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Mayor of Ekiti Biography

Ekiti Pikin, often known as the Mayor of Ekiti, is Mayowa Ogunlade. He is well-known on Twitter and is a well-liked sports bettor. He gained notoriety after winning an incredible forty million dollars from Sportybet, as well as after winning thirty-five million dollars on Christmas Day.

September 16th is Ekiti Pikin’s birthday. His home state is Ekiti State in Nigeria’s southwest.

The Zupago app was founded by Ekiti Pikin. a smartphone app that lets you transfer and receive money to countries like the USA, UK, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.

In addition, he established the Moe Foundation. a nongovernmental organization (NGO) founded to provide financial assistance, food, housing, and other necessities to those in need.

With over 730,000 followers on Twitter, the well-known punter made a huge splash for both himself and his fan base. He has won enormously before. This is not the first time. Many of his admirers have praised him on Twitter, and in October 2022, he broke Sportybet’s 40 million Naira ceiling.


Full Name: Ogunlade Mayowa Isaac
Stage Name: Mayor of Ekiti, Ekiti Pikin
Born: 16 September 1993 (age 30 years old)
Place of Birth: Ekiti, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Ekiti State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: N/A
Height: 1.87 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Ogunlade
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Punter • Twitter Influencer
Net Worth: $500,000

Mayor of Ekiti Early Life & Education

Mayor of Ekiti Early Life & Education
Mayor of Ekiti Early Life & Education

Born in Ekiti State, Nigeria, on September 16, 1993, the Mayor of Ekiti is a native of the region. Mr. and Mrs. Ogunlade, his parents, were in charge of raising him.

The media acknowledges that he has siblings even if their identities are still unknown.

Even if the mayor of Ekiti is a graduate, other details regarding his precise educational background are still lacking.

Mayor of Ekiti Net Worth

Mayor of Ekiti Net Worth
Mayor of Ekiti Net Worth

A well-known individual in Nigeria, the Mayor of Ekiti, has an impressive net worth of almost $500,000. Known for being among the richest gamblers in the nation, he has amassed a sizable following on numerous social networking sites.

His ascent to prominence and wealth began when he won more than 40 million Naira in a wager on the lottery, proving his worth in this field. Building on this historic gain, Ekiti Pikin won an additional 35 million naira a few months later, further increasing his riches.

Mayor of Ekiti Career

Mayor of Ekiti Career
Mayor of Ekiti Career

The mayor of Ekiti, a well-known figure on Twitter, has become more well-liked as a gambler. His recent newsworthy achievement was winning 40 million Naira with his wagering on SportyBet.

Ekiti Pikin’s extraordinary triumph was further enhanced when, on Christmas Day, he won an additional 50 Naira million. It is understandable why Ekiti Pikin is now a well-known name in online betting after these astounding accomplishments.

The visionary entrepreneur and mayor of Ekiti is the creative force behind the ground-breaking Zupago app. With the use of this innovative app, users can send and receive money easily not just within Nigeria but also to other nations including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

But the mayor of Ekiti has made significant achievements that go beyond that. In addition, he is the renowned founder of the Moe Foundation, a charity that helps the underprivileged. Ekiti Pikin’s foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of those who are less fortunate by providing resources such as food, shelter, and financial assistance.

Mayor of Ekiti Personal Life

Mayor of Ekiti Personal Life
Mayor of Ekiti Personal Life

The 30-year-old mayor of Ekiti has kept details of his personal life very secret and out of the public eye. Not much is known about his relationship because he has been able to conceal this part of his life.

In addition, he has not openly discussed whether or not he is a father, as this information is also withheld from the media. It is clear that Ekiti Pikin cherishes his privacy and would rather keep certain aspects of his personal life and family affairs under wraps.

The media is unaware of the girlfriend of the Ekiti mayor, who is single.

Mayor of Ekiti Social Media

Mayor of Ekiti Social Media
Mayor of Ekiti Social Media
  • Twitter handle: Mayor Of Ekiti (@Ekitipikin)
  • Instagram handle: @mayor_of_ekiti
  • Facebook: Mayor Of Ekiti
Who Is Mayor of Ekiti 
Who Is the Mayor of Ekiti

Who Is the Mayor of Ekiti

In this interview with ABIODUN ADEWALE, well-known punter Mayowa Ogunlade, also known as the Mayor of Ekiti, discusses his transformation into a bookmaker’s worst nightmare, the reasons he looks up to Harry Maguire, and more.

What was growing up like?

Since I was born and raised in a Christian environment, my upbringing was positive. My parents were quite rigorous and regimented, but they also offered me the best education possible. Thus, I was left with no space in my life for friends, visits to friends’ homes, late nights, or any of those activities. All that has to be done is study. Being raised in a Christian environment, my family does not consume alcohol, and I too am an introvert. That’s the mindset I had growing up, too: don’t drink, don’t go out, don’t party, and don’t have any friends. And since they helped me go far in life, I never regret them.

When and how did you begin sports betting?

