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Biography Of Munawar Zama

Munawar Zama Biography

Munawar Zama is the CEO and founder of English House Academy.

His journey from being a pharmacist to a world-renowned personality development trainer and motivational speaker is truly phenomenal.

His journey is a ray of hope for the youth who are depressed, demotivated, and deviated, but wish to do wonders in their lives.


His accomplishments and incessant research in the field of teaching, training, and transformation are a big source of inspiration for the aspirants who wish to unleash their potential and make their presence felt with their performance, progress, and personalities.

He founded the English House Academy with the primary purpose of instilling confidence, teaching etiquette, nurturing values, improving communication skills, developing public speaking skills, and providing quality education to youth and other hopefuls while also grooming their personalities.

Munawar Zama and his dedicated team members traveled to 19 states across India, training over one lakh students, teachers, lecturers, professors, doctors, engineers, advocates, police officers, scholars, and other professionals in schools, colleges, universities, hotels, and auditoriums.


Munawar Zama Biography
Munawar Zama Biography

Munawar Zama Awards and Honors

After seeing an incredible transformation in the participants, the US Embassy and British High Commission praised and acknowledged Munawar Zama’s teaching style, and numerous prominent NGOs awarded Munawar Zama with the following awards:

  • 2019 – National Award For Excellence In Education
  • 2019 – The Revolutionary Trainer Of India
  • 2019 – The Influential Trainer Of The Decade
  • 2016 – The Ideal Teacher
  • 2013 – Indian Icon Award
  • 2012 – World Human Rights Protection Association Award
  • 2011 – Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award

Munawar Zama Expert In Importing

Who Is Munawar Zama?

He Is the CEO and creator of English Academy.

This voyage represents a glimmer of hope for young people who are dejected, demotivated, and deviated but want to make a difference in their lives.

His experience in teaching, training, and transforming is a great source of motivation for aspirants who want to realize their full potential and make an impact on their performance, progress, and personality.

Who is Munawar Zama’s biography?

Munawar Zama is the CEO and Founder of English House Academy. His journey from pharmacist to world-renowned personality development trainer and motivational speaker is quite remarkable.

Munawar Zama Biography
Munawar Zama Biography


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