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Noella Ayeganagato Biography

The government of Prime Minister Judith Suminwa was published on the night of May 29, 2024. The team has 54 members, including 6 deputy prime ministers, 10 ministers of state, and 4 deputy ministers.

Noella Ayeganagato Biography
Noella Ayeganagato Biography

New Minister of Youth in the DRC: Noella AYEGANAGATO deletes her old photos and videos on social networks

The new government team of the Democratic Republic of Congo was recently announced, with the appointment of Mrs. Noella AYEGANAGATO as Minister of Youth.

However, this appointment raised questions, after the new minister cleaned up her digital past.


Indeed, Noella AYEGANAGATO deleted her old photos and videos on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. A decision that has not gone unnoticed, and which prompts us to question the reasons for this digital purge.

This attitude echoes the warnings against young people seeking to become famous on social networks, sometimes by sharing questionable content.

The appointment of Mrs. AYEGANAGATO comes in a particular context for the DRC, where security and the fight against poverty are among the priorities of President Félix Tshisekedi for his second term. Youth will undoubtedly be one of the major issues for this new government.


Faced with these challenges, the new Minister of Youth will have to demonstrate discernment and exemplary behavior, in order to gain the trust of the population. Deleting old posts on social media can be seen as a first step in this direction.

It remains to be seen whether Madame AYEGANAGATO will be able to learn the lessons of her digital past to carry out her mission and offer new perspectives to Congolese youth.

Unveiling of the Suminwa government: the complete list of 54 ministers

Here is the full list of government members:

Deputy Prime Ministers

Interior: Jacquemin Shabani

Transportation: Jean-Pierre Bemba

Defense: Guy mwadiamvita

Economy: Daniel mukoko

Civil service: Lihau

Plan: Guylain NYEMBO

Ministers of State

Agriculture: Grégoire mutshaili

Foreign Affairs: Thérèse kayiwamba

National education: Raissa Malou

Environment: Eve Bazaiba

ITPR: gisaro

Budget: Boji

Land: acacia

Rural development: muhindo nzangi

Design: Guy Loando

MinState Justice: Constant Mutamba


Finance: Doudou Fwamba

Industry: Louis Kabamba

Hydraulic Resources: Teddy Mwamba

Mines: Kizito pakabomba

Hydrocarbon: Sakombi Ephraim jobs

Urban planning: Crispin Bandu

Human rights: Chantal

Health: Samuel Roger

Higher education: Safi Sombo

Scientific research: Gilbert Kabanda

Telecom and digital stations: kibasa

Portfolio: Jean-Lucien Busa

Social affairs: Nathalie Munanza

Foreign trade: Julien Paluku

Regional integration: Didier masenga

Communication: muyaya

Professional training: marc Ekila

Gender: Léonie kandolo

Fishing breeding: Jean-Pierre Tshimanga

Culture: Yolande Ebendé

Tourism: Didier lisangá

Sport: Didier Budimbu

Youth: noella ayenagato

Ministers delegate

Foreign affairs: destined for Kazadi

Urban planning: Crispin Mbadu

Environment: Stéphanie mbombo

Social affairs: Irène Esambo

Deputy Ministers

Interior: Eugénie Tshela

Foreign Affairs: Gracia

Justice: Samuel Mbemba kabuya

Budget: Elysée bokwamwana

Finances: O’neige

Defense: Samy awuto

Education: Jean-Pierre kezamudru

Mining: Godard Motemona

Hydrocarbon: Wivine moleka

Customary affairs: Mwami Ndeze Jean-Baptiste

The key dates mentioned are the elections of December 2023, the inauguration of Félix Tshisekedi in January 2024, and the appointment of Judith Suminwa in April 2024.

Noella Ayeganagato Biography
Noella Ayeganagato Biography

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