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Reeva Steenkamp Biography

Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp, a paralegal and model from South Africa, was born on August 19, 1983, and passed away on February 14, 2013. She was the first South African face of Avon cosmetics and a model for FHM magazine. Steenkamp previously acted in TV commercials for Toyota Land Cruiser, Clover Industries, Redds, and Aldor Pin Pop in addition to her job as a live roaming presenter for FashionTV in South Africa. She participated in the 2012 season of BBC Lifestyle’s Baking Made Easy and the 2013 season of Tropika Island of Treasure, which aired on SABC 3 in February, as a celebrity contestant.

Steenkamp’s boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, shot and killed her on Valentine’s Day, 2013, at his Pretoria home. He claimed to believe Steenkamp was an intruder who was hiding in the restroom. Following a first trial, Pistorius was convicted guilty of culpable homicide and received a five-year prison sentence. The South African Supreme Court of Appeal reversed this decision on December 3, 2015, finding Pistorius guilty of murder instead. The Court of Appeal later enhanced the six-year sentence to thirteen years and five months in prison.

Reeva Steenkamp Biography
Reeva Steenkamp Biography

Reeva Steenkamp Early life

The horse trainer Barry Steenkamp and his second wife, June (née Marshall, formerly Cowburn), who was born in Blackburn, England, were the couple’s parents. Steenkamp was born in Cape Town. From her mother’s and father’s respective prior marriages, she has two elder half-siblings, Adam Steenkamp and Simone Cowburn. After relocating to Port Elizabeth, the family sent her to St. Dominic’s Priory School. Following her education, she pursued her legal studies at the University of Port Elizabeth, which later merged with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. In 2005, she earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from this institution.


Reeva Steenkamp Net Worth

Reeva Steenkamp Net Worth

Among the wealthiest and most well-liked models is Reeva Steenkamp. We calculated Reeva Steenkamp’s net worth by looking through Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia. Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Reeva Steenkamp Career

Following graduation, Steenkamp worked as a model and paralegal. She planned to become a licensed attorney by the time she was 30 years old, so she applied to the bar in late 2011.


At fourteen, Steenkamp started her modeling career. She advanced to the finals of the Herald Miss Port Elizabeth pageant in 2005 and the Weekend Post Faces of the Future competition in 2004. She was a model and cover girl for FHM magazine. and served as Avon Cosmetics’ first South African face. She also served as a model for Sivana Diamonds, a jewelry brand.

In 2011 and 2012, she was named #40 and #45 respectively among South African FHM readers in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll. Marc Jacobs was her fashion icon. In 2012, she served as the celebrity face of the Spirit Day anti-bullying initiative.


Steenkamp used to work for FashionTV in South Africa as a live roaming presenter. She appeared in TV commercials for a variety of brands, such as Aldor Pin Pop, Toyota Land Cruiser, Redds, and Clover “The One”. In 2012, she appeared as a celebrity competitor on the BBC Lifestyle program Baking Made Easy.

Steenkamp had been scheduled to star in season five of Tropika Island of Treasure, a reality TV show, and had shot the show’s episodes on site in Jamaica at the time of her passing. Two days after her passing, on February 16, 2013, the series’ scheduled airing started. A video homage to Steenkamp was shown before the first installment of the show, which was dedicated to her.

Reeva Steenkamp Personal life

Before breaking her back in a mishap in her early 20s and having to relearn how to walk, Steenkamp was an avid horseback rider. She was a well-known socialite in Johannesburg’s party scene and a frequent A-list attendee at red carpet events on the South African celebrity circuit.

Since November 2012, Steenkamp has been romantically involved with Oscar Pistorius, an Olympic and Paralympic runner from South Africa. She had previously dated Francois Hougaard, a rugby player for the Springboks.

Reeva Steenkamp Awards and Accomplishments

She was listed as one of the “100 Sexiest Women in the World” by FHM Magazine twice. She was ranked forty in 2011 and forty-five in 2012.

