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Shallipopi Biography

Nigerian hip-hop singer Shallipopi, sometimes known as Crown Uzama, is a TikTok phenomenon. Shallipopi, a rising star in the music business who was born on December 4th, 2000, is renowned for his distinct style and catchy language.

Shallipopi Real Name

Crown Uzama is the real name of Shallipopi. He is a popular TikTok user and a Nigerian hip-hop musician recognized for his distinctive style and snappy lingo. Shallipopi, who was born on December 4th, 2000, became a rising sensation in the Nigerian music business at an early age after discovering his love for music.

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Shallipopi Early Life & Career

Shallipopi was raised in Nigeria and from a young age fell in love with music. He started composing and performing his music, honing his artistic abilities. Shallipopi rose to fame not just in the music industry but also on the social media platform TikTok, where he built up a sizable fanbase with his amusing videos and dance moves.

In 2023, Shallipopi’s debut single, “Elon Musk,” was released, ushering in the start of his ascent to fame. The song’s catchy chorus and upbeat pace helped it become a hit very fast. Shallipopi has since published several additional well-known songs, including “Sharpiru”.


Shallipopi has developed a following on social media in addition to his music career. On Instagram and TikTok, where he uploads his songs and engages with fans, he has a sizable following. The “Plutomanian citizens” who call themselves Shallipopi’s supporters are devoted to advancing his career and disseminating his philosophy.

The music business has taken notice of Shallipopi’s achievements. He is working on his debut album, which should be published soon, although he hasn’t been signed to a record label. His distinctive sound and memorable lyrics have helped him amass a growing following both in Nigeria and beyond.

Shallipopi state of origin

He was born in Nigeria’s Eastern area and now resides in Lagos State. There is no more online information about Shallipopi’s early years and education.

Shallipopi Networth

Shallipopi’s net worth is projected to be close to $100,000 as of 2023. His net worth may continue to rise in the upcoming years due to his rising fame and success in the music business.


Shallipopi is a rising talent in the Nigerian music scene who is renowned for his distinct aesthetic and catchy lingo, to sum up. He is swiftly rising to the top of Nigeria’s hip-hop musicians thanks to his expanding fan base and prosperous profession. We’re interested to see what Shallipopi’s future holds for himself and his burgeoning fan base.

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