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Darlington Michaels Biography

Actor Darlington Michaels, best known by his stage as Papa G, was born in South Africa on August 1st, 1970.

His sixteen-year stint on Isidingo, which started in 1998, is what made him famous.

In South Africa, he is hailed as one of the greatest living performers.


Darlington Michaels Profile

Name Darlington Michaels
Other names Papa G
Nationality South African
Gender Male
Baby Mama Xoli Mkhize
Years active in Isindigo 16 years

Darlington Michaels Early Life

In the year 1970, on the first day of August, Darlington Michaels was born.

He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on a farm.

He was influenced by apartheid as a young man in South Africa, therefore he struggled to find acting possibilities.


Darlington Michaels Education

In Johannesburg, Darlington Michaels began and finished his elementary and secondary studies.

Despite not having extensive acting instruction, he has a natural flair for acting.

Darlington Michaels Career

On the program, Darlington Michaels played the colorful thug Georgie Zamdela (also known as Papa G). In 2012, he also played the con artist Daliza in the Mzansi Magic comedy Chandies.

Because of his role in Isidingo, one of the most well-liked television programs in South Africa, the actor became well-known among television viewers.

Darlington Michaels talked about how he got the job that made him famous in an interview. The final episode of the program aired on March 12, 2020, a Thursday.

When it was revealed that this was the final episode, many people were disappointed. Darlington Michaels, however, stunned the audience the following day when he arrived on The Morning Flava breakfast program.

He portrayed Georgie “Papa G” Zamdela on the soap opera for sixteen years. Darlington Michaels recalls that before getting the position, he had five different auditions.

He insisted that he arrived at the audition with the gear that goes with the “Papa G” image. He was unaware that it impressed the show’s creators, though.

50 persons attended the audition, which was later reduced to seven and ultimately to one. The creators of the show claimed that Darlington Michaels was the one who taught Georgie Zamdela the swag and jargon, and that Georgie Zamdela was nothing more than a scrap of paper.

Darlington Michaels Personal Life

After having a stroke in 2015, veteran actor Darlington Michaels made headlines. Because of the severity of his stroke, he required wheelchair assistance.

Later, Darlington Michaels alleged that the creators of the hit television program Isindigo abandoned him when he needed assistance. According to accounts, the producers tried to “woo” him back after he left the program.

After spending 16 years working on a show, he remarked, “I was quite wounded when I didn’t get any assistance from them during the time I was ill.”

The veteran’s fiancée and the mother of his child allegedly accused him of infidelity in 2016, according to The Citizen. She also charged adultery with a new actress working in Darlington Michaels’ theater.

Darlington Michaels was seeing his longtime actress lover Xoli Mkhize. They had been together for almost ten years when his baby mom decided to separate.

After accusing the seasoned actor of infidelity with Khanyi Hempe, who was only twenty-nine years old at the time, Xoli Mkhize dissolved their relationship.

Darlington Michaels Social Media

Social media is not a priority for Darlington Michaels. However, the seasoned actor has a large number of fan pages devoted to his Papa G persona.

Darlington Michaels Net Worth

Darlington Michaels, a renowned and experienced actor from South Africa, is thought to be worth between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in total.

Darlington Michaels Sickness

The legendary actor’s stroke in 2015 garnered media attention. He needed the assistance of a wheelchair because the stroke was so severe.

Later, Papa G said that the creators of the well-known show Isindigo abandoned him when he needed them. According to accounts, the producers of the sought to “woo” him back after he left the show.

“I was very hurt when I didn’t get any support from them during the time I was sick after working on a show for 16 years,” said the performer.

Darlington Michaels Baby Mama

The veteran was reportedly accused of cheating by his fiancée and baby’s mother in 2016, according to The Citizen. She allegedly accused Papa G of infidelity with a fresh actress in his theater, according to the report.

Xoli Mkhize, a well-known actress, and Darlington were dating. When his baby mama made the decision to end their almost ten-year relationship, the couple was still together.

Mkhize broke up with the seasoned actor because she believed he had cheated on her with Khanyi Hempe, who was 29 years old at the time.

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