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Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Tsekeleke is well-known among South Africa’s young entrepreneurs.

Kgopotso Mmutlane, also known as DJ Coach Tsekeleke, is a South African who claims to be a young millionaire.

He is the founder of Forex Broker Killer and a DJ who enjoys working on his decks.


The life of the young millionaire will motivate you to achieve more and do your best.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke leads a glamorous lifestyle and drives some of the most exotic vehicles you can imagine.

Considering his age, he has accomplished plenty.


The DJ/FX trader is doing well in life, but this was not always the case. If you want a real-life definition of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom, Now We Are Here” music, go no farther than Tsekeleke.

His journey from grass to grace is noteworthy, and you should be inspired by his story.

Dj Coach Biography
                  Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Profile

Birth name: Kgopotso Mmutlane

Nicknames: Mr eWallet, Dj Coach, Dj Tsekeleke, Forex Broker Killer

Date of birth: 1995

Age: 26 years old

Profession: Forex trader, philanthropist, author, Deejay, YouTuber, and musician

Famous for: Being a young, self-made forex millionaire

Birthplace/hometown: Motodi village, near Burgersfort in Limpopo, South Africa

Nationality: South African

Current residence: South Africa

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: African

Body build: Fit

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Children: One

Education: Leolo

High School and Tshwane University of Technology Degrees: High school diploma

Dj Coach Biography
                  Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Background Information

DJ Coach Tsekeleke was born in Motodi hamlet, near Burgersfort, Limpopo Province, in 1995. So, what is DJ Tsekeleke’s age? DJ Coach Tsekeleke will be 26 years old in 2021.

He refers to himself as an author, forex trader, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and one of South Africa’s youngest millionaires.

According to the entrepreneur, he was not born into a wealthy household. However, he grew up in a loving Christian environment. The family resided in a small house.

Despite their little income, he said that the family never went hungry. This is owed to his father, who ensured that the family’s necessities were met at any cost.

Beautifully, Tsekeleke stated that he was compelled to go the additional mile because he grew up in a tiny house while others owned lovely homes. He also had an unquenchable ambition to achieve achievement.

Dj Coach Biography
                  Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Early Life and Family

DJ Coach Tsekeleke, real name Kgopotso Mmutlane, had wanted to be a DJ since he was a child, but his parents were against it.

They assumed that as a DJ, he would be exposed to the world of drugs, women, and violence.

They were even concerned that if he became a DJ, he might be killed in a nightclub brawl.

Despite his parents’ lack of support, Kgopotso Mmutlane was determined to become a DJ and pursued his dream.

Now fast forward to the present, and he is a well-known DJ. It’s unclear how he started deejaying and became popular.

Dj Coach Biography
                    Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Career

DJ Coach Tsekeleke claims he’s wanted to be a DJ since he was a child, but his parents wouldn’t let him. They believed it was an unsuitable job for anyone seeking to avoid the devil.

They were concerned that he might get into a fight and be killed at one of his nightclub shows.

He, however, pursued his deejaying career without his parents’ permission. As a result, he gained popularity and acquired the moniker Dj Coach Tsekeleke.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke’s Forex Trading Firm

It is not news that forex is a worldwide market with several hazards. However, this risk piqued Tsekeleke’s interest. So, Mr. eWallet founded the Forex Broker Killer Institution and created the one-minute technique and all of its variations.

At the same time, DJ Coach Tsekeleke’s one-minute plan has propelled him to the top of South Africa’s FX trading ranks. DJ Coach Tsekeleke’s net worth has skyrocketed since creating his FX trading system.

As an author, the successful forex trader packed the secret approach as a PDF eBook called Dj Coach Tsekeleke. If you are new to forex and want to learn the ropes before jumping in, you should download this online book.

But then, when asked how he got into the industry, Dj Coach told Samke Mhlongo that his friend, Merika Mphogo, introduced him to it in April 2016.

Dj Coach Biography
                   Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Songs, reality shows, and videos

In addition to being a forex trader, the entrepreneur is also a successful musician. The debut track by DJ Coach is titled Buya Kim. In addition, he has published a few tracks with other musicians.

They include:

Golden Sand (Deep House Guitar Edit) DJ Coach ft. Dhany.

Happy Day (Extended Mix, DJ Coach)

Golden Sand (Deep House Guitar Edit) DJ Coach ft. Dhany.

Golden Sand (Instrumental Edit) DJ Coach ft. Dhany

Forex Trader DJ Coach with Mellow Oupich

Additionally, Dj Couch Tsekeleke introduced FBK Millionaires, a reality show that airs on MojaLoveTvDstv Channel 157. The show initially aired on Saturday, August 17, 2019, at 20:00.

