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Deezell Ft DJ AB – Sugar

Deezell Ft DJ AB – Sugar Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: Deezell
  • Song Name: Sugar Ft DJ AB
  • Duration: ..:..
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

Sugar,” Deezell’s most recent joint project with DJ AB, demonstrates the talents and accomplishments of both musicians in the Northern Nigerian music landscape.

This song, which is a part of Deezell’s vast musical catalog, is a lively combination of captivating lyrics and infectious beats that showcase the individual characteristics of both performers.

Deezell Ft DJ AB - Sugar Mp3 Download
Deezell Ft DJ AB – Sugar Mp3 Download

With its unique blend of traditional Nigerian rhythms and contemporary hip-hop components, “Sugar” exudes outstanding production quality.


With its catchy afrobeat and hip-hop fusion, the beat is contagious and provides the ideal atmosphere for the singers’ skillful lyrics.

Fans are sure to find resonance in the song’s whimsical and romantic lyrics, which center around themes of love and admiration.

With his ability to rap in both Hausa and English, Deezell is well-known for adding dynamic energy to “Sugar.” His verses are incisive, humorous, and presented in a way that keeps the listener interested throughout.


DJ AB’s distinct voice and smooth delivery enhance Deezell’s performance, giving the song more dimension. The two artists get along, which facilitates a smooth and joyful collaboration.

A well-known personality in the Hausa rap industry, Deezell is renowned for his ability to use music to overcome ethnic divides.

With his adaptable style, DJ AB keeps securing his position in the Nigerian music scene. Their joint effort on “Sugar” is a perfect example of the depth and promise of Northern Nigerian hip-hop for a wider audience.

All things considered, “Sugar” is a remarkable song that features outstanding production, captivating lyrics, and outstanding vocals from DJ AB and Deezell.

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It is evidence of their abilities and a noteworthy development for Nigerian music. This song reminds listeners of the rich musical culture of Northern Nigeria and is sure to become a hit among fans.


The lively and captivating song “Sugar” by Deezell and DJ AB showcases the creative talents of both performers.

The song perfectly combines traditional Nigerian sounds with contemporary hip-hop components thanks to its excellent production, engaging beats, and captivating lyrics.

DJ AB’s polished delivery along with Deezell’s dynamic energy and bilingual rap prowess make for a smooth and comfortable working relationship.

The single stands out in the present Nigerian music scene because of its themes of love and appreciation, which are expressed via whimsical and romantic lyrics that connect with listeners.

Through this partnership, the artists’ standing in the industry is further cemented, and the potential and richness of hip-hop in Northern Nigeria are demonstrated.

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