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Sarah Bentley Biography

As of September 2020, Sarah Bentley is the Chief Executive Officer of Thames Water. Prior to that, Sarah served on the Executive Committee of Severn Trent plc, where she was named chief customer officer in 2014 and oversaw the divisions of consumer retail, wholesale network operations, group technology, and transformation. She also serves as a non-executive director for Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank.

Prior to joining Severn Trent, Sarah served on the Accenture UK & Ireland Executive Committee and was the managing partner for the company’s digital business unit in the UK & Ireland. She provided digital transformation initiatives to a number of significant consumer-facing firms in the UK. Prior to joining Accenture, Sarah held a variety of international positions, including senior vice president of eLoyalty, a global CRM and marketing consultancy, and CEO of Datapoint, an Alchemy-backed company that provided customer relationship management (CRM) services across Europe. She oversaw eLoyalty Ventures L.L.C. while working in Silicon Valley, Austin, and New York, and she served as SVP of the European business.

With a first-class honors degree in management science and computing from the University of Kent, Sarah is married with five kids.



Name: Sarah Bentley
Age: 51 Years
Husband: Mr Bentley
Date of Birth: August 1971
Nationality: British
Net Worth: £10 million to £15 million

Sarah Bentley Career

With the increase in reported raw sewage discharges, Thames Water has had some difficult times.

In May, the business said that “extraordinary energy costs” and “two severe weather events” had a negative impact on customer service and environmental performance.


Ms. Bentley, along with other senior staff members, forfeited their bonuses in light of this. She reportedly doubled her salary, earning £1.5 million.

It has been an honor and a delight to work with the committed and motivating colleagues at Thames Water, according to Ms. Bentley.

The turnaround has established the groundwork for the business to succeed in the future by enhancing customer service and environmental performance. I send my warmest wishes to everyone involved in the turnaround.

Ian Marchant, the company’s chairman, added: “I want to congratulate Sarah for everything she has done since joining the company in 2020, including driving the first stage of the recovery of the company and assembling a first-rate executive team.

The board wishes her luck in the future on behalf of everyone at Thames.

The administration or the environmental situation were not mentioned in the statements.

Sarah Bentley Husband

Sarah Bentley is a proud mother of five children, happily married to the love of her life, and the owner of an active family dog.

Mr. Bentley is a prosperous businessman, and the two of them have created a solid and loving family. Given the opportunity to raise five children, their relationship has offered them the tremendous joy of motherhood.

The Bentleys put their family first and collaborate to make their house a happy and joyful place to live.

Sarah Bentley Net Worth

Sarah Bentley is thought to be worth between £10 million and £15 million. as the previous director of Thames Water.

Who is Sarah Bentley?

As the CEO of Thames Water, the country’s largest water utility, well-known British business woman Sarah Bentley has established her reputation.

She was born in August 1971, making her 51 years old right now. Following her significant experience on the executive team at Severn Trent, Bentley was happy to accept the position of CEO at Thames Water in September 2020. She has a deep enthusiasm for the water business.

How much does CEO of Thames Water earn?

With the payments, she will have collected nearly £1.5 million over the course of the previous fiscal year, which includes her salary of £750,000 and a cash pension payment of £90,000. This is even without the waived bonus. In addition, she gets a car, a travel stipend, and other advantages including health insurance.

Who is the New Thames Water CEO?

Alastair Cochran, the chief financial officer, will take on the role of interim co-chief executive. Together with Cathryn Ross, the former chief executive of Ofwat who joined Thames Water two years ago, he will lead the business.

According to the BBC, the business is focusing on decreasing the overall duration of discharges across London and the Thames Valley by 2030. To assist it accomplish this, it intends to invest £1.6 billion in sewage works improvement over the next two years.

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