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Biography Of Nancy Tyagi

Nancy Tyagi Biography

Nancy Tyagi’s sole motivation for making her debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival was her passion.

The 23-year-old self-taught fashion designer captured everyone’s attention with her stunning pink outfit.

Oh, she made the garment herself from scratch! Here’s everything you need to know about the Uttar Pradesh girl, plus more.


If you ever doubted the power of aspirations, read the story of how a small-town girl from Uttar Pradesh fashioned a gown and wore it to the world’s most famous film festival, Cannes.

A fashion influencer from Uttar Pradesh appeared stunned in a pink gown and quickly became an inspiration to many others.

What made it special? A small-town fashion content maker made it to Cannes, wearing a gown she embroidered herself. We’re talking about Nancy Tyagi.


Among the many top worldwide celebrities who visited the Cannes red carpet was Nancy Tyagi, an Uttar Pradesh native who never anticipated making her debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography

The young lady and her gown

The 23-year-old fashion influencer from Baranwa hamlet in Uttar Pradesh never expected to make it to Cannes.

The girl traveled from her birthplace to New Delhi to pass the UPSC. However, destiny had different ideas for her.

The lockdown ended her UPSC dream, but there was a silver lining. The young girl was allowed to pursue her passion, which was designing dresses.

Did she attend any fashion school? No. Did she earn a fashion degree? No, either. What inspired her to make gorgeous costumes from scratch?

Her strong passion!

Using 1,000 meters of fabric, the girl created a magnificent garment, a true fashion miracle. The girl’s stunning pink ruffled gown, which she embroidered herself and wore at her Cannes premiere, was enough to draw heads. The gown had a very lengthy train. It took the girl almost a month to make this magnificent work of art. The gorgeous pink gown weighed 20 kilograms. The pink gown was enough to give the girl genuine princess vibes.

And, yeah, her confident poses improved her appearance like nothing else.

Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography

Dress design, social media journey, and initial challenges

Starting from scratch and making her Cannes debut has not been an easy road for the child.

Nancy did not learn the craft of dress design, but it is without a doubt her true calling. Her path as a fashion influencer is worth reading about.

The girl began to garner notice for her Meesho haul. Nonetheless, the girl received varied reactions, as do all social media influencers with limited resources but lofty goals.

She encountered countless trolls on social media. Many people body-shamed the girl. However, these bullies did not deter the girl from sharing her abilities and inventions.

Her social media following slowly grew. She not only established herself as a content creator, but she also began to receive recognition.

Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography

Nancy learned to design on her own

She knows how to transform basic materials into amazing costumes. In a society where degrees and documents are all that matters, Nancy Tyagi chose to be a self-taught designer.

Her DIY abilities are outstanding, and through trial and error, the girl has created intricate ensembles for actors and icons like as Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone, among others.

Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography

Nancy Tyagi Instagram

Nancy Tyagi Photos

Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography
Nancy Tyagi Biography

Who is Nancy Tyagi?

Nancy Tyagi, born in Baranwa, Uttar Pradesh, rose to notoriety with her films imitating celebrity costumes.

Tyagi has duplicated numerous designer costumes worn by celebrities in recent years, including Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt.

Tyagi reproduced Padukone’s Louis Vuitton gown from the Oscars 2023, as well as the grey gown with puffed sleeves from London-based Korean designer Miss Sohee’s spring couture 2023 collection, which Bhatt wore to the Red Sea International Film Festival.

Tyagi starts her films by displaying the original design. She then takes her audience with her as she hunts for fabric in Delhi shops, stitches the pieces in front of the camera, and finally displays the finished look.

Tyagi, known for her costumes from scratch videos, has over 9,30,000 Instagram followers and more than a million YouTube subscribers. She walked at Cannes 2024 as a member of the Brut India squad.

What else made her premiere during the Cannes special?

Coming from a small village, having no fashion degrees, becoming a dress designer, starting a fashion influencer journey from the ground up, and stitching her gorgeous gown for her debut at Cannes at the age of 23 are all grounds to consider this incident unique.

However, there is more to this story. Everyone in India was proud of the girl’s ability to talk in Hindi on the red carpet. Yes, in an era when individuals are embarrassed about their inability to speak English fluently and celebrities prefer to converse in English rather than their native tongues, the Uttar Pradesh girl spoke to the media in Hindi with great dignity and honor.

The girl also had a translator, who interpreted the media’s queries and her comments.

Wait, was there a second appearance at Cannes 2024?

Yes. The fashion influencer returned to Cannes in 2024, this time dressed in a saree gown. Was Nancy also responsible for creating this outfit? Of course.

This, like the majority of her self-stitched ensembles, was made entirely from scratch. The sequinned saree gown set included a stunning backless blouse. The blouse had a hood on it.

Can Nancy Tyagi speak English?

Nancy made history as the first creator to walk the red carpet wearing gowns she designed herself. Her confidence and pride in speaking Hindi in interviews further distinguished her. She boldly emphasized that not knowing English had never been a setback, but had worked in her favor.

What does Nancy Tyagi do?

Ms Tyagi, a self-taught fashion designer and content creator, received international attention for wearing self-stitched and self-designed avant-garde ensembles at the famous film festival’s 77th edition. Ms Tyagi returned to India and sat down with Ranveer Allahabadia on his podcast channel.

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