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Biography Of Fred Omondi

Fred Omondi Biography

Known by his stage name Fred Omondi, Fredrick Odhiambo Omondi was raised in Kisumu, Kenya.

He came from a family headed by his father, a prominent police inspector, and was the youngest.

Fred had three siblings: Irene, a German-based sister, and his older brothers, the late Joseph and Eric Omondi.


Prior to transitioning to club emceeing, Fred was a comedian whose name was shown in numerous club appearances around the nation.

Known by most as Fred Omondi, Fredrick Odhiambo Omondi was a dynamic and significant figure in Kenya’s entertainment sector.

In contrast to his well-known elder brother Eric Omondi, Fred Omondi forged a distinct career in comedy and club emceeing.


Fred’s journey from his early days in Nairobi’s creative environment to his current status as one of the nation’s most in-demand club emcees was characterized by inventiveness, tenacity, and a strong sense of family.

Fred Omondi Early Life and Family

Kisumu, Kenya, is the birthplace and upbringing of Fredrick Odhiambo Omondi, better known as Fred Omondi. His father was a senior police inspector, and he was the youngest in the family.

Fred was one of three siblings: his sister Irene, who resides in Germany, and his older brothers, the late Joseph and Eric Omondi. Several step-siblings were also a part of the family.

Fred Omondi Biography
Fred Omondi Biography

Fred Omondi Family troubles and tragedy

The Omondi family endured a great deal of suffering, particularly after Joseph Omondi passed away in 2018 from drug-related problems.

This tragic incident had a lasting impact on Fred and his siblings, especially Eric, and strengthened their relationship.

Fred Omondi Biography
Fred Omondi Biography

Fred Omondi Career starts and distinct methodology

Fred relocated to Nairobi with the intention of making a name for himself in the creative sector after completing his schooling.

In contrast to his brother Eric, who was already well-known in the comedy world, Fred aimed to forge his own path.

He created a distinct humorous style that used an inventive rhyme scheme, which he performed on the well-liked Kenyan comedy program, Churchill Show.

His unique style made him stick out and become well-known in the field.

Fred Omondi Biography
Fred Omondi Biography

Fred Omondi Make the switch to club emceeing

After experiencing early success in comedy, Fred made the successful switch to club emceeing.

He gained notoriety fast as one of Kenya’s top club emcees, electrifying crowds with his dynamic and fascinating performances.

His latest performance was at Kisumu’s Da Palace Lounge; his Instagram posts often featured his gigs.

Before his tragic death, he was looking forward to events that were slated to take place in Meru on June 15–16, 2024.

Additionally, Fred started Big Baba Entertainment, an entertainment business that focused on events.

Eric, Fred’s older brother, provided Fred with a lot of support during his career. In addition to assisting Fred in navigating the entertainment industry, Eric served as a father figure by providing direction and mentoring.

Their cooperation and reciprocal support for one another in a range of endeavors demonstrated their bond.

When Eric—who later became an activist—had legal troubles, Fred was usually one of the first to step in and assist him out.

Fred Omondi Biography
Fred Omondi Biography

Fred Omondi Personal Life

Despite not being married, Fred revealed in an intimate conversation that he was the father of a daughter.

He was a busy professional, but he remained close to his daughter.

Fred Omondi Biography
Fred Omondi Biography

Fred Omondi’s success as a club emcee and his inventive approach to comedy demonstrated his aptitude and commitment to the entertainment business.

For those who knew and loved him as well as the industry, his sudden passing was a great loss.

Fred Omondi Biography
Fred Omondi Biography

Fred Omondi, the brother of Eric Omondi, passed away. RIP.

The comedian died while he was being treated at Mama Lucy Hospital.

Fred Omondi, a comedian, passed away. After an alleged car crash, the comedian—who was Eric Omondi’s younger brother—was recovering at Mama Lucy Hospital.

Terence Creative, a fellow comedian and content producer, shared a lengthy and deeply emotional post on his Instagram account to confirm the awful news of Fred’s passing.

“I got the saddest call ever this morning at six a.m. 💔🖤 It aches so badly. I give thanks to God for our time together, Fred.

You have had a big impact on my professional development and progress in the field. You’ve always paid me, given me a stage, hosted me when I had nowhere else to go, and treated me like a brother.

We started doing comedy shows in clubs together. I will always treasure the times we spent together on stage at venues like Tribeka, Taj Mall, Hearts, iClub, and more, all the way up to the Churchill Show, where we eventually hosted KTN Crazy Comedy, our first TV program together,” the man stated.

“Together, we overcame obstacles, gained knowledge, motivated others, shared joy, and made cherished memories,” he went on. I shall hold and cherish each of these moments.

You were a remarkable person, Freddy. I am at a loss for words, but all I can say for now is that you performed admirably and that you will be missed and never forgotten. Go well, my friend.”

As he had already revealed in his Instagram stories, Fred had intended to spend the weekend in Meru.


Fred Omondi Instagram

What caused Fred Omondi to pass away?

This coming weekend, he and DJ Becky were scheduled to headline an event at BVB Lounge in Meru.

While online Kenyans have been expressing their sympathies, his brother has not yet disclosed any information regarding the circumstances surrounding the comedian’s passing.

Fred was riding a boda boda when it collided with a Forward Sacco bus at approximately 6:00 a.m. near Caltex Petrol Station, according to a police report.

Fred died instantly as his motorcycle, approaching from the other side, crashed into the bus head-on.

The boda boda rider also had fractures in both wrists and legs, according to the police report.

  • “He was rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital for treatment, and the body of the deceased is lying at the said hospital mortuary pending postmortem,” stated the statement.

Celebrities and Kenyans alike have been remembering the gifted comedian and how his charisma and skill enhanced their lives as they grieve his passing.

How Fred Omondi and Obinna got along?

In another instance, comedian and content producer Oga Obinna revealed that his best friend, Fred, had kidnapped and slept with his lover.

In an interview with Jalang’o, Oga Obinna described how his roommate Fred made advances on his girlfriend.

Oga Obinna claimed that Fred’s popularity and relative wealth at the time made it simple for him to win his friend’s girlfriend.

What became of Fred Omondi, the comedian?

You haven’t hosted your own program for the past two years, and we were expecting you to play a major role in the local comedy scene last year.

Why did you disappear completely?

I ask while my subject, comedian Fred Omondi, is taking a break in a less busy area of the club with his friends, Antonio, Terence, and Jose, taking center stage.

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