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You Will Never Hear Me Speak This Language In My Lyrics – T.I Blaze Give Head Ups

T.I Blaze Give Head Ups About His Incoming Biggy bag project

One of the popular Yoruba rapper has come out to express how his near coming project is going to be put out in place.

“No Yoruba lyrics or incantations in my upcoming album, I guess am going to be disappointing y’all but trust me it’s going to be classic.

The right ups above was written by one of the next rated Nigerian figure T.I Blaze. T.I Blaze he was born on February 16, 2000 in Ogun State. He has always been a lover of music since he was a teenager and would sing and rap for his classmates when he was in secondary school.


I want some street songs that’s gonna leave 9ja to other countries” ~ T.I Blaze gave heads-up on upcoming EP.🙄‼️

He is said to drop the gig project on the November 09, the album is titled “El Major The Album”. He added that on November 11th he is headlining his first show  in London “T.I Blaze & Friends With Special Guest”.

T.I Blaze & Friends With Special Guest is happening on Friday November 11th Faces London Essex / IG2 6LE.

What do you think T.I Blaze is trying to do before 2022 runs out?

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