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Parker Schnabel Biography

Parker Schnabel, who was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska, to Roger and Nancy Schnabel, has always had a passion for the gold mining industry. Alongside his brother Payson, he grew up.

He has spent the summers in his grandfather’s gold mine, Big Nugget Mine, ever since he was a young boy. When he was only 16 years old, he took over the mine and managed it expertly.

Instead of going to college, he expanded his mining business by using the money set aside for tuition.

His films Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail (2017), Gold Rush (2012), and Gold Rush: The Dirt (2010) have received critical acclaim. In addition to television shows, he has also worked for Big Nugget Mine, the family-run mining operation. He was born in Haines, Alaska, in the United States.

Parker has German ancestry. His mother’s name is Nancy Schnabel, and his father, Roger Schnabel, is the proprietor of a mine.

He was invited to visit his father by his mother. Schnabel Payson, his brother, is related to him. He has absolutely no sister. He is a cancerian by zodiac sign.

When he was 16 years old, he started working for the family mining business, Big Nugget Mine. He is still the owner of Southeast Road Construction.

Parker Schnabel: Profile summary

Celebrated Name: Parker Schnabel
Real Name/Full Name: Parker Schnabel
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years old
Birth Date: 22 July 1994
Birth Place: Haines, Alaska, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 75 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Wife/Spouse (Name): No
Children: No
Profession: TV personality
Net Worth in 2022: $10 million

Parker Schnabel: Age, Height, and Weight

Parker Schnabel, who was born on July 22, 1994, will be 28 years old in 2022. He stands 1.75 meters tall and weighs 75 kilograms.

Parker Schnabel: Career

Schnabel has had a somewhat unusual career. His fascination with mining as a boy was so great that he never wanted to leave it. He spent his childhood taking care of Big Nugget Mine, and he expected to continue doing so as an adult.

As was noted before, he assumed responsibility after his grandfather gave up the reins of their mining company. He assumed control of running it on a daily basis. He managed people who were more than twice his age and did so effectively.

His appearance on the reality television program Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel is his claim to fame. Viewers got to see firsthand how he used his whole education cash to expand the mining operations in the fourth season. He consequently discovered an amazing 1029 ounces of gold. He recovered Gold worth $3.7 million from the previous season of the program. He undoubtedly has a peculiar talent for smelling out this priceless metal.

Many miners wish they have the skill he possesses to extract gold with such high values.

Parker Schnabel: Awards and Achievements

The discovery of 1,029 ounces of gold, worth an astounding $1.4 million, is his remarkable accomplishment. The accomplishment is made more impressive by the fact that he was only a teenager at the time. Many seasoned miners struggle to do what he has at such a young age, therefore it is an admirable try.

Parker Schnabel: Net Worth in 2022

Parker Schnabel’s estimated net worth as of October 2022 is $10 million.

Who is Parker Schnabel?

He started working in the mining industry for his grandfather when he was five years old, and at sixteen he took over management of the company. He had already mined gold worth over $30 million by the time he was 23. He has traveled to many countries in search of gold, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Guyana. He is currently single, although in the past, he dated several women, including Ashley Youle and Tyler Mahoney. He currently has a mining claim in Australia and is 25 years old.

Does Parker Schnabel have a family?

His age in 2021 will be 27. Roger, his father, and Nancy, his mother, are his parents. Alongside his brother Payson Schnabel, he was raised. Big Nugget was a mining operation owned by Parker Schnabel’s grandpa.

Is Parker Schnabel a real gold miner?

in the age of 5, Parker started working in his grandfather John’s Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska. Parker went away from home when he was 18 and settled in the Klondike, where he rented land from the illustrious Tony Beets.

Does Parker have a girlfriend?

There has also been a lot of interest in Parker’s private life. People are particularly interested in Parker Schnabel’s romantic relationships. But we do know that he is presently unmarried and that he once dated Ashley Youle.

Why did Parker’s girlfriend leave?

Summary of Ashley’s reasons for leaving Parker: “As successful as our season was, there was, for me personally, one pretty big failure,” he stated on the program. Ashley and I parted ways. She deserves far better than that because I just never truly prioritized our relationship or her.

How many houses and cars does Parker Schnabel have?

Parker detests wasting his cash on flashy residences or vehicles. Trucks and other necessary vehicles for his mining operations make up the majority of his fleet. He doesn’t have a boat or any expensive cars.

How much does Parker Schnabel make annually?

Parker Schnabel’s primary sources of income include gold mining and his appearances on the reality TV programs Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. His net worth was about $8 million as of 2023. He makes around $25,000 per episode, or $500,000 annually, for his performances on Gold Rush. He pays his crew workers a compensation of between $28 and $34 per hour in addition to bonuses.

How many business does Parker Schnabel own?

Alaska is the location of the Big Nugget Mine, which Parker received from his paternal grandpa John Schnabel. He leases land in Canada and investigates mining opportunities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, and other countries. The major sources of Schnabel’s income are reality television and gold mining.

What brands does Parker Schnabel have?

He became well-known thanks to his involvement in the Discovery Channel shows Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, which follow his adventures in gold mining across numerous different countries.

How many Investments does Parker Schnabel have?

Parker spends millions on people, equipment, and land specifically for the gold mining industry. Additionally, he has a Fairbanks property in Alaska that he hopes will yield more gold. Schnabel’s holdings in other assets are kept secret.

How many Endorsement deals has Parker Schnabel?

Parker, the star of Gold Rush and its spinoffs on Discovery Channel, has a limited number of endorsement partnerships. For appearances and ratings, he might be paid royalties. Additionally, he agreed to pay Metallic Minerals Corp. production royalties for its alluvial gold claims in the Klondike Gold District.

How many charities has Parker Schnabel donataed to?

Parker has donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Gold Rush Give Big Giveaway, and environmental awareness campaigns. Additionally, he received the Robert E. Leckie Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship from the Yukon government in 2017.

How many Philanthropy works has Parker Schnabel supported?

Gold miner and TV personality Parker has contributed to charitable organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Gold Rush Give Big Giveaway. Additionally, he has supported causes like the Robert E. Leckie Award for Excellence in Stewardship, which raises awareness of the environment. Schnabel has promoted learning and discovery by making appearances on TV programs like Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.





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