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DJ Roja Biography

DJ Roja is one of the most well-known young DJs who, through his innovative mixes, has revolutionized the music business and encouraged other young DJs to work in the field.

One-half of the well-known, popular, and brilliant DJ team known as Slick Stuart and Roja is Roja.

Additionally well-known for working with musicians and releasing music, Roja and Slick. They don’t sing in the songs, but they co-produce the music that is made public and owns the complete rights to it.


Roja performs as a DJ on NBS TV’s NBS After 5 program, which is hosted by Douglas Lwanga and Mc Kats and features DVJ Mercy Pro.

Roja also hosts NXT radio, which is still a part of Next Media Services, and he regularly has Qitui on the program.

But today as Flash our area of attention is going to be on profiling DJ Roja. This DJ pair (Slick Stuart and Roja) is famed for its annual event called the mixtape party where they invite fans and reveal their latest nonstop music.


DJ Roja, real name Rogers Kitaka Nsubuga (born September 29, 1989), is a well-known DJ and artist from Uganda.

DJ Roja, a native of the vivacious nation of Uganda, has distinguished himself as one of the top DJs in the throbbing metropolis of Kampala.

DJ Roja’s Early life and education

DJ Roja was born on September 29, 1989, in Kampala, Uganda, under the birth name Rogers Kitaka Nsubuga. He is descended from the Hajji family.

The mother was the late Agnes Nankabirwa, and the father was Nsubuga Ganga. The elder of the two children, Roger claims to have lived in several communities in and around Kampala, including Ntinda, Kireka, Kiwatule, and Kamokya.

After finishing high school, Roger enrolled in Kyambogo University’s Mbale branch and earned a diploma in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on refrigeration and air conditioning. Roger attended a variety of schools, including the city high school and Kanjuki SS.

He included math, physics, chemistry, and economics in his A-level coursework, which helped him qualify for a government stipend for his university studies.

When asked about his experiences in school, particularly in high school, Kitaka relates that he was a rapper and was expelled for being too stubborn. When Kitaka was still a child, his mother passed away, but he wasn’t too impacted because he had family at his side.

DJ Roja DJ Career

Roger decided to leave his engineering career while he was an intern at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala after realizing that he could not pursue it as a career.

Roja responds that he couldn’t live the engineers’ lifestyle when asked why. After giving up engineering, Roger began studying music mixing with the help of his uncle Cannibus, the proprietor of Blaster Sound.

Roger’s relatives were upset to learn that he had chosen Deeying as a career, and he ultimately left home.

After quitting Blaster Sounds, Roja used his OB to connect with DJ Pollo. As a result, he eventually became Pollo’s understudy and occasionally carried speakers for him.

Later, he met DJ Mercy, who helped him find a venue to play from. From there, he joined the Bugolobi bar known as Beats for Life. Before working at Wave Lounge, he was a start-up DJ for DJ Crim at Blue Heva.

Roja claims that joining Wave Lounge altered his life and that he had previously worked as a start-up DJ for the late DJ Momo. It was Mc Kats in Wave who introduced him to Ibrah Kadanke, and after they became friends, he began taking Ibrah to schools to DJ at school events.

DJ Slick Stuart And Roja Duo

Roja claims that at the end of the year in 2012, he met a DJ by the name of Slick Stuart who had gained notoriety for his renowned lengthy mixes.

The two used to run into each other at various gatherings like Buzz and Kandake, and when foreign performers came in like Konshens and Busy Signal, they ended up performing together even though they had not yet made up their minds to become a couple.

The two realized that they were essentially playing the same style of music in 2014, and it was at this point that they discussed and decided to form a pair. They might begin by playing music back-to-back, for instance, Slick playing five songs and Roja playing five songs.

However, in 2014 the two hosted their first mixtape party at Club Venom, and admission was by invitation only. The event, according to Roja, was a success, which encouraged them to make it an annual event. According to Roja, the notion to collaborate with musicians was shared by the two of them.

Even though they didn’t shoot the video and A Pass Bagonza kept all of the copyright rights, Roja recounts that one day while they were sitting at Badi Studios, they had an idea after hearing a recently recorded song by APass called Mumpulila.

Their second single, Walk to Work, which they co-wrote with Nutty Neithan, became a hit upon release and shook both the uptown and downtown markets.

Top entertainment DJs including DJ Mercy, Nasselo, Hearts, Dash, Vee, and many others are invited to perform at the majority of their annual events.

The pair joined Kfm under Nation Media Group in 2016 and took over as the station’s official DJs. Previously, they were DJs on the weekly show named Superstar Friday, which aired every Friday.

Later, in 2018, they joined Next Media Services, which had just launched NXT Radio, where they both DJ in various shows.

DJ Roja Awards

  • Buzz Teens awards, wickedest DJ of the year, 2016
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards, best non-Nigerian DJ, 2016
  • HiPipo Music Awards, DJ of the Year, 2017

DJ Roja Nomination

  • Nigeria Music Awards, DJ of the Year, 2016

DJ Roja Controversies

After hitting his fiancée Daniella in 2019, DJ Roja fled the scene. It was later claimed that his coworker helped him flee because the police were actively seeking him.

Roja was attacked by Jose Chameleon while still a DJ at Wave Lounge, and he nearly beat him up. Roja allegedly refused to play Chameleon’s song out of disrespect, but the two later came to an amicable agreement.

DJ Roja’s Social Media

  • Instagram handle: DJ ROJA (@djroja_)
  • Twitter handle: DJ Roja (@deejayroja)
  • Facebook: DJ Roja
  • Youtube Channel: Slick Stuart & DJ Roja

@DJ ROJA { 7star Dj} defends himself against claims made recently by @Kent and Flosso , stating that he prioritizes Nigerian music over playing local music. #djroja #ugandatiktok

♬ original sound – Exclusive Bizz

DJ Roja’s Personal Life

The 33-year-old DJ Roja and his girlfriend Daniella have been together for a considerable amount of time. But despite their close relationship, they haven’t been able to conceive kids.

A sad occurrence happened in 2019 when DJ Roja was accused of assaulting Daniella before running away. During the police’s extensive hunt for him, there were rumors that his coworker at work assisted him in eluding capture.

DJ Roja Discography

  • 2015 Ready to Go featuring Jamal Wasswa
  • 2016 Eva featuring Ykee Benda
  • 2016 Attention featuring Naira Ali
  • 2017 Pon mi featuring Beenie Gunter
  • 2017 Up in the Air featuring Kemishan & Cindy Sanyu
  • 2018 Very well featuring King Saha
  • 2019 More of this featuring Rema Namakula
  • 2019 Sunday featuring Allan Toniks
  • 2020 Kigwaleero featuring Jose Chameleone

DJ Roja’s Net Worth

A well-known disc jockey from Uganda named DJ Roja has made a name for himself in the business. He has achieved enormous success and fame because of his extraordinary talent and engaging performances.

According to estimates, DJ Roja has a net worth of between $500,000 and $1 million, which is a reflection of his significant accomplishments and successful career.

Who is DJ Roger?

Rogers Kitaka Nsubuga, better known by his stage name DJ Roja, is a multi-award-winning TV show host for NBS Television in Uganda. He is also a DJ, producer, and recording artist. He performs as the official DJ on the musical programs NBS After5 alongside DJ Mercy, Douglas Lwanga, Mc Kats, and Qitui.


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