I began sports betting in 2019. One aspect of my personality is that I enjoy trying new things in anything I do. My stuff is always going to be different, right? I’m aware that most football bettors play straight wins, but I had an innovative concept for a market option with a significant odd. I began by making little bets of N500 and N1000, but as I saw that the more you bet on these odds, the more likely you are to win, I began to increase my bet. Fortunately, I didn’t lose many games before I had my first winning, which came with an N500/N1000 investment and was over N500,000. My stake grew as I gained more and more.

Before sports betting, did you try your hands on businesses or other forms of betting?

I experimented with various internet ventures that are associated with gambling, such as FOREX. Sports betting and FOREX are similar. Before I started betting on sports, I traded bitcoin, did imports, web development, programming, binary international, Fiverr, and a few other online moneymaking ventures.

How much is your biggest win yet?

N47 million in a single ticket. However, the same game amassed nearly N60m in a single day while we played and edited it.

People don’t know about your lost bets. Are they more than your wins or do you hardly lose bets?

We often lose when we bet on sports, but I am different because I deal with large odds; even if you risk N500, the odds are such that, should you win, your profits will exceed N200,000. Thus, you would have won another large odd if you were to win N200,000 with N500 and continue to stake your N500 till you lost N50,000. No, my losses do not outweigh my victories. In my opinion, bookies are losing this battle.

Does your heart skip or jump while monitoring your bet slips?

I never keep an eye on wager slips, and I always tell my followers not to, as the more you check them, the less peace of mind you’ll have. The players that will play on the field won’t change if you keep an eye on the betting slip. I always gamble what I can afford to lose, so once I make a wager in a game, I tell myself the money is already gone. I therefore merely wait for the games to end rather than keeping an eye on bet slips.

Being from a Christian home, what are the thoughts of your parents about sports betting?

When they found out, they advised me to quit, but I told them I wasn’t addicted and that I was aware of the regulations. Thus, we’re cool.

Not so many are lucky to win bets. How would you describe the addiction that comes with betting especially for those still waiting for big wins?

In sports betting, I’ll say that winning is a combination of grace and luck with a dash of statistics. “If you have been betting for a long time and you can’t record good wins, please stop as it will ruin your life,” I say to my followers. I am not even close to being hooked on betting because I am aware of the regulations. My guidelines are to always risk an amount you can afford to lose, to never chase a loss, and to never gamble with money intended for other purposes, such as business ventures, house rent, or school expenses.

Many have recently started betting and don’t know these guidelines; after they win a small sum of money, they assume betting is simple. They thus frequently continue to wager in the hopes of winning back their money, only to lose even more. They end up developing a gambling addiction as a result, which is bad.

Bookies became stiffer with you at some point. How are you coping with that?

I no longer wager on football in 2019; instead, I always make basketball predictions. We have made a lot of money betting on basketball, but the bookies have taken weeks to pay us our gains. They frequently raise their basketball lines with their bookies by more points, which can help them win, but as a skilled bettor, I can always find a method to avoid them. Although it’s not always easy, we always manage to prevail.

Have you ever considered quitting betting?

Yes, I have thought about giving up and I am doing so gradually because I like to encourage others and sports betting is simply a side gig for me. Hence, whenever I’m thinking of giving up, I constantly remember my fans who have supported and believed in me through my games. My desire is for everyone to succeed greatly—if not for everyone, then at least 50% of them—and I know that this will continue to occur.

You run a foundation that takes care of people’s needs, what’s the inspiration behind this?

I am a philanthropist, and I am aware of how difficult life can be in this nation. Because things are difficult in the nation, I usually attempt to lend a hand with what little I have. People with various family issues, business issues, and medical conditions typically leave comments in the comments section when we win bets. Since there is a method I can help them too, my heart cannot bear all of these things, thus I always try to aid those in need. Later, I stopped using my account and only made a Twitter account to assist individuals online.

You schooled in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State. How was life on campus and were you noted for betting in school as well?

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about college life was how the natives hounded the new students who had just started classes again because they wanted to take their money. However, I’m hoping that has now ended. Except for those who follow me on social media and are aware that I am the Mayor of Ekiti, not everyone knew me back then for my involvement in sports betting.

Betting aside, how passionate are you about football, basketball, and other sports?

While basketball is my favorite sport and something I am passionate about, I have no affinity for football and never watch football games. Even so, I support Chelsea, but that was back in the days of Joe Cole, Claude Makelele, Didier Drogba, and others. I also don’t have a favorite basketball team, but I do think a lot of the players are great. Another reason I don’t love football is that I don’t understand why 22 adult men who make decent money, have weekly allowances, live in the nicest mansions, and eat the best cuisine, get together to play football for ninety minutes on a given day and lose 1-0 or 0-0. I’m not a football fan; it’s awful for punters.

If you could liken yourself to a sports star, who would that be?

Maguire Harry. It’s funny, but it’s him because of his never-say-die attitude and “you can do it and you will do it” mentality, regardless of how difficult things may appear.

Are you considering owning your own betting company in the future?

Yes, I am thinking about that for the near future, and I don’t mind if gamblers give me bad dreams. Every time, I’m ready.

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