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Ancilla van de Leest Biography

Ancilla van de Leest, also known by her stage name Linde van de Leest, was born in Rotterdam on July 21, 1985. She is a Dutch politician, producer, presenter, and activist.

Model, politician, and producer from the Netherlands who is well-recognized for supporting online privacy. During the 2017 Dutch parliamentary elections, she was chosen as the Pirate Party of the Netherlands’ top candidate. Additionally, she keeps posting pictures of herself modeling on Instagram for her more than 10,000 followers.


Ancilla van de Leest Early Life

On July 21, 1985, Ancilla van de Leest was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She went to a Catholic school and was raised in a middle-class home. As a young girl, Ancilla had a fascination with computers, science, and technology.

Ancilla started working as a model when she was 18 and rapidly became well-known in the Dutch fashion world.

She eventually lost interest in the business, though, and turned to politics instead.


Ancilla van de Leest Before Fame

Before a photographer found her, she was employed as a waiter. At the age of 18, she quit school, and in the May 2004 issue of Playboy, she made her modeling debut. In November 2011, she began sharing content on Instagram.

Ancilla van de Leest Modeling and media career

When a photographer came across van de Leest, she was a waiter and a Rotterdam gymnasium student. She dropped out of school and, at the age of 18, made an appearance as a Playmate under her real identity in the Dutch edition of the men’s magazine Playboy in May 2004. She later relocated to Los Angeles for employment and changed her name to Ancilla Tilia. Van van Leest was photographed by photographer and music video director Carli Hermès for the Dutch Playboy cover in June 2009. She once more graced the cover of Dutch Playboy in September 2012.

She also appeared on the covers of Sp!ts, Rotterdams Dagblad, Panorama, Aktueel, and Viva twice each. She also appeared on the covers of FHM’s Dutch edition once. Van de Leest’s modeling career came to an end in 2012.

Van de Leest, who specialized in latex clothing, corsets, high heels, and stockings, appeared in sensual fetish photography. She was a fetish model who graced the covers of Marquis, Bizarre, and The Picture.

She made her Comedy Central debut at the premiere of the Dutch Popoz comedy series in November 2013. She wrote the “Ask Ancilla” segment for the FHM magazine from 2008 to 2010, which later expanded into a full-page column that was published every month until 2010. She published the book Aan mijn jongere ik (translated as “To My Younger Self”) in 2011. She won the Nationale Reistest (a contest for travel knowledge) in 2013 under the category of “Famous Dutch person”

Ancilla van de Leest Pirate-Party

The Pirate Party of the Netherlands’ leading candidate for the 2017 Dutch legislative elections, Van de Leest, was chosen on June 26, 2016.

In interviews, Van de Leest stated that protecting privacy rights and fighting the abolition of cash are her top concerns. She predicts a scenario in which businesses using cash will face exorbitant fees in order to promote digital currency. She sees this as a trend that violates privacy because it allows for tracking of individuals based on their payment history. In addition to protecting privacy rights generally, the party places a particular emphasis on enhancing privacy in interactions between the government and its constituents because governments are more likely than corporations to violate citizens’ fundamental rights. She spoke up on behalf of the victims of a data breach in the town of Almelo in September 2016.

Ancilla made the decision to leave the Pirate-Party as lijsttrekker and concentrate on her own projects on April 6, 2017, according to her announcement. She will continue to provide guidance to incoming party members as a passive member.

Ancilla van de Leest Personal Life

Rogier van ‘t Hek, a Dutch journalist and author, is the husband of Ancilla van de Leest. They have two youngsters.

During her free time, Ancilla likes to spend time with her loved ones, write, and immerse herself in reading.

Ancilla van de Leest Trivia

Several magazines, including Playboy, Bizarre, FHM, and Marquis, have featured her on their covers.

Ancilla van de Leest Associated With

She was the cover star of the Dutch Playboy Magazine’s Money issue, which also included an interview with Ronald Koeman.

Ancilla van de Leest Social Media

  • Twitter handle: @ncilla
  • Instagram handle: @ncilla

Ancilla van de Leest Net Worth

Ancilla van de Leest’s net worth is unknown to the general public.

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