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Biography Of Tolami Benson

Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benso, who is 23 years old, was born in London on December 3, 2000.

The gifted football player Bukayo Saka, who plays goalkeeping for Arsenal, is enthralled with Tolami Benso.

They have been dating for a considerable amount of time, albeit the precise length of time is still unknown.

Saka seemed to have found real love with the attractive Tolami Benson after overcoming heartbreak in the past.

Saka’s personal life—particularly her relationship with Benson—has attracted a lot of attention from fans and the media as a result of her exposure.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benson Profile

Full Name: Tolami Benson

Date of Birth: December 3, 2000

Age: 23 years old

Place of Birth: London, England Nationality – United Kingdom

Career: Model, Social Media Influencer

Net Worth: Unknown

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benson Early Life and Education

Tolami Benso, who is 23 years old, was born in London on December 3, 2000.

Her parents left Nigeria and moved to London, thus she has Nigerian ancestry.

Benson obtained her business administration degree from the University of East London, where she finished her studies.

Tolami Benson was raised in London and went to a nearby elementary school before enrolling at the University of East London.

She started her modeling and social media influencer adventure when she was a college student, rapidly gaining a sizable following and advancing her modeling profession.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benson Career

The modeling career of Tolami Benson started in 2019. She has since worked with well-known companies like Topshop, Adidas, and Nike. She has also appeared in prominent fashion publications like Elle and Vogue.

She is a social media sensation with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, where she inspires young women to chase their dreams and promotes body positivity.

Tolami Benson Personal Life

Since 2020, English football player Bukayo Saka and Tolami Benson have been romantically involved.

They entered through common friends, and they have remained friends ever since.

Promising football player Bukayo Saka is also included in the senior England team. Tolami Benson frequently shows up to encourage him at his tournaments.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Relationship between Bukayo Saka and Tolami Benson

For a number of years, Tolami Benson and Bukayo Saka have been romantically linked.

Even though they don’t really talk to each other, they are occasionally seen together in public.

As a devoted companion, Tolami Benson frequently shows up to Saka’s games to support him.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benson Height

Tolami Benson is roughly 55 pounds in weight and 5 feet 1.65 inches tall. She currently has no visible tattoos, and she has brown eyes and dark hair.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benson Hobbies and Interests

adores exploring new areas and traveling. She also loves fashion, and she frequently shows off her best looks on social media. She likes to spend time with her family and friends when she has free time.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benson Net Worth

We don’t yet know Tolami Benson’s net worth. On the other hand, Bukayo Saka, her lover, is rumored to be worth more than $2 million ($2.7 million). Saka makes £1,560,000 a year, or around £30,000 a week, at Arsenal.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Seven interesting facts about Tolami Benson, the Nigerian woman whom Arsenal player Bukayo Saka publicly kissed

The 2024 Euro tournament has attracted media and fan attention thanks to Arsenal star Bukayo Saka’s public displays of devotion, according to

After England’s 1-1 draw with Slovenia, the 22-year-old, who plays for North London’s Arsenal and wears the number seven jersey, was spotted kissing his girlfriend Tolami Benson.

Saka, who is proud of his Nigerian roots and has made multiple trips home to see his parents, has been an important member of the Three Lions’ Euro 2024 squad.

However, his sexual engagement with Benson during the competition has partially overshadowed his on-pitch performance.

Five things you should know about Tolami Benson are highlighted by as interest in Saka’s girlfriend develops.

Relationship with Bukayo Saka

The famous football player for Arsenal and England, Bukayo Saka, is in a relationship with Tolami Benson.

Since their 2020 start, their relationship has been in the public eye, drawing attention from both fans and the media.

Professional Experience

Tolami, a public relations professional, recently rose in her career by joining Zenith, a company renowned for its proficiency in return on investment techniques, as a Senior Planning Executive.


She recently marked her 23rd birthday on December 2 with a spectacular meal at London’s Bacchanalia Restaurant, which is indicative of her taste for chic parties.

Nigerian Roots

Tolami and Bukayo Saka are of Nigerian descent. She has connections to prominent players in the Nigerian music scene, such as Coco Benson, the granddaughter of highlife icon Bobby Benson and a Swiss-Nigerian singer and wife of producer Shizzi.

Passion for  Arsenal

Tolami is an ardent fan of Arsenal who frequently shares her excitement for the team on social media.

Her devotion to Saka’s team is evident from the numerous Gunners-supporting posts on her Instagram page.

Social Media Presence

With more than 33,000 Instagram followers, Tolami has amassed a sizable social media following. She engages a large following with her frequent posts on her travels, daily life, and fashion choices.

Financial Insights

As of March 2024, Tolami’s estimated net worth is less than $500,000. She has succeeded on her own, despite various rumors regarding her past, and Saka has an astonishing net worth of $3 million.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

Tolami Benson Social Media

Tolami Benson is especially active on Instagram, where she updates her over 5,000 fans on her glitzy lifestyle.

She frequently shares pictures from her opulent holidays and jet travels on social media. Her Instagram handle is @tolami_benson.

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography


Who Is Tolami Benson?

Model and social media influencer Tolami Benson hails from England in the United Kingdom. She is commonly known as the girlfriend of Bukayo Saka.

Her partner is an English professional football player who represents both the England national team and Arsenal in the English Premier League (EPL) as a right winger.

Who is the wife of Bukayo Saka?

The player for Arsenal and the England national team is single. Is Saka dating someone? He is with Tolami Benson in a romantic relationship. Though they haven’t disclosed their relationship until recently, it is believed that the two began dating in late 2020. When Tolami shared a picture of herself on Instagram in 2021 with a person wearing a mask, followers assumed it was Saka. This sparked rumors that Saka and Tolami were dating.

Following the team’s 6-2 victory over Iran, Tolami Benson went outside to support her beau during the 2022 England WAGs celebration at the World Cup stadium in Qatar. This came after they defeated Iran 6-2 in their opening 2022 World Cup game thanks to two goals from Bukayo Saka.

What school did Tolami Benson go to?

roughly. I have a BA (Hons) in PR and media from Birmingham City University, where I also studied research and analysis. These were important life skills.

What does Tolami Benson do for a living?

In addition to being a WAG, Tolami is a professional woman in the public relations field. She recently started working as a Senior Planning Executive at the investment strategy company Zenith, according to her LinkedIn profile. She worked as an account executive for the advertising company Publicis Media before that.

What is the age of Tolami Benson?

As of January 2024, the British social media influencer is 23 years old. Her birthday is December 3, 2000. Sagittarius is her sign of the zodiac.

What role does Tolami Benson hold?

She is an influencer on social media and a model. Tolami attended the University of East London to start her career in modeling and social media influence. She has modeled for prestigious companies including Puma, Adidas, and Nike.

As of the time of writing, the online sensation had over 37,000 followers on Instagram. She regularly shares pictures of her travels, outfits, and way of life there.

What is the net worth of Tolami Benson?

Based on information from Biography Gist, Newsunzip, and Popular Networth, the British model is said to be worth between $350,000 and $500,000. She is an influencer and models, and her modeling job is her main source of money.

What is the height of Tolami Benson?

The girlfriend of Bukayo Saka is 167 centimeters (5 feet 6 inches) tall and weighs about 116 pounds, or 53 kilograms. 34-24-34 is her physical measurement in inches (86-61-86 centimeters).

Tolami Benson Biography
Tolami Benson Biography

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