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Mary Bruce Biography

American journalist Mary Bruce is well-known and resides in Washington, D.C. She is a well-known figure in the journalistic world and serves as ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent. She has a great deal of industry experience.

Mary Bruce had a desire of being a journalist when she was younger. She put a lot of effort into realizing her dreams. Continue reading to find out more about her height, age, profession, marriage, and kids.

Mary Bruce Biography
Mary Bruce Biography

Mary Bruce Profile Summary

Full name Mary Bruce
Gender Female
Date of birth 25th of May 1985
Age 36 years old
Place of birth Washington, DC, USA
Current residence Washington, D.C. USA
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Husband Duanne Monroe
Children 2
Parents Henry and Rose Bruce
Sibling 1
Alma Mater National Cathedral School and Washington University in St. Louis
Profession Journalist

Mary Bruce height and weight

The reputable journalist stands at 168 centimeters, or 5 feet 6 inches, tall. She has brown eyes and golden hair, and she weighs roughly 128 pounds, or 58 kilos.


Mary Bruce Net Worth

Mary Bruce Net Worth
Mary Bruce Net Worth

According to reports, Mary Bruce is worth $700,000 and she lives in Washington, D.C., USA, with her family right now.

Mary Bruce Educational background

The National Cathedral School was attended by ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent. Following her departure from the school, she attended Washington University in St. Louis from 2001 until 2005. She earned a degree in Spanish and history.

Mary Bruce Career

Mary Bruce Career
Mary Bruce Career

The journalist has spent the last eighteen years of her career at ABC News. She began working at FDC Reports in September 2005.


She worked as a reporter at the time. She quit in October 2006 after a year and a month of employment there.

She currently works at ABC News, which was her next position. She moved up the ranks to become Chief White House Correspondent.

She began working as a desk assistant at ABC News. Her tenure began in October 2006 and ended in October of the following year.

Then, in May 2010, she was elevated to the position of This Week Researcher/Segment Producer, which she remained in. In May 2010–May 2011, she worked as a General Assignment Producer after that.

Her employer promoted her to White House Producer in May 2010. For five years and one month, she was in that position. She received a promotion to Multi-Platform Reporter in May 2015, a role that she held for five months.

She started working as a Congressional Correspondent in September 2015. It took her two years and one month to hold this championship. In September 2017, she was elevated to the position of Senior Congressional Correspondent.

She was also an ABC News Senior White House Correspondent. Her tenure began in January 2021 and ended in April 2023.

Mary Bruce car accident

Mary Bruce car accident 
Mary Bruce car accident

The journalist and Abbie Boudreau were in an automobile accident on December of 2010. The two were traveling to cover a story about the US military when another automobile rear-ended the car they were in.

They were taken in an ambulance to a Richmond hospital. After their recovery, they resumed their jobs.

Mary Bruce Personal Life

Duane Moore and Mary Bruce were reported to have been dating since 2010, although they only exchanged vows in September of 2015.

Mary and Duane keep their marriage a secret from the public; they are parents to a daughter named Eve and a son named Elvis.

Mary Bruce Trivia

In her spare time, she likes to travel and spend time with her family.

She adores animals.

She like sweets.

American journalist Mary Bruce works for ABC News as a senior White House correspondent. She is highly regarded and has over 15 years of journalism experience.

Mary Bruce Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Mary Bruce (@marykbruce)
  • Twitter handle: Mary Bruce (@marykbruce)
  • Facebook: Mary Bruce

Who Is Mary Bruce

Journalist Mary Bruce is an experienced one. Her work as ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent is amazing.

How old is Mary Bruce?

In 2023, Mary Bruce will be 38 years old. Her birthdate is May 25, 1985, and she was born under the sign of Gemini.

Where is Mary Bruce from ABC News from?

The journalist is an American national who is from the United States of America. She grew up in Washington, DC, where she was born. She currently resides in the nation’s capital city.

Who are Mary Bruce’s parents?

Mary Bruce of ABC was born to Rose Read and Henry, her father. Her family is White, and she has a single sibling.

What happened to Mary Bruce from ABC News?

At ABC News, the journalist is still moving up the career ladder. She was appointed ABC News’ chief White House correspondent in April 2023.

She expressed her gratitude and humility for the chance to receive her new promotion. She added that it was weird because she was inspired by chief White House correspondents growing up in Washington, D.C.

Did Mary Bruce replace Jonathan Karl?

No, Cecilia Vega, who left the network earlier in the year to work for CBS News and 60 Minutes, was succeeded by her.

From January 2021 to April 2023, Vega served as the chief White House correspondent. From 2012 until 2021, Jonathan Karl served as ABC’s lead White House correspondent.

Is Jonathan Karl leaving ABC?

No, he continues to work for ABC News. He co-anchors This Week with George Stephanopoulos and serves as the show’s chief Washington reporter.

Who is Mary Bruce’s husband?

Duane Moore is the husband of the journalist from ABC. 2010 saw her meet him for the first time, and they soon began dating.

In 2013, he proposed to her, and in September of 2015, they were married. The media has not been informed about the two’s relationship.

Did Mary Bruce have her baby?

Indeed, the journalist gave birth to her child and is now a mother of two. Elvis is a son and her first child.

She disclosed that she was expecting her second child in March 2021. Upon learning she was expecting a girl, she was thrilled to learn she was expecting a son the first time around.

Eve, her second child, was born on June 24, 2021, a Thursday. At birth, she was 19 inches in length and weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces.

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