she consented.

Within hours, the video she shared on Instagram and Twitter became viral and received tens of thousands of views and retweets.

Over 500,000 people have watched the trending video on Instagram so far. She has a contract with a local management company that is now protecting her interests after the video’s success.

Many top music business execs saw her in the video and were immediately drawn to her skill and desire to develop her into a global star. Don Jazzy, the Mavin Boss, was one among the first to get in touch with her.

As he did for Rema, Ayra Starr, Crayon, Magixx, and Ruger, Don Jazzy has stated his ambitions to develop her as an artist and make her a major celebrity.

Additionally, the management of Salle has been contacted by international superstar Rihanna, and they are currently negotiating to work together on a musical project.

Salle isn’t basking in her newfound stardom either. She has been working incredibly hard in the studio to create music that would help her maintain her position in the field and gain her a large following.

Call Me Salle, Salle’s debut EP, is about to be released. Music industry insiders expected that the initiative will rock the world of music. She calls the sound of her music magical.

Salle Discography

  • Call Me Salle

Salle Social Media

Salle has amassed a sizable following of fans and admirers on social media in just a few short weeks.

She has nearly 252,000 Instagram followers.

Instagram: – @callmesalle

Salle Personal Life

Salle is a young woman from a lowly upbringing, despite the fact that her life changed drastically for the better in less than a month. Her parents, who are traders, did their utmost to provide for her.

However, in order to boost the family’s income, Salle was forced to turn to hawking goods due to the nation’s economic circumstances.

Salle, who is 5320040327 years old, is presently a resident of Owerri, Imo State. She has light skin and her hair is styled in dreadlocks.

She is not currently involved in a committed relationship because she is more concerned with advancing her profession.

Net Worth

Salle’s estimated net worth is between $5,000 and $10,000 due to the fact that she is a singer and composer who has not yet signed with a major record company.

Salle Personality And Relationship

Who has Salle been dating? Salle, a 17-year-old with fair skin and dreadlocks who hails from a working-class family, is a likeable, seductive, gorgeous, and intriguing young vocalist. She is regarded to be diligent and upbeat based on her story.

If you’ve been wondering “Who is Salle dating,” you can stop now because she is single and is not in a relationship. Salle is a brilliant street hawker and singer who is also known by her stage name. She is presently concentrating on writing music that is lovely and soulful.

How old is Salle?

A video of Salle, a 19-year-old Nigerian singer and songwriter, singing while hawking on the street became viral on social media. Her real name is Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters, and she was born in 2004.

What tribe is Salle?

Peters in her Imo State hometown. Imo State, a state in the south-eastern region of Nigeria, is where Call Me Salle was born and reared. She belongs to the Igbo tribe/ethnic group, is from the South, is a Nigerian citizen, and practices Christianity.

Which record label is Salle signed to?

The 17-year-old artist Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters aka Salle has addressed misconceptions about her label on her social media profile. She said in a video posted to her Instagram profile that she is unaffiliated and that she has only grown thanks to the love and support of her followers thus far.

Where is Sally the Hawker from?

captured in freestyle. a street vendor who was discovered around the middle of September 2021 in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.


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