This millennial has also been the most active on his YouTube account. Samke Mhlongo interviewed him, among others. He is frequently invited to talk on the subject of Forex Broker Killer. He currently has over 65,000 subscribers on his channel.

Dj Coach Biography
                             Dj Coach Biography

His reality TV show ‘FBK Millionaires’ was canceled due to contractual disagreements

DJ Coach premiered his reality TV show, ‘FBK Millionaires, on MojaLoveTv – DStv Channel 157 in 2019. Unfortunately, the show only aired for four episodes before being canceled.

‘Technical obstacles and problems with the footage,’ Moja Love initially said as the reason for the show’s termination. According to DJ Coach Tsekeleke, Moja Love did not live up to their end of the agreement.

His first annoyance, he recalls, came when the show’s name was changed. The show was meant to be titled ‘FBK Hustlers’, but the channel changed it to ‘FBK Millionaires’.

Another major source of contention was Moja Love’s failure to pay them as agreed. He stated that they agreed to get 20% of their compensation before the show began airing, another 20% by the second episode, and the final 20% by the eighth episode, after which they should have received their whole salary. Despite delivering an invoice, he did not receive the agreed-upon payment.

When the station attempted to script the show to add drama, it was the final nail in the coffin, forcing him to quit completely. Scripting the show was like battling his want to do a reality TV show for him.

Dj Coach Biography
                   Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach House and Cars

Forex Broker Killer, as he is popularly known, claims to own seven residences and twenty cars. He shows off his exotic automobiles and lavish houses in some of his YouTube broadcasts. Nonetheless, his automotive collection includes a G-wagon, an Audi, and many Mercedes-Benz models.

Interestingly, his parents are not excluded from his lavish lifestyle. For instance, he bought his mother a new Audi A6. He shared the motivation behind that move on his Twitter handle, saying:

Dj Coach Biography
               Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach-Net Worth

The entrepreneur’s actual net worth is unknown, however, he has shown his FNB bank account in a YouTube video.

The statement of account displayed an enticing sum of R40 million.

This, combined with his opulent lifestyle, demonstrates how wealthy this young South African has become.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke is a brilliant intellect and a mentor to many. He achieved millionaire status at an early age, which is very inspirational.

This is because he did not let his poor beginnings limit his imagination.

Interestingly, he rose from the ashes to demonstrate to the world that, yes, where there is a will, there is a way.

Dj Coach Biography
                       Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Tsekelekes’ net worth has become a controversial subject

You’d think someone who flaunts a lot of money and is known as ‘eWallet’ because he gives money out so frequently would be affluent.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke revealed in one of his YouTube videos that he has R40 million in his FNB account, and given the cars he drives and the expensive lifestyle he lives, it’s impossible to deny that he’s a millionaire.

However, the exact amount he is worth remains unknown.

Another example of how wealthy DJ Coach Tsekeleke could be came when a fan commented on one of his social media posts, claiming to have lost R4000 in forex.

DJ Coach boosted his followers’ confidence by sharing his personal story of losing almost R40 million in Forex.

Some people, however, believe that DJ Coach’s fortune is fake and solely based on social media. His reality TV show was canceled because people feel he is a con artist.

Dj Coach Biography
                              Dj Coach Biography

DJ Coach Social Media

Based on his Instagram pictures, the FX trader and musician is certainly a flashy guy.

The young self-made millionaire uploads photos of himself and his possessions. Tsekeleke lives the life of a king, which is admirable.

He is also known as Mr. E-wallet due to his propensity to host financial giveaways for his Instagram followers. He currently has over 278,000 followers on his official page.




The only DJ who pays his supporters ❤️🙏 #djcoach

♬ original sound – DJ Coach

Who is DJ Coach Tsekeleke’s collaborator?

For someone who is generally vocal about his accomplishments on social media, it has been difficult to determine who the millionaire’s spouse is. Nonetheless, the DJ coach posted a picture of his child on social media.

DJ Coach Tsekeleke is from where?

From hut to millionaire. Mr. Kgopotso Mutlane. We caught up with Kgopotso Mmutlane, also known as DJ coach Tsekeleke, at his enormous mansion property. Born in Motodi hamlet near Burgersfort Town, Limpopo province.

How does a DJ coach earn money?

The basic answer is that he makes money through a variety of sources. The ‘Young Millionaire’ appears to be a businessman who has not placed all of his eggs in one basket. DJ Coach Tsekeleke’s income sources include forex trading, deejaying, singing, and YouTube.

DJ Coach uses which broker?

Finally, DJ Coach has recently established a brokerage firm called FBK Markets, and as we at WikiFX conducted a site survey on this broker, we established that the FSCA number for FBK was invalid, the firm was not located at the address given on their website, and the firm does not feature on the FSCA website.

Dj Coach Biography
                           Dj Coach Biography

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