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Salim Smart – Gubar So

Salim Smart – Gubar So Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: Salim Smart
  • Song Name: Gubar So
  • Released Date: 7 July, 2022
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

Salim Smart, a gifted musician from Northern Nigeria who is well-known for his entrancing melodies and soulful vocals, recently dropped his newest track, “Gubar So.

This song, which shows off his talent for combining elements of traditional and modern music, is a wonderful addition to his growing discography.

The song’s opening theme, which is gentle and melodious, immediately establishes a serene, reflective mood.


The sophisticated arrangement of instruments blends modern sound elements with traditional Northern Nigerian instruments.

Gubar - So By Salim -Smart
Gubar – So By Salim -Smart

This combination creates a soundtrack that takes listeners to his musical world and evokes nostalgia.

The main feature of the good track is Salim-Smart’s voice. His voice is smooth and expressive, conveying every word with a sincere and passionate delivery.


Singing in his native dialect, he lends the song a true cultural richness. Love, longing, and the beauty of life’s journey are all mentioned in the song’s lovely and profound lyrics.

The celebrity creates emotionally impactful mental images in the brains of his listeners through realistic and vivid storytelling.

The chorus of the song is really strong. It’s catchy and melodic, with a chant that lingers in your head long after the music ends.

The star’s vocal performance in the chorus, which showcases both his range and control, makes the song especially memorable.

Salim Smart
Salim Smart

The track’s production quality is one of its most remarkable aspects. Each vocal layer and instrument in the arrangement has been meticulously balanced.

The production heightens the song’s emotional impact without removing the superstar’s vocal delivery.

Not only are his melodies beautifully melodic, but they are also poignant.

The song will appeal to new and returning fans, confirming her place as one of the most fascinating voices in Northern Nigerian music. The record demonstrates his artistic ability and ability to hold listeners’ attention.

Listen & Download Mp3 Below;


Gubar So Video by Abdul M Shareef

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