Noor Malabika Das Biography, Her Social Media Presence, Regarding the case, identity

Biography Of Noor Malabika Das

Noor Malabika Das Biography

Noor Malabika Das was a former flight hostess with Qatar Airways.

Ms Das rose to prominence for her appearance alongside Kajol in the 2023 judicial drama The Trial, directed by Suparn Verma. Her final film was Gharwali Baharwali.

The Sangit Gaikar-directed film was released on May 31.


Noor Malabika Das has also worked on productions including Siskiyaan, Walkaman, Teekhi Chatni, Jaghanya Upaya, Charamsukh, Dekhi Andekhi, and Backroad Hustle.

She was a fitness fanatic who used to post videos and photos from her gym sessions with fans on Instagram.

Noor Malabika Das was born and raised in Assam.


Noor Malabika Das Biography
Noor Malabika Das Biography

Her Social Media Presence

The actor was very active on social media, with over 163K followers on Instagram.

She frequently used virtual media to offer glimpses of her life — both onset and offset — with her Instagram followers via images and videos.

In May 2023, Noor posted a photo with Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey and said, “Starting of Mumbai journey of my favorite & great actor (friend) One & only Pandey Jee…” I still enjoy this song, “Tụhi mera pyar gori.”

In March 2023, she shared many photos with Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.

Her most recent post, last week, emphasized the need for self-love.

“There is only one face that matches no one else, and I don’t need to look in the mirror since my beauty is reflected in yours.

My mirror is the world, and it may be sweet, better, stupid, playful, naughty, cheerful, kind, cool, hot, infantile, or adult, depending on the swing,” she added.

Noor Malabika Das Biography
Noor Malabika Das Biography

Regarding the case

According to reports, Noor’s neighbors called the police after noticing a bad odor emanating from her Lokhandwala flat.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police have opened an investigation into her death.

Her family has also been notified. The actor’s remains were burned by an NGO on Sunday after her family did not claim it.

The All India Cine Workers Association has also written a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, asking for an investigation into her death.

“Her untimely demise is a sobering reminder of the troubling pattern of suicides in the Indian film industry.

The recurrence of such sad tragedies in the Bollywood business necessitates deep introspection and a detailed study of the root causes.

“It is critical to investigate all possible factors, including the possibility of foul play, to ensure that the truth is revealed and justice is served,” the letter stated.

What was the identity of Noor Malabika Das?

Noor worked as an air hostess for Qatar Airways before to entering the entertainment industry.

She hailed from Assam.

She began acting, trying in several mediums.

She appeared in numerous productions, including Siskiyaan, Walkaman, Teekhi Chatni, Jaghanya Upaya, Charamsukh, Dekhi Andekhi, Backroad Hustle, and others.

She last appeared in Kajol and Jissu Sengupta’s The Trial.

Noor Malabika Das Biography
Noor Malabika Das Biography

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