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Chris Browns Baby Mama Ammika Harris Biographyka Harris Biography

Ammika Harris, an American ‘Instagram’ model, gained notoriety due to her marriage to singer-songwriter Chris Brown. The two have been a couple for a while. They first kept their on-again, off-again relationship a secret. Chris may have even been seeing other women at the time, according to rumors. Ammika and Chris’s relationship was first made public in the start of 2019 when Chris was allegedly implicated in a rape case. Currently, they have made it official that they are expecting a child together and that things between them are improving. A few months had passed since their breakup, and Chris had already moved on to a new relationship by the time the news of her pregnancy broke.

Ammika Harris Early Life

Harris, a popular Instagram user, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, on March 16, 1993. She belongs to the Blasian race. Asian, African American, and Native American ancestors make up Ammika’s family. Her father is black, but her mother is Thai.


The University of California, Los Angeles, was where she studied. The famous person hasn’t disclosed anything about the jobs of her parents or siblings on social media. Harris, like many other famous people, leads a very private existence, but she may soon divulge such details.


Ammika Harris The Relationship

The speculations of Ammika and Chris’s relationship first surfaced in 2015. But at that time, none of them had made any statements regarding their connection. Instead, Chris was associated with other women, which ultimately obscured the rumors of his liaison with Ammika. After Ammika was spotted on one of her “Instagram” pictures exchanging some love emoticons with Chris, the allegations started to circulate once more in June 2018.


When Chris was arrested in Paris in January 2019 after a lady accused him of raping her at a nearby hotel, the two were once more seen together. A few days before to their arrest, Chris and Ammika were there on vacation and were seen having a private time at the nightclub called “Cirque Bonheur.” Ammika and Chris were reportedly dancing and completely enamored with one another at the nightclub, according to the ‘Daily Mail’.

Chris’s legal ordeal seems to agitate Ammika. She posted a description of the incident along with a trip diary on her Instagram page. By late April 2019, the two, however, reportedly split up since Chris allegedly started dating model Indyamarie Jean. However, due to Ammika’s pregnancy with Chris’s child, Indyamarie and Chris separated.

It was revealed that Ammika was expecting Chris’s child in June 2019. From his connection with Nia Guzman, who was then his girlfriend, he has a daughter named Royalty Brown who was born on May 27, 2014, in Texas. When Nia’s pregnancy was discovered, Chris was dating Karrueche Tran, and this situation repeated itself a second time. The revelation of Ammika’s pregnancy led to Chris and Indyamarie’s separation. Nia had to struggle for Royalty’s custody for years before the couple was given joint custody of the children and a child support arrangement was in place. After she turned one, Chris learned about royalty. After that, he had to get along with Nia for the sake of being a good parent.

Ammika announced her pregnancy after posting a few photos from her birthday celebration to ‘Instagram.’ The photographs showed the ‘Instagram’ model, who is renowned for her bikini-ready figure, sporting a little bulge. She never explicitly stated that she was pregnant, but she did provide some hints that she was.

Chris also indicated that he and Ammika were planning to have a family by commenting on her Instagram images with phrases like “my baby mama.” Many found it puzzling considering the two had split up a few months before to the initial emergence of the pregnancy rumor. Many speculated that he might have called her to make up for a previous argument they may have had. A few days later, the two did, in fact, disclose the news to “Page Six,” confirming that Royalty Brown will soon have an older sister.

Ammika Harris Family & Personal Life

Ammika was born in the US on May 16, 1993. She is Native American, Asian, and of African-American descent. Ammika describes her ethnicity as “blasian with cherokee blood” [sic] on her ‘Instagram’ bio. She attended the ‘University of California, Los Angeles’ (UCLA).

Ammika has a long-standing infatuation on musician Chris Brown that started in 2014 while she was a student. She watched the celebrity’s music videos all the time, which demonstrated how much she liked him.

Chris Brown’s personal life began with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, however it was a fleeting union.

Rumors then started to spread that Chris was dating Ammika. Though they resisted publicly declaring their relationship, the couple started dating in 2015. Harris’ Instagram pictures, though, provide convincing proof of their warm relationship.

They were sighted by admirers in Paris in January 2019 where they enjoyed each other’s company. Harris accused Chris of assaulting a local hotel employee while they were visiting the area, which put Chris in legal jeopardy. They had spent a great evening together at the Cirque Bonheur nightclub just before his arrest. Thankfully, he was only detained for a short time before being freed.

Ammika Harris Social Media

  • Instagram: @ammikaaa
  • Facebook: @OfficialAmmika
  • Facebook 2: @ammika.harris.581
  • Twitter: @aammikaa
  • Youtube: @AmmikaHarris


Ammika is strikingly similar to Karrueche Tran, Chris’s ex-girlfriend, who also has Asian ancestry.

Net Worth

The Instagram celebrity is really passionate about her work. She has accumulated a substantial chunk of money as a result since starting her Instagram star and modeling career. In her twenties, she has had remarkable success.

She can nurture Chris’s young child in a lavish atmosphere even though they are not married. Chris is a well-known R&B rapper. The celebrity’s net worth ranges from $1,000,000 to $7,000,000.

What is Ammika Harris famous for?

Ammika Harris is a well-known Instagram star and model from the United States. She has 832 thousand followers on Instagram as Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend. She has worked extremely hard and consistently promotes her modeling abilities on social media.

What is amika ethnicity?

In her Instagram account, Ammika Harris describes herself as “blasian with cherokee blood.” While Cherokee alludes to Native American origin, Blasian is a name used to indicate a combination of black and Asian heritage.

How long did Ammika and Chris Brown date?

Chris and Ammika started dating in 2015.

What happened between Ammika Harris and Chris Brown?

Woman Says She Saw Chris Brown Abuse Ammika Harris on Video. A lady made derogatory claims on Instagram that the musician had beaten the mother of his child. Ammika Harris doesn’t post much on social media, yet her name is often in the news.

Is Chris still with Ammika?

After Aeko arrived, they broke up, and ever since then, their relationship has been on and off repeatedly. Since Chris stated in April 2022 that he had a three-month-old kid named Lovely with model Diamond Brown, it is unknown whether the two are currently dating.

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