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Michelle Botes Biography

Michelle Botes, an actress, language tutor, and aromatherapist from Southern Africa, was born on October 12, 1962.

Veteran South African actress Michelle Botes has been active in the entertainment industry for more than ten years.

She is well-known for playing Cherel de Villiers-Haines in the South African television drama Isidingo.

She was no longer a newcomer to the film industry after landing the role of Cherel de Villiers-Haines in Isidingo.

In the nine (9) years between 1998 and 2007, Michelle Botes played the part of a villain with consummate skill.

Michelle Botes Profile

Name Michelle Botes
Born 12 October 1962 (age 58 years)
Cape Town, South Africa
Nationality South African
Birthday October 12
Gender Female
Education Speech and Drama, Education
Profession Actress, language teacher, and aromatherapist
Husband Ian Roberts (div. 1999)

Michelle Botes Age

Her birthday is October 12th, 1962, and she was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Age 58 is Michelle Botes.

Michelle Botes Early Life

In the year 1962, on the 12th of October, Michelle Botes was born.

Her parents reared her in a simple home in Cape Town, South Africa, where she was born and raised.

In Cape Town, she finished both her primary and secondary studies.

After seeing the South African hit The Gods Must Be Crazy, she fell in love with the entertainment world.

Michelle Botes Education

When Michelle Botes finished high school, she enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch.

She pursued a degree in speech and theater at the university.

She earned an education diploma from the University of Cape Town after graduating from the University of Stellenbosch.

Michelle Botes Career

In the beginning of her career, Michelle Botes worked as a librarian showcasing books. While working as a librarian, she enrolled in additional acting training.

When she was cast in the 1998 season of the well-liked South African drama series Isidingo, she finally received her big break. She is a well-known South African actress who rose to fame and attention when she played Cherel de Villiers-Haines, the evil character. She portrayed and performed the role in Isidingo from 1998 to 2007.

She starred in the South African drama Binneland Sub Judice in 2007 after leaving Isidingo. For three years, she performed in the part. Michelle Botes left the concert in 2010 after being cast on the South African television network M-Net. At the concert, she took on the character of Ingrid Jordaan.

In 2010, Michelle Botes took a break from acting, and she did so again in 2019. Without a question, the actress is one of South Africa’s top performers.

The actress has been acting for more than ten years. She is now a well-known name in the entertainment industry thanks to her extraordinary acting abilities. Recently, Michelle Botes played the part of Princess in the Afrikaans film Eagles.

Michelle Botes Husband

Michelle’s real husband was Ian Roberts. At the age of twenty-seven, she wed her husband. On the Eagles set, where she worked, the two first connected. Their romance did not last “till death do us part”; in 1999, the pair declared their marriage to be over.

After eleven years of marriage, Michelle and her husband had a son and a daughter. Michelle and her ex-husband Ian remain close friends even after breaking their marriage.

Len Cooper’s co-star in Isidingo, Chris Beasley, and Michelle were romantically involved. Their romance, according to Youth Village, didn’t endure more than a year. They broke up because of their unbridgeable differences.

Michelle Botes Personal Life

When Michelle Botes was twenty-seven years old, she wed Ian Roberts. When they were both working, the former couple met on the Eagles Set.

In 1992, the pair announced the dissolution of their marriage due to their inability to reconcile their disagreements.

Michelle Botes is the mother of a son and a girl from her first marriage. Even after their marriage ended, Michelle and her ex-husband Ian remain close.

Recently, Isidingo actor Chris Beasley, who played Len Cooper, and Michelle Botes were romantically involved. Approximately a year was the length of their relationship, according to Youth Village. After acrimonious arguments, they ended their relationship.

Michelle Botes Roles on TV

  • Binnelanders (Sesaon 3-16) – Ingrid Louw-Koster
  • Family Secrets (Season 1) – Dawn Pretorius
  • Isidingo (Season 1) – Cherel de-Villers Haines
  • Konings (Season 1) – Santie
  • Legacy (Season 1) – Angelique Price
  • Onder Draai die Duiwel Rond (Season 1 and 2) – Kietie Bosman
  • SAMA (Season 12) – Presenter
  • Triptiek (Season 1 and 2) – Bibi Brinkman

Michelle Botes Awards and Recognition

The well-known South African publication Star acknowledged Michelle Botes. In 2005, she was referred to as the most elegant South African celebrity.

Michelle Botes has been published on the front page of a number of South African publications, including Elle Magazine and the Sunday Times.

At the nineteenth annual Avanti Awards in 2006, she received Best Actress for her role as the best on-screen villain in Isidingo. Along with Robert Whitehead and Barkes Haines from Isidingo, she also acquired the Best TV Couple.

Michelle Botes Net Worth

The well-known mother and television personality from South Africa, Michelle Botes, is thought to be valued between $1 million and $4 million.

Where is Michelle Botes now?

Three times, in 2006, 2007 and 2012, she was nominated for a South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) for Best Actress in a TV Soap. She reconnected with Binnelanders in 2019. She appeared in the telenovela Legacy in 2020 as Angelique Price.

Is Michelle Botes still married?

Michelle and her ex-husband Ian remain close friends even after breaking their marriage. Len Cooper’s co-star in Isidingo, Chris Beasley, and Michelle were romantically involved. Their romance, according to Youth Village, didn’t endure more than a year.

Does Michelle Botes have kids?

Michelle married fellow actor Ian Roberts in real life when she was just 27 years old. While working on the Eagles set, she met her ex. After 11 years of marriage and the birth of a son and a daughter, both named Michelle Botes, the two separated in 1999.

Why did Michelle Meyrink quit acting?

Meyrink declared she wanted more out of life in 1989 when she decided to give up acting as a career. She developed an interest in Zen Buddhism at this time of transition.


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