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Remy Baggins Biography

Urenmisan Solo-Edema, better known as Remy Baggins, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer, and sound engineer.

Remy started playing music around the age of five. Although he saw his father listening to Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and Whitney Houston, he believed that finding a piano at his uncle’s house was the catalyst for him. After learning how to play the piano that day, he informed his father that he should enroll in music lessons. Over time, he also became comfortable with the drums, guitar, and piano.

Baggins mentions that Eminem’s lyrics from the song “Not Apprehensive” had a big influence on his music, inspiring him to start writing songs, utilize FL Studio to research and learn about his generation, and perform at school events.

To general acclaim, Remy has released three performance projects and one community EP: VIV (2016), Eigengrau (2017), YLLW (with Eri Ife, 2018), and most recently, HENTAI (2019), in addition to songs like Choose, Ride With U, and Come Thru.

As evidence of his boundless talent, he has collaborated on projects as an included craftsman, maker/engineer, or both with a wide range of Nigerian artists, including Ajebutter22, Ice Prince, LadiPoe, Funbi, Bobson, Bella Alubo, Tomi Thomas, Tems, Blaqbonez, PsychoYP, Jinmi Abduls, Straffitti, and Dami Oniru.

Remy has showcased Lucid’s Lemon Curd twice in 2016 and 2017, as well as The Basement Gig twice in 2018. He also featured on the Trace Live Tour, Lagos, and played on the Next-Gen Stage at GidiFest 2018. Following the release of HENTAI, he was named Artist of the Month for August 2019 in Sub-Saharan Africa on Apple Music.

Remy Baggins Biography
Remy Baggins Biography

Remy Baggins Quick Facts 

  • Name: Urenmisan Solo-Edema
  • Stage Name: Remy Baggins 
  • Age: 
  • Birthday: 
  • Year Of Birth:
  • Country of Origin: Nigeria 
  • Nationality: Nigerian 
  • State of Origin: 
  • Home Town:
  • Raised: 
  • Place of Birth: 
  • Siblings: 
  • Education: 
  • Ethnicity / Tribe: 
  • Religion: 
  • Gender: Male
  • Source of Wealth: Musician
  • Residence: Lagos State 
  • Music Career: 2015 – Present 
  • Voice Tag / Catch Phrase: 
  • Genre: Trap
  • Role Model(s): 
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Record Label:
  • Endorsements: 
  • Instagram Handle: remybaggins
  • Awards:
  • Children: 
  • Last Updated: 

Remy Baggins Net Worth

Remy Baggins Net Worth
Remy Baggins Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Remy Baggins in US dollars is $20,000.

Into The Life Of The Artist – Remy Baggins 

Into The Life Of The Artist – Remy Baggins 
Into The Life Of The Artist – Remy Baggins

Can you tell us about yourself? Who is Remy Baggins?

I’m a god, to put it simply lol. I consider myself to be a very straightforward man. Good music, films, TV shows, anime, stand-up comedy, and Pringles are all things I adore. Charm eet.

We all know you as a badass producer and songwriter, can you tell us about how you started making music?

I saw an Eminem video on TV called “Not Afraid,” and that’s when I started making songs. But I’ve been a “musician” my entire life. Since I’ve played instruments since I was little, that song was a challenge to me because it seemed like something I could compose and produce. I thus began writing lyrics, purchased FL Studio, began producing beats, and began giving performances. and now here we are.

Can you recall the music you listened to while growing up? Do you think it has influenced your choice of music in any way?

Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, King Sunny Ade, and Yanni were among the artists that my dad frequently played. My music is influenced by both Michael Jackson and Yanni.

It’s easy to see music means a lot to you. Can you tell us how music feels—your personal experience with music? We’d love to hear about that.

Omo. It is a manner of being. It’s my fictitious companion. It’s counseling. Even though I’m a man of few words, when it comes to singing, I scarcely hold back. It’s a way out, I suppose. I don’t believe there is an ideal response to this.

So, let’s dig deeper still, what kind of music do you think you make?

I create whatever comes to mind. My current playlist dictates what I’m making, which is dictated by how I’m feeling at the moment. Thus, everything depends on how I’m feeling. Although R&B/Soul is my specialty, that’s simply one of my moods. When listeners notice my “new music” alerts, I believe they should be open-minded.

It’s been 4 years since you introduced yourself to us with the beautiful VIV. What did that project do for you as a creative?

To start with, I got into a lot of difficulty at home since my parents didn’t like that it was in the media. Despite that, I gained a lot of attention and became recognized as an artist because previously, people had only known me as a producer.

With 2 EPs and 2 albums out after VIV, tell us about your experience in the industry so far.

It’s two LPs and three EPs. Man, what a roller coaster it’s been. I’ve formed families, lost friends, celebrated victories, and taken Ls. There is always a learning curve. The streets are rough, dude. Not for the timid.

Talking about your new project, Amaterasu, tell us what motivated you to bring out the rapper in you.

That component has always been there since I was a rapper first. Rap seemed to be the most appropriate medium for expressing the stories and emotions I wanted to share.

On “808 Therapy”, you talked about your idol telling your friend you would never blow. How do you deal with criticism and negative energy as a budding artist?

I take criticism in stride. I’m my worst critic because I tend to overthink things and become a little bit of a perfectionist. I always make sure to get feedback from a few of my trusted guys before releasing anything so I can make any required adjustments. When it comes to negative energy, I try to recognize it as soon as I can and avoid it. (The Bullshit Sniffer is my superhero name 💀)

Your projects are named after Anime words; what’s your top 5 anime?

Attack On Titan, Hunter x Hunter, FMA Brotherhood, Naruto, One Punch Man.

You do a lot of things. Do you think you are too talented?

To be honest, I don’t think I have the talent for the things that are going through my mind. I have a lot on my to-do list, therefore the more things I cross off, the more “talented” I can claim to be. But set that aside, mo terrible gan. You’ll understand when I have the chance to pursue my passions.

Can you take us through your creative process—how do you come up with these new sounds?

curiosity and ongoing adjustment. I usually think to myself, “I wonder what will happen if I bring these chords here, borrow these drums from this other song, play some synths here, and throw some sexy 808s on it,” when I hear a song that I like. Sometimes it’s just emotion expressed pure.

What other interests do you have apart from making music?

reading, watching things, and sucking my breast (I promise, if you take it away, we’ll fight).

What’s a controversial thing you have to say?

Little booties matter, and I’m sicker than all of your faves.

Follow Remy Baggins 

Follow Remy Baggins 
Follow Remy Baggins

FACEBOOK: Remy Baggins  TWITTER: @RemyBaggins INSTAGRAM: remybaggins

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