Reeva Steenkamp Death

Three of the four shots fired on Valentine’s Day 2013 by Steenkamp’s lover Oscar Pistorius through the door of a locked toilet cubicle in his Pretoria home wounded the man standing on the other side. After then, Pistorius used a cricket bat to smash through the bathroom door in order to get to Steenkamp. He tried to call for aid and provide emergency medical care. Doctor Johan Stipp, a neighbor, was among the first medical personnel on the scene and attempted to open Steenkamp’s airway by performing a jaw-lift procedure on her. He observed that she was immobile, with dilated pupils, and that she did not exhibit any respiratory motions or peripheral pulse. Clearly, she had suffered a fatal injury.

On February 19, 2013, her corpse was cremated at Victoria Park Crematorium in Port Elizabeth. Pastor Kurt Sutton of the Oasis Family Church in Port Elizabeth led the funeral. Following his arrest, Pistorius faced murder charges. Pistorius acknowledged shooting Steenkamp, although he said he thought the man was an intruder. In the case, he was found guilty of culpable homicide on September 12, 2014, but not of murder.

He was given a five-year prison sentence on October 21, 2014, however he only spent ten months there. The finding of culpable homicide was reversed by the Supreme Court of Appeals in December 2015, which also ruled Pistorius guilty of murder. Despite South Africa’s 15-year minimum punishment for murder, Judge Masipa sentenced Pistorius to six years in jail on July 6, 2016.

Oscar Pistorius’s prison sentence was extended by the Court of Appeal on November 24, 2017, to a total of 13 years and five months, with the potential of release in 2023.

Media-coverage after death

The Daily Maverick named Steenkamp and Anene Booysen, two young South African women who died in 2013, SA Persons of the Year.

Reeva: The Model You Thought You Knew, a half-hour documentary special on Steenkamp’s life, aired on eNCA in February 2014.

Oscar Pistorius: The Verdict was the name of the Special Assignment episode that SABC 3 aired on September 12, 2014. Given the disproportionate media attention given to the Leigh Matthews murder trial and the deaths of black women Betty Ketani and Zanele Khumalo under similar circumstances, the program brought attention to the South African phenomenon known as “missing white woman syndrome.”

Reeva Steenkamp Trivia

was romantically involved with Oscar Pistorius.

Model and recent law school alumnus.

June Steenkamp’s and Barry Steenkamp’s daughter.

Half-sister of Adam Steenkamp and Simone Cowburn.

a Kim Martin cousin.

Cremated body, with ashes donated to a friend or relative.

Reeva Steenkamp Social Media

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Reeva Steenkamp On TikTok

Reeva Steenkamp, 29, was a successful model and paralegal. Her family, friends and colleagues adored Reeva. On Valentine’s Day 2013, Reeva was murdered by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius. He shot her four times through the locked bathroom door in his home in Pretoria, where she was allegedly hiding. Reeva’s future was stolen by a man with an alleged history of controlling and abusing women. Tomorrow, 31 March 2023, Oscar Pistorius will attend a parole hearing to determine whether he will be released from prison. We are standing with June and Barry Steenkamp and we oppose the parole application of Oscar Pistorius, as he has failed to admit his guilt or show any remorse for the murder of Reeva. To advance change in our society, we need to hold perpetrators accountable. #womenforchange #reevasteenkamp #justiceforreevasteenkamp #oscarpistorius #southafrica #endviolenceagainstwomen #gbvsouthafrica #tiktoksouthafrica #sayhername #aminext

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How old was Reeva when she died?

In the early hours of Valentine’s Day in 2013, the 36-year-old double amputee sprinter—known as the “Blade Runner” for his carbon fiber prosthetic legs—fired four times at Reeva Steenkamp through a locked bathroom door at his Pretoria home. She was a 29-year-old law graduate and potential model.

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