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Shanquella Robinson Mexico Biography

A North Carolina businesswoman named Shanquella Robinson. People are now looking for information about the girl who died in Mexico with her pals after passing away in a mysterious way. After being shared online, the video of Shanquella Robinson being attacked by her companion soon became popular. Discover all there is to know about the young woman who died in Mexico with her friends right here.

Girl Died In Mexico With Friends

Shanquella Robinson, a woman, passed away. On social media, a video of Charlotte resident Shanquella Robinson being physically assaulted by a friend went viral.

Shanquella was part of a party heading to Mexico on October 28. People have expressed their condolences over her mysterious death, which occurred within 24 hours. No official statement explaining how Shanquella got hurt has been made public. Learn about Shanquella Robinson’s life and death here.

Girl Who Died In Mexico

Businesswoman from North Carolina Shanquella Robinson traveled to Cabo with several buddies for a holiday. To commemorate one of their pals’ birthdays, they went there. Surprisingly, Shanquella Robinson passed away within a day, and her parents Salamondra and Bernard learned that she had died of alcohol intoxication.

Girl Dies In Mexico

The FBI was informed by Shanquella’s parents that their cherished daughter had mysteriously perished in Mexico. The officials discovered that there could have been another cause of death. Shanquella suffered a broken neck and a damaged spine, according to Salamondra, who stated this in an interview.

Girl From Charlotte Died In Mexico

No official statement explaining how Shanquella got hurt has been made public. In the video, Shanquella Robinson is being beaten up in a room by a lady. The pals captured the physical attack on camera.

In an interview, Shanquella’s sister disclosed that the family had received phone calls from individuals in Mexico who claimed that Shanquella had been physically attacked during a fight. But the family took the alcohol poisoning allegations seriously.

Girl That Died In Mexico

These reports have not missed our attention, according to a statement from the American Department of State. Making sure that American citizens who live abroad are safe is one of our top priorities. We wish to maintain the privacy of those who were involved, so no further comments can be given at this time.

The funeral for Shanquella is set for the following Saturday, and her body was returned to Charlotte on Thursday.


Where was Shanquella Robinson born?

The day before, Robinson, who is from Charlotte, North Carolina, flew to San José del Cabo with a group of pals. WSOC-TV’s death certificate contradicted Robinson’s friends’ initial claims that she died of alcohol intoxication, which were given to her family by friends.

What caused Shanquella Robinson’s death?

Black American Shanquella Robinson was from North Carolina. Shanquella Robinson’s death was attributed to “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” which is instability or excessive movement in the topmost neck vertebrae, according to a copy of her death certificate that CNN affiliate WBTV was able to get.

What happened to Shanquella B Robinson?

Despite the fact that Robinson’s friends told her mother that she had died of alcohol intoxication, her death certificate listed a spinal cord and neck injury as the cause of death. After a video of one of Robinson’s friends physically assaulting her went viral, there was a rise in calls for authorities to look into her death.

Where was Shanquella Robinson staying in Mexico?

Robinson’s traveling companions and guests who had stayed at a residence in San José del Cabo’s Fundadores Beach Club neighborhood. Last year, The Charlotte Observer reported that it had obtained a police report indicating that Ms. had received medical attention.

What type of business did Shanquella Robinson have?

Robinson received his education at Winston-Salem State University, a historically black institution. In her native Charlotte, North Carolina, she operated a number of boutique beauty and kid’s hair-braiding enterprises under the “Exquisite Kids” and “Exquisite Boutique” labels.

Who beat Shanquella Robinson?

Jackson was seen hitting Shanquella Robinson in the viral video that surfaced after her death, according to witnesses, according to the defendant’s attorneys